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February 2005

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Imagery can be used for all aspects of holistic healing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our thoughts and emotions influence our physical health. For example, we know that chronic worry can cause stomach ulcers. If our mind can make us sick, it can also make us well.

Guided imagery is a directed day dreaming which uses imagination to heal our bodies and emotions. It is used to help not only the healing of common but life threatening disease as well. It is widely used in the healing of cancer. Patients imagine white blood cells surrounding and eradicating cancerous cells in their body. By imaging the desired result, the body is led to believe that it actually happened.

Research has proven that thoughts and images, with their related emotions actually change the body’s biochemistry. Healing images in our mind triggers our nervous system, transports neurohormones into our blood stream to initiate healing in unhealthy cells in the body.

In her book Staying Well with Guided Imagery, Belleruth Nararstek wrights:

Our bodies don’t discriminate between sensory images in the mind and what we call reality. In an altered state we are capable of more rapid and intense healing, growth, learning, and change.

A relaxed, focussed state can be achieved through guided imagery. Research has proven that this altered state can strengthen immune function, decrease blood pressure, accelerate the healing process of burns, wounds, or fractures and reduce migraine pain. Psychologically, guided imagery can be used to decrease anxiety, combat depression and boost esteem.

Guided imagery gives us sense of control and makes us feel that we can influence the outcome , the feeling that we can guide our life’s direction. It makes us feel empowered and hence facilitates the healing process.

In the next issue: Types of Imagery


Is my destiny written in stone?

Ultimately yes.

Within the illusion of time, no.

Every decision you have ever made, has already been made a long time ago, back before time began. However, within the illusion of time you seem to be making them now.

Ultimately, you have made all decisions, but within time, you can still change your mind therefore changing your destiny. But it is an illusion of changing your destiny because your destiny has already been written.

It is a seeming paradox. But within time, every moment, you are making decisions which are altering every possibility that could ever exist and these decisions are basically this, are you choosing to be in the present moment, or are you living in dreams of the past or the future.

This quote is an excerpt from the "Visualize and Achieve" e-book....
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The cold and flu season is here again. While there is no cure, there are things you can do to prevent or fight them.

Exercise regularly. This is a good way to protect yourself from sickness. If you already have a cold do only a mild exercise. This will help get your circulation better.

Echinacea if used early enough, is the most potent cold and flu fighter.

Other herbal remedies that are favourable are astralagus, ginseng and andrographis.

Vitamin C is also very helpful in preventing and treating the flu. Researches found that taking 1000 to 8000 mg per day was enough to reduce the severity and the symptoms of the common cold by 23%. Try taking 1000 mg three times a day. ( I prefer to eat lemon or other fresh fruits with high content of vitamin C, on a regular basis. )

Zinc mineral will boost the immune system, reduce respiratory infections and tend to reduce the length of time a person is sick for. You can take a 13 mg supplement of zinc (look for gluconate or acetate), every two hours during a day for the first few days of the cold, but do not use them for a longer period of time.

Garlic is also a great cold fighter. Eat it fresh or if you can not stand it buy a supplement.

Fluids. Drink lots of water, tea or juice especially when you catch a cold or the flu, because your body tends to dehydrate. Taking in h.ot tea or chicken soup helps to ease a sore throat, even to open nasal passages.

Steam is also good to open up nasal passages. Try sitting over a bowl of steaming water and breath in the vapours. Just be careful not to burn yourself. Place a towel over your head and keep a steam from escaping. If you want better results you may put few drops of essential oils like peppermint, lavender or eucalyptus.

Gargling with salt can help kill germs in your throat. Make a strong mixture of salt and warm water and gargle with it, than spit it out. Do this at least three times a day.

When to see your doctor?

If you have a low fever that won’t relent after three days (above 101 degrees), or a high fever (above 103 degrees) go to see you doctor immediately. Also if your throat is that sore that swallowing becomes difficult, if you have trouble breathing, if you are experiencing excessive soreness in upper respiratory tract, or your ears get blocked. These could be signs of bacterial infection or more serious illness.

Source: Doctor’s Home Remedies that Work, Doctor’s Health Press

By: Dr. Edward F. Group III

Oxygen, a "good free radical" is an important part of Oxy-Powder. This means that it attacks harmful substances in the body. Further, oxygen is safe. It has not shown any damage to our normal cells, even in high doses. Our bodies require good "oxygen radicals" to clean up the mess we force upon our bodies from the poor choice of foods we eat, lack of exercise, coffee and cooked meats, fats, carbohydrates and dehydration.

