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Your February Issue of Natural Healing
February 01, 2016

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

February 2016

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.






“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates

By Frans Stiene

Often in our normal daily life, we find it very hard to be compassionate to ourselves, let alone others. One of the reasons we find this so hard to do is because our mind, body and energy are like frozen water - frozen with jealousy, fear, worry, anger, ignorance, etc. If a well is frozen, we can not drink from it, let alone share its water with others.

To make the well drinkable, we need to melt the frozen water with the heat of our meditation practice and the heat of compassion. Through focused meditation practices and breathing deeply into our belly, we can generate an inner warmth which melts away tension in our body, mind and energy. By showing more compassion to ourselves and others, we start to melt our jealousy, worry, fear, ignorance etc. with the warmth of our compassionate heart.

Through these practices and through compassion, we start to feel the free flowing river welling up from deep within our compassionate heart. Not only does this river give energy, nutrition, and clarity to our own body, mind, and energy but it also allows us to now share this water freely with others so that they can reap its benefit as well.

Often when our well doesn't flow so freely, we only want to share the water of compassion with people we know. And even then we kind of say; "you only get one cup, but you over there - because I like you a bit better you get 5 cups." But this kind of thinking will freeze our water again; it is limiting. This also can happen because we are afraid that our well will run dry if we share it too freely. However when we practice enough, not only do we start to let go of fear, but also we start to realize that this well - this universal well - has an unlimited flow and will never run dry. Thus no matter how much we give, there always will be enough for ourselves and others. 

However when others come and stand at the banks of our well to drink from it - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, depending on what they need - they might unknowingly kick some dirt into the well. This is why we need to keep practising the meditation practices even if we feel our water is flowing freely; we have to clear the water of sediments so that it stays fresh and clean.

Fresh and clean water which streams from our flowing well of compassion has no limits; there is no giver of receiver of is just water, flowing freely...

So if at times the water in our well feels frozen with challenging thoughts, emotions or attachments, we can return to our practices, our meditations, and our compassionate heart - let it go and let it flow...


If you play it safe in life you've decided that you don't want to grow any more. ~ Shirley Hufstedler



Everything is made of energy.

People, animals and even objects often retain foreign energy for a long time. This energy can be positive or negative.

Have you noticed how when you enter someone's house, you can feel a certain type of energy all around you?

Or how when you hold an object in your hands you can sense its energy?

It's all about energy.

And making sure that your energy ecosystem is balanced is very important.

That's why chakra meditation is so powerful, and why if you don't practice it regularly you're missing out on a powerful meditation practice that can bring balance to your life, help you erase stress and more.

My friend Louise, a professional energy healer, recently created a presentation where she shows how you can heal your energy centers and bring balance to your life. Click on the link to check out the chakra harmonization program.

Remember that energy can be positive OR negative.

That's why you should stay away from people and places with negative energy.

And it's also why you should pay attention to your energy centers or chakras and learn how to balance them. Remember, an imbalanced energy ecosystem could be sabotaging your reality.

Louise has been teaching chakra meditation for many years. In this short presentation, she will teach you how to balance your energy centers, also known as chakras.

Listen to the presentation here.

Chakra Harmonization is a high-quality chakra healing program. It consists of the Chakra Harmonization Manual, 7 chakra healing guided meditations (one for healing each chakra), the chakra healing workout session, the chakra healing hypnosis session and 7 chakra healing books of knowledge.

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by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that protect your body from pathogens; and, this time of year, you’ll hear a lot about it. Think of it as a personal shield. Its job is to protect you from harmful organisms and toxins that can have a negative effect on your health.

Your immune system is made up of two parts. One is your innate immune system, which protects you against infections and helps wounds like cuts and bruises heal. The other is your adaptive immune system, which adapts to protect you from viruses like the flu. Together, these form a complex system of cells, tissues, and organs that protect your health.

When your immune system is supported, its two components work together in harmony to protect you from illness. But, like any system, it can be compromised and fail. Some people are born with weak immune systems. Some are also born with unregulated, sometimes called overactive, immune systems. Even if you start out with a perfectly healthy immune system, disease, allergies, and poor nutrition can weaken or damage your immune system. This can cause your immune system to actually attack the body it is supposed to protect – leading to a plethora of negative health conditions.

How the Immune System Works

White blood cells, aka leukocytes, are the foot soldiers of your immune system. They’re the ones that fight viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. These white blood cells, along with red blood cells, form in bone marrow. Once formed, they enter the lymphatic system, one of the major components of the immune system and part of your circulatory system, to help keep it fight disease.

Along the way, these cells receive help from lymphatic organs like the tonsils and thymus. These organs supply antibodies, the special forces of your immune system that target viruses. Your immune system works constantly to prevent a host of invaders from doing damage. It does this by capturing these organisms and isolating them before they are able to infect your body. Once harmful organisms are captured, your immune cells take them to your spleen. There, the spleen, located in the upper left region of the abdomen, filters out the unwelcome organisms from the blood for removal from your body; as well as dead or damaged red and white blood cells.

