7 Chakras


According to the Eastern understanding, the Universal Life Force flows through the top of the head and down the chakras, nurturing our bodies with seven distinct kinds of energy, each essential to our physical and spiritual development. And it flows upward through the chakras, communicating individual insight and a conscious sense of universal interconnectedness. Click here to see the picture of the Chakra System.

We can think of chakras as floppy discs that contain vital programs.

They contain programmed subroutines that shape our behaviour. We all function by sets of programs, which may or may not be conscious. In this analogy the body is the hardware, our programming is the software, and the Self is the user. We did not write all of these programs, and some of their language is very archaic. The challenge before us is to identify our programs and rewrite them all while continuing to live our lives, yet this is the task of healing.

To learn more about each individual chakra main characteristics click here.

The chakra system can be used as a tool to fight viruses, debug and reprogram our lives. In order to run any of our programs we have to activate our energy currents, which is bipolar as mentioned above:

* Earth-centred which we contact through our bodies called grounding ( comes from the solid contact we make with the earth through feet and legs), which provides connection that makes us feel safe, alive, centred in ourselves, and rooted in environment );

* and the pole of consciousness which is experienced through our minds, and this is our inner understanding, our memory, our dreams, and beliefs. We have a dynamic energy flow throughout our entire being when it is connected to our body.

We can plug in into this system just as we plug in our stereo. The chakras than become like stations, receiving and broadcasting at different frequencies.

The seven vortices of the chakras are created by the combination of these two active principles: consciousness and matter.

Consciousness enters through the crown chakra and flows downward through the body, than upward from earth to ethereal consciousness.

In order to be whole, a human being needs a balance between the downward flow and the upward flow of energy. Blockages in any of the chakras affects the flow of the currents.

What Blocks the 7 Chakras?

Childhood traumas, cultural conditioning, limited belief system, bad habits, physical and emotional injuries. Or even just lack of attention all contribute to chakra blockage.

Difficulties abound in life, for each one, we develop a coping strategy. If these difficulties persist, these coping strategies become chronic patterns, anchored in the body and psyche as defence structures. It is important to recognize the blocks we carry, find and understand their source and meaning, and develop tools to heal them.

To learn more about each individual chakra main characteristics, balances and imbalances, what makes them excessive and deficient, about healing strategies, affirmations and more click here.

The Balanced System

It is possible to be relatively balanced through the chakras without being an enlightened master. People who have done lot of their own healing work or were lucky in their upbringing may be relatively balanced.

What would this look like?

The person would be:

* well grounded and in touch with their body,

* in good health and vitality,

* aware of their feelings without being ruled by them,

* sexually content without being driven,

* with balanced third chakra they would have confidence and confidence without dominating others,

* the heart would be compassionate and loving, yet centred and peaceful,

* could communicate feelings or ideas with truth and clarity and be ableto listen to others,

* their upper chakra would bring imagination, wisdom and a personal connection with spirit.

This is an ideal we hope to strive. We all have the means to achieve it, only it takes time, patience and dedication.

The work depend entirely on the person's structure and the practitioner's style. The main thing to remember is that body, soul, mind and spirit together with the seven chakras, are one invisible whole.

Resources and Recommended Readings:

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Caroline Myss, Ph.D. - Anatomy of the Spirit

Minor Chakras:

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7 chakras, 7 chakras, 7 chakras

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