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I experienced bands of electric blue and gold rings 1/4 apart moving seperateley up each leg merging at trunk continuing up and over each arm seperateley

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Just want to see my aura color

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new aura pic someone tell me the color

I was taking selfies and saw my aura in this pic but cant decide on the color. If u stare hard at it where it looks white turns into gold I think.

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First time ever seen this in a photo of me

I was setting at a friends house and goofing off taking pictures of my self smiling. Took 4 pictures back to back two out of the 4 showed a bright white

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Reiki Practitioners USA

Reiki Practitioners USA, Find Reiki Healers/Teachers in your area

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Rainbow and emerald green

Whenever I take a random pictures holding something or hugging someone I always emit a rainbow. In this photo I'm holding a shoe I just purchased. In the

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I saw my boyfriend's aura is changing and is that normal?

Last night i was trying to see my boyfriends aura while telling me about his day. First, I only saw a faint white light color, then suddenly it turns light

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Site Map

Site Map, for

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Reiki Practitioners Belize

Reiki Practitioners Belize; find reiki practitioners in Belize

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Can anyone Help me understand my aura colours

I went to a mind body and spirit show and had my picture and guy didn't seem to have much to say except I was on the right path and strong . If anyone

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What color am i?

My story like so many others is about my growth in the last 2 years after losing my child. I was frightened, felling alone in great pain and agony. But

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Aura picture taken recently

I had a aura picture taken today and just wanted to hear what others see.

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Just curious. Bald headed guy is my brother Jamie. I am Brian on right side of couch. Id like input on what others see and describe and compare it to

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What is the golden orb significance?

I had my aura snapped and I want to know a bit more about it from more skilled readers.

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Reiki Practitioners UK

Reiki Practitioners UK; Find Reiki practitioners in the UK

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