Immune System Disorders

There are three types of major immune system disorders:

1. Autoimmunity

In autoimmune conditions, the immune system attacks the healthy tissue it’s supposed to protect. Currently, there are more than 80 known types of autoimmune diseases. The most well known examples are type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. For anyone with these diseases, the best approach today is to work with your natural physician and nutritionist to formulate a plan of action. The connection between nutrition and immune health is still being researched, but we do know that vitamins like A, B2, B6, C and D play an integral role in how your immune system works. Minerals like selenium and zinc are also important.

2. Immunodeficiencies

Immunodeficiencies occur when the immune system’s ability to fight harmful organisms or diseases is weakened. Your body may not produce enough white blood cells and white blood cell levels may be low or not functioning normally. If you’re not careful and don’t protect yourself, you can develop this condition. Exposure to cigarette smoke, pesticides, toxic metals like arsenic, PCBs, and other common pollutants like toluene from nail polish can slow or weaken your immune system.

Environmental toxins are especially dangerous because they easily attach themselves to hormones and other important molecules in your cells and require a lot of energy to remove. On top of that, they prevent vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from doing their job. When this happens, your cells don’t get the nutrition they need and they may slow down or die.

A weak immune system is a real problem for people as they get older. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and the natural changes associated with aging can disrupt how well the immune system works. All these factors increase the risk of developing a weakened immune system and infections.

3. Hypersensitive or Over-Reactive Immune System

Researchers continue to study the triggers for an overly aggressive immune system. In this condition, when immune cells encounter a harmless allergen or a substance that needs to be removed, they attach an immune cell called a mast cell to the invader, causing an unnecessary immune response. A response like this damages tissue and organs and can lead to serious diseases. In some cases, it could be pet dander, residual pesticide on an apple, or exposure to chemicals in latex or plastic. Sensitivity to gluten is another example.

4 Ways to Naturally Support Your Immune System

The immune system fights an abundance of harmful organisms and toxic chemicals found in food, water, and air. And, it needs proper support in order to function its best. Here are four ways to support and boost your immune system.

1. Follow a Healthy Diet

Some foods steal energy and destroy your immune system. Foods to avoid include processed foods and those with unnatural chemicals like added flavourings, refined sugars, and neuro toxins like MSG. Avoid soda, which is one of the top five foods that destroy your immune system.

Instead, look for organic fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, B vitamins and vitamins A, C, and D. Some excellent choices are blueberries, garlic, kale, broccoli, spinach, lemons, eggplant, pomegranate, and avocado. For fruits and vegetables, it’s important to buy organic. If organic is not available, give your fruits and veggies a good scrub to eliminate removable residue. Raw, vegan foods are ideal, but if you do choose a vegan lifestyle, make sure to include extra B12 in your diet.

2. Exercise

Like it or not, exercise is one of the best methods to boost immune system vitality. It improves your overall health, increases oxygen intake and lung capacity, and gets your metabolism going. On top of that, it promotes a healthy heart and good circulation. Find the best exercise routine for your lifestyle; keep in mind that consistency is a must.

3. Manage Your Stress

Stress does more than make you anxious or angry, it aggravates your immune system and increases inflammation. Look for ways to reduce stress at home and at work. One way to avoid stress is by not holding onto problems. Get it out, talk to someone who will listen. Meditation is another great way to manage stress and can help you reach mind and body harmony and mental discipline.

4. Nutritional Support

Today, even natural foods do not provide all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we need. Over-farming, fertilizers, and pesticides have drained much of the nutrient content from the land. As organic farming picks up, nutrients will return, but it will take time. But, even before the soil was depleted of nutrients, alternative health practitioners recognized that people needed herbs and tonics to supplement their diet and support their health and immune system, especially as they aged. Here are a few of the best.

Traditional medicines have used Echinacea for centuries and research indicates it supports a healthy immune response and helps fight off colds and flu.

Oregano Oil
A study by the Georgetown University Medical Center reported oregano oil was great for fighting off harmful organisms.

This adaptogen helps the body respond to stress and keeps your immune system functioning normally.

High in vitamin C, lemon is one of the most potent fruits you can take to fight illness. Many people recommend taking the juice of one half lemon in a cup of warm water every morning to encourage good health.

Studies show people who eat garlic regularly have fewer colds than those who don’t.

Friendly bacteria, aka probiotics, help keep harmful organisms from taking hold. Studies suggest two of the best strains are Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Other Ways to Support Your Immune System

These six aren’t the only natural substances that help with immune support. In recent years, researchers have taken special interest in aloe vera. Studies show some aloe species contain two powerful substances that help the immune system – acemannan and aloctin A. The active components in aloe vera fight harmful organisms and have antioxidant effects that protect cells from damage.

Aloe Fuzion™ contains the highest quality, most bio-available, most immunomodulatory, and simply the most acemannan of any aloe vera product available. An immunomodulator is a substance that helps regulate the immune system. It’s useful in situations where the immune system is “overactive” and inconsistent.

Embrace Healthy Living

At Global Healing Center, we believe in a complete approach to health. This includes making good dietary choices, regular exercise, regular cleansing, and nutritional supplementation where needed to help your body function normally. When it comes to diet, choose raw, organic fruits and vegetables, and avoid saturated fats. Exercise regularly. Get enough sleep, at least 7 hours a night — 8 is better.

If you choose to drink, do so moderately. Don’t smoke. Having said that, here’s what you absolutely must do…spend time with friends, laugh, take time to relax and do activities you enjoy, and make your home a clean, calming place to live.


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