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Your February Issue of Natural Healing
January 30, 2014

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

February 2014

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“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates


By Kulreet Chaudhary, MD

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” It is believed that a chakra is a wheel of energy that spins around its own axis and can spin fast or slowly. A chakra will spin in relation to the energy level of your system.

Today, some believe living cells from humans, animals and even plants give off invisible energies. Groups of living tissue emit a sort of light (aura) that can be seen on a Kirlian photography. Specialized groups of cells that make up organs create even more organized energy patterns. These energy patterns correspond to the chakra system and correlate with specific bodily functions.

In the field of Neurology, the spinal cord is seen as a pathway for information to flow from the brain to the body. It is filled with nerves that send electrical signals between the brain and organs. The chakra system works similarly. Chakras are energy systems associated with different parts of the body that relay information in the form of energy. Understanding your chakras and keeping them in balance can help with all kinds of health and emotional problems.

There are seven major chakras in the human body. The chakras are situated at the bottom of the pelvis, below the navel, at the navel, in the chest, in the throat, at the forehead and at the top of the head.

You can balance these chakras using color therapy, foods, mantras and mudras.

A mantra is a specific sound. The sound itself vibrates through the nervous system to have a direct impact on the specific chakra. There are also reflex points on the roof of the mouth that send signals to the brain to trigger specific areas in the body. So by saying a mantra, you further enhance the connection between the brain and the specific chakra by stimulating these reflex points on the roof of the mouth.

A mudra is a hand position that locks specific energy patterns in the body. There are reflex points on the tips of your fingers that correspond to different parts of the body. Activating these points is said to cause a shift in the chakra energy system.

So what are the seven chakras? Here’s a breakdown of what they are, where they are and what you can do to make them work for you.

The Root Chakra is the first chakra and is connected to the color red. It is located at the tip of your coccyx (tailbone). The root chakra is associated with the large intestine, rectum, kidneys and adrenal glands. This chakra corresponds to your fundamental survival needs, such as food and shelter. It helps you feel grounded, safe and secure. Problems associated with the root chakra are colon issues, lower-back pain, varicose veins and emotional issues surrounding money and security.

Root vegetables, such as beets, parsnips and rutabaga, grow within the earth and embody the energy of this chakra. Any red fruits or vegetables such as apples or pomegranates also support this chakra. Protein can also be associated with this chakra because the lengthy process of digestion can be very grounding.

The mantra for the root chakra is Lam.

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra and is connected to the color orange. It is located about two inches below the navel. This chakra is associated with the reproductive system – the testicles uterus, and ovaries – as well as the bladder. The sacral chakra is the seat of our creative force, sexuality and emotions. Problems associated with this chakra are fertility issues, sexual dysfunction, hip pain, emotional imbalances and creative blocks.

Foods that support this chakra include seeds, nuts and orange-colored foods such as oranges, carrots and pumpkins.

The mantra for the sacral chakra is Vam.

The Solar Plexus chakra is the third chakra and is connected to the color yellow. It is located by the navel. This chakra is associated with the organs of digestion – the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, pancreas and the small intestine. The solar plexus chakra also is linked to identity, self-esteem, motivation, ambition and willpower. Problems that can be associated with an imbalance of this chakra are gas, bloating, stomach ulcers, liver issues, eating disorders, procrastination and lack of confidence.

To help balance the third chakra, incorporate more yellow fruits and vegetables into your meals such as yellow peppers, yellow lentils and yellow squash. Complex carbohydrates such as oats and spelt are important for the solar plexus chakra. It is extremely important to avoid processed, white sugar in order to have a balanced third chakra. White sugar is a potent toxin to the solar plexus.

The mantra for the solar plexus is Ram.

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and is connected to the color green. It is located in the chest. This chakra is associated with the heart, arms, lungs and thymus gland. The heart chakra is also linked to the emotions of love and compassion. Problems associated with this chakra can cause heart problems, lung problems, asthma, allergies and fear of intimacy.

A healthy heart chakra has the power to transform love into healing energy. Because love is the most nourishing energy, the heart chakra has the ability to balance all the other chakras through its expression of love.

Green-colored foods such as broccoli, kale, chard and all other leafy greens are a great way to balance the heart chakra.

The mantra for the heart chakra is Yam.

The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and is connected to the color blue. It is located in the throat. The throat chakra is associated with the mouth, throat, thyroid gland and esophagus. The throat chakra is the link between our heart and mind. Problems associated with this chakra are thyroid disease, a frequent sore throat and difficulty expressing feelings.

This center represents our connection to our truth. A healthy throat chakra will communicate and express the emotions, thought, and feelings of the other chakras through your words in a way that is authentic and true.

Blue-tinted foods such as blueberries, blue raspberries and figs are foods that encourage balance in the throat chakra. Kelp is another food that supports the throat chakra.

The mantra for the throat chakra is Ham.

The Third Eye is the sixth chakra and is connected to the color violet. It is located in the center of the forehead. The third eye is associated with the brain, pituitary gland, eyes, intelligence and intuition. Problems associated with this chakra are hormonal imbalances, poor eyesight, depression and poor intuition.

Any foods with the color violet will help the function of the third eye. Foods such as purple potatoes, blackberries, plums and purple grapes are all balancing to the sixth chakra.

The mantra for the third eye is Om.

The Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra and is associated with the color purple. The location of the crown chakra is at the top of the head. It is associated with the pineal gland and is the home of our spirituality. Problems associated with the crown chakra are issues with sleep/wake cycle, difficulty meditating, feeling disconnected from your body or others and spiritual discomfort.

Although purple foods like eggplants can nourish this chakra, the crown chakra is different than the rest in that it is more “spirit” than “matter.” Therefore, the true food of the crown chakra is fresh air, sunlight and being out in nature.

The mantra Om is also used for the crown chakra.

About the Author: Kulreet Chaudhary, MD is a neurologist who is balancing modern life with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda.For more on Dr. Chaudhary's work, visit


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