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Your January Issue of Natural Healing
January 03, 2013

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

January 2013

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.


"Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don't think that you've lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time." ~ Asha Tyson







“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

In the November 2012 issue of the College’s newsletter, Gord wrote about the increasing vibrational rate of atmospheric energies leading up to 2012. This article will explore a crucial tool available to us for working with energy – whether it is yours, another person’s, a group’s or the universe’s – that is the ability to ground excess or unwanted energy.

We usually think of the human body as a singular, multi-organ vehicle that gets us around and through life. We are, though, much more intricate. Each of us is a woven energy field of interconnecting vibrations uniting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies together in a complex dance. As we combine these elements together in our body we also link them to others’ energy bodies, to the Earth, and to universal energies.

Increasingly, many people are having difficulties with feeling dizzy, disconnected as though having a partial out-of-body experience, or feeling like they’re going crazy, or just trying to stay grounded. Even some of the most grounded people I know are feeling all this energy building up and creating pressure in their heads. Concentration and focus at times can be next to impossible.

The good news is that you are not alone in any of your experiences. Many people are hesitant to say anything about feeling disconnected, dizzy, or crazy for fear of what others may think. This has resulted in a lot of people feeling stressed by the experiences they are having, with no one to talk to about it. Adjusting to this newly increased vibrational level can be problematic until such time as all the energy bodies that we are made up of also reach a compatible vibratory rate.

Changes at the spiritual and intellectual level will create imbalances in the physical and emotional bodies. If we focus on raising just our spiritual body, without giving attention to our physical and emotional selves, then we begin to create uneven vibrational rates of energy, sometimes called a spiritual bypass, which can lead to anything from a sense of disconnectedness through to actual illness.


The complexity of our energy bodies requires us to keep all of them interacting in some sort of harmony. One effective and simple tool is the act of grounding. By ensuring we know how to ground all of our energies to the Earth’s energies, we can keep overabundance in one area from becoming too strong and affecting our other energy bodies. When practising grounding, not just daily, but many times throughout the day, you will find that the ability to move through your day will be much more enhanced, clearer, and easier.

Meditative Grounding

Meditative grounding is easy and can be done anywhere, at any time you are in a position to safely sit quietly for a few minutes with closed eyes. It can be done at home or work; anywhere you are not likely to be interrupted. It takes as little as three to four minutes a few times a day to teach yourself to stay grounded.

This grounding technique only requires you to sit quietly, in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor.

1) Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes;
2) Take in a couple of deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax;
3) Imagine that there is a hollow rod attaching each foot to the Earth;
4) Now imagine a hollow rod coming from the base of your spine and attaching to the Earth. See the three rods from your feet and spine going deep into the Earth;
5) Beginning at the top of your head, feel or see a brilliant white (or gold) light coming in at the crown. This light begins to travel through your head, down into your throat, and into your upper body. This light is gathering and directing all energies needing to be moved through and out of your body;
6) Allow the light to go down your arms and emanate from your hands, all the while allowing the light to fill your chest, down through your abdominal area, then down your legs to your feet;
7) Now let the light pass through your feet and your spine into the hollow tubes going deep into the Earth;
8) Allow the energy to flow continuously in at the top of your head, moving throughout your body, and out through the hollow tubes connecting you to the Earth;
9) When you are ready, close off the energy coming in at your crown, continuing to move energy from your body down and out through the rods into the Earth. Allow the energy to flow down, feel yourself connecting to the Earth.

Any pressure you felt from excess energy has dissipated, leaving you with a sense of calm and connectedness throughout your body.


Earthing is the simplest health-enhancing technique requiring only that you take off your shoes and socks and walk barefoot. Not just barefoot anywhere but in the sand, on the grass or along the beach (it does not get any simpler than that). Given our Canadian climate, this technique is seasonal, but it also provides a perfect reason to head to the warm sand beaches of the south during winter. At least a dozen scientific papers have been published demonstrating the mechanics and measurable physical effects of grounding. When you’re grounded there’s a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body. And these free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known.

These antioxidants are responsible for the clinical benefits observed in grounding experiments, such as: beneficial changes in heart rate, decreased skin resistance, and decreased levels of inflammation. Preventing chronic inflammation, a hallmark of virtually all diseases from cancer to diabetes, is the key for overall health. Another important discovery is that grounding thins your blood, making it less viscous – essentially doing the same job that certain medications do, but more safely.

One theory of aging is the free radical theory – that is: aging is due to accumulative damage to your body caused by free radicals. You get free radicals when you have an injury or chronic inflammation, from breathing and from the food you eat, among other things. While you can’t eliminate all free radicals, you do want to maintain a healthy balance of antioxidant electrons in your body to limit the damage from free radicals.

Earthing can help accomplish this delicate balance. Previous studies have also shown that grounding promotes favourable regulation of circadian rhythms, improved sleep with better night-time cortisol dynamics, and favourable autonomic nervous system (ANS) function. Skin conductivity is altered within two seconds of grounding. When one is in simple direct contact with the ground (walking barefoot, sitting or lying down on the soil’s surface), these are just some of the studied benefits of grounding.

A recent study by Dr. James Oschman et al, found that two hours of grounding increased the surface charge on red blood cells, thereby reducing blood viscosity and clumping. According to the researchers, “Grounding appears to be one of the simplest and yet most profound interventions for helping reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events.” (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine).

Bare skin in general is a very good conductor. You can connect any part of your body to the Earth, but one that is especially potent is in the middle of the ball of your foot, precisely where your foot strikes the ground when walking. It’s a well-known point that conductively connects to all of the acupuncture meridians (K1) and essentially connects to every nook and cranny of your body. Any free radicals that leak into the healthy tissue will immediately be electrically neutralized. This occurs because the electrons are negative, while the free radicals are positive, so they cancel out each other. Rubber, vinyl, and other footwear are poor conductors which prevent any benefit from the Earth’s electrons. Equally nonconductive are the materials used to cover  floors (from broadloom to laminate flooring); the exception is concrete, provided it has not been sealed. The best place to ground is on a sandy beach by the sea, walking at the edge in salt water, the combination of sand and salt are the best conductors of electrons.

Simply put, grounding is a missing link and undervalued exercise in holistic health. The many energies moving in and around our bodies need to be worked with as rigorously as some work with their diet and exercise. Grounding promotes and stabilizes the many levels that make us human, from the physical and emotional to the spiritual. The increasing changes and vibrational rates in energies today will need greater conscious attention from us in order that we feel balanced and not experience feeling dizzy, out of sorts, and disconnected.

Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak are therapists and co-founders of the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. The College offers professional training programs in Spiritual Psycho­therapy, Spiritual Director, Holistic Health, Coaching and Psychospiritual courses through a 10-part program “Discovering the Total Self”. The part-time Holistic Practitioner Program plus many other courses have start dates in January 2013. For more information or to obtain a calendar, call the College at 416-484-0454 or toll free 1-800-TAC-SELF or visit To receive our monthly e-newsletter please email


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