Repeated tests on Oxy-Powder have determined the safety and have found that up to forty capsules can be consumed in one day with no detrimental effects noted. Your physician or natural health care practitioner should always regulate the dosage and frequency of use. The product is non-toxic, harmless, beneficial and effective. Effects of using Oxy-Powder do vary between individuals. Most significantly enhance bowel function and increase the body’s overall energy levels.

It is important to point out that Oxy-Powder does not cause diarrhea, although increased dosage can lead to temporary symptoms that are similar. Increased dosages equal increased bowel function and improved assimilation. Effects do range from a loose stool to clear water, depending on the dose. Remember this is enhanced oxidation/oxygenation NOT pathological diarrhea. Germanium-132 has also been added to improve the effectiveness and act as an additional oxygen facilitator. Oxy-Powder increases nutrient assimilation and enhances acidophilus and friendly bacteria production; actually helping repair bowel function, oxygenating the body, improving blood quality and assisting in parasite elimination.

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Oxygen – An Essential Element in Life

Oxygen is the most essential element in life. With oxidation (union of an element with oxygen, as in digestion, burning or rusting), the universe maintains itself and breaks down, then re-constructs again. This life-enhancing element, O2 (two atoms in one molecule), is found in the air. A sick or diseased body has a hard time making use of available oxygen through inhaling it through the lungs, or artificially through oxygen tubes because, in most cases, our bodies don't have the necessary carriers (minerals, vitamins, nutrients, blood factors) available through our poor food supply. Because of this, the oxidation process (digestion) in the body falls short. Acute, chronic and incurable disease’s result in cellular oxygen deficiency.

To stay healthy, we need oxygenating or oxidizing methods to eliminate the cause of the disease in a natural way. Since the cause of most disease starts in the digestive tract, oxygen must be increased directly to the digestive tract and its surrounding organs. The full intestinal tract must be clean, in order for the body to work normally and to be healthy.

Dr. Otto Warburg, the only person to win the Nobel Prize twice in medicine discovered that any cell deprived of 50% or more of its oxygen turned cancerous. As the real cause of disease is cellular degeneration, maintaining the body and its cells in top health is crucial. Detoxifying the body and thus the system, organs and cells through enhancing the oxidative mechanism is the most effective way of maintaining this health.

The following excerpts from an interview with Dr. George Freibott explain further about free radicals and oxygen:

"The free radical theory (a theory is an idea in the works, often accepted before being proven a fact) has been around since the '30's. Today many say all free radicals are harmful. That's a half-truth. Oxygen radical chemistry is necessary for all metabolic exchanges in the body. All free radicals are waiting to unite with another oppositely charged element (radical). The negatively charged available oxygen bonds with the harmful free radicals to allow elimination. Some years back a group of us at a costume party all dressed in black with a long white rope connecting us at the waist.

We were the "oxygen free radicals coming to clean up the place!" As the chemical attraction beckoned one of us, we untied the rope and the oxygen free radical (O1) was free to explore and bond. The blood also carries oxygen to each cell where it 'burns up' (oxidizes) the waste products, resulting in carbon dioxide which is carried out of the body via the blood stream through the lungs…"

"Oxidation is defined as the ability of oxygen to combine with other substances to form water and gases. In the body, the process of oxidation occurs continuously. Without this process taking place, life would cease very quickly. We take on oxygen through our respiratory exchanges (breathing) and dispose of toxic wastes. Our blood has the function of the uptake of oxygen, its transport throughout the body, and the disposal of body toxins."

About Antioxidants & Oxygen Therapy

We now know that most people are deficient in their oxygen and antioxidant consumption. Antioxidants protect key cell components by neutralizing the damaging effects of "free radicals," natural byproducts of cell metabolism. Free radicals form when oxygen is metabolized, or burned by the body. They travel through cells, disrupting the structure of other molecules, causing cellular damage. Such cell damage is believed to contribute to aging and various health problems. As such, one may choose to use an antioxidant with Oxy-Powder. Don’t use them at the exact same time however. Antioxidants can be taken 2 hours before or after taking Oxy-Powder.

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