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Other highly recommended links

Other highly recommended links; Quality links for your convenience

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My aura

This is a pic of my Aura taken via an Aura reading machine. The lady who took the reading was surprised and didn't tell much details. Can anyone tell me

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Reiki Practitioners USA

Reiki Practitioners USA, Find Reiki Healers/Teachers in your area

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5 Ways Reiki Can Help Heal Anxiety

You've probably heard that Reiki, a Japanese relaxation and healing technique, can be very helpful for people who suffer from anxiety. Reiki can balance,

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Site Map

Site Map, for

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Find Reiki Practitioners

Find Reiki Practitioners, in your area

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Reiki Practitioners Trinidad and Tobago

Reiki Practitioners Trinidad and Tobago

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Hi my name is Erin, I have been working with gemstones for a couple years, but am still very new at all of this. I would love to know if anyone can see

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What aura do I have?

Hey there...I just recently tried to learn to see auras and now I wonder if I'm right about my assumption. I think I have a light blue that right?

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Light golden to soft pale.

I've seen my aura as a child and other peoples as well. It blends in with nature. I've also seen aura out side not around people but in the air.Its very

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White Aura

My Grand daughter who is 6 years old was telling me at the weekend that there were people from heaven space that came to earth before any of us were born.On

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Would love to know what my aura is! :)

I've recently stumbled back into aura reading and I would love to find out what my aura looks like!! If you could tell me, I would greatly appreciate it!

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My Aura taken

Any thoughts, recommendations? Thank You and Best wishes

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Reiki Practitioners South Africa

Reiki Practitioners South Africa: Find Reiki Practitioners in South Africa

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Practitioner Supplies

Practitioner Supplies: find healing tools for your natural/alternative health practice;

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Trina Burns Aura

I was at a psychic fair and had this taken . The psychic was very interested in my aura because of the hands above my head . And the yellow crown . She

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