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March 2005

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The practice of Reiki and Yoga go hand in hand. The practice of Yoga increases the flow of Reiki energy in a persons life. Yoga helps a person understand Reiki in a much deeper way. Reiki helps a person understand the deeper energies of Yoga.

Yoga is the ancient art and science of balancing the physical and subtle anatomy of the individual.

In Sanscrit yoga means "union", a union between mind, body and spirit.

There are many different types of Yoga, but here we will explore some basic Hatha Yoga techniques that bring depth to the art and science of all forms of Reiki.. Continue reading...


When you free yourself from the erroneous idea that you are a separate ego, happiness, joy and inner strength step into your life.

By developing the power of concentration, and through meditation and detachment the mind becomes quiet, and non-duality becomes a fact for us. Then life is lived differently and in a better way.

A practical method that Sri Ramana Maharshi has taught and advocated, and which I can vouch for from personal experience is called the "Vichara". It is a form of meditation in which you incessantly ask yourself in your mind the question, "Who am I?"

Do not try to find the answer through the mind. Just ask the question and let the answer come from the inside. Keep looking inside yourself and asking the question, and your awareness of this "I" will increase. You will find out that as your mind becomes concentrated and silent it becomes easier to experience this inner awareness.

Do not pay attention to the ideas and answers that come from your mind. The answer comes through the intuition, as an inner certainty and knowledge. It is not the mind that KNOWS. It is the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, your real I that knows.

If the answer comes as a thought, ask yourself whose thought it is, and where did it come from. Look inside to find its source. This source is what we are seeking in this meditation.

This kind of meditation may be practised often, and everywhere, not just while sitting and meditating at definite times. When the awareness of this "I" increases you will find that at times you experience a kind of a silent, free consciousness, and yet be able to function normally. You will know what Oneness means.

Though on the material level you continue to function as a separate unit, you come to understand the illusion of the world, and experience through your awakened consciousness the reality of non-duality and the Oneness of the Spirit. This is spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

This Quote Is An Excerpt From "Visualise And Achieve".... Read More Quotes Like This One.

3) FLAME RETARDANTS BUILDING UP WITHIN US by ANDRÉ PICARD Tuesday, February 15, 2005 - From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Those dust bunnies lurking under the bed may not be as innocuous as you think.

New Canadian research shows that household dust is the principal source of exposure to flame retardants, a class of chemicals that has sparked a heated debate among scientists, some of whom believe regular exposure may lead to serious learning and developmental problems.

Toddlers in particular are ingesting significant amounts of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), according to a study to be published in a forthcoming edition of the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

"Dust is the greatest route of exposure to brominated flame retardants," said Miriam Diamond, a professor in the department of geography at the University of Toronto. "It makes a lot of sense. Toddlers are close to the ground, which is where many of those flame retardants are — in carpets, in furniture. The chemicals accumulate in the dust."

In her paper, Dr. Diamond estimates that the average urban Canadian ingests 155 to 1,965 nanograms daily of PBDEs, with the highest levels found in babies but decreasing as people age. (A nanogram is one-billionth of a gram.)

But breast-feeding infants have much higher exposures, from 24 to 28,680 nanograms daily. Earlier research found that flame retardants are commonplace in the breast milk of Canadians but concluded that despite high levels, women should continue to breastfeed because the known benefits outweigh the known risks.

Dr. Diamond said she wondered how pregnant women accumulated these chemicals in their bodies. She found that household dust is the principal source of exposure for adults, followed by food. (Research commissioned by The Globe and Mail and CTV News found PBDEs in almost all common foods tested.)

Flame retardants are used in the manufacture of a broad range of materials, including foams, textiles and plastics. As a result, most household products, including sofas, carpets, hair dryers, televisions and computers, give off PBDEs. These invisible chemicals turn into dust that sticks to windows, gathers in small balls under the bed and snuggles in with the lint in the dryer.

A study published last month found PBDEs in the dust of every home tested. The research, done in the Washington area, found concentrations of 780 to 30,100 nanograms of PBDEs per gram of dust.

Scientists estimate that as a result, toddlers in these homes ingest 120 to 6,000 nanograms daily. Erin McAllister, a Vancouver mother of a toddler, heard of PBDEs when she participated in a study of breast milk. Now she has just learned that daughter Jessica, 17 months, probably ingests flame retardants in household dust, as well. "That's just lovely. Yuck, yuck," she said in disgust. "I feel kind of helpless. I don't want these poisons in my body, but I'm breathing it every day and my children are breathing it and eating it every day."

Barbara Thorpe of Clean Production Action, a Montreal-based consumer group, said that if Canadians were more informed about the levels of PBDEs in their home environments — from dust to food — they would be angry.The problem is, nobody knows the impact on human health.

All the research on PBDEs has been conducted on laboratory animals. When animals are exposed to high levels of PBDEs, they develop memory problems and disruptions to the thyroid hormone. Some scientists believe that in humans, that could translate into learning disabilities and stunted growth. Some postulate that the stunning rise in attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder is due, in part, to children's exposure to flame retardants.

Linda Birnbaum, associate director for the National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, said the concerns are justified, even if it is hard to nail down the impact of PBDEs on health. "These are not chemicals you are going to get a dose of and immediately die. They are chemicals that are present in very low levels in our bodies . . . but they build up. And part of the concern is, they will continue to build up to a level that they will cause problems."

Dr. Birnbaum said the EPA is trying to develop standards for safe levels of exposure to PBDEs, but establishing a cut-off is not easy.

For scientists and environmentalists, however, the solution is to aim for the lowest exposure possible by finding alternative forms of flame retardants and making consumers aware of these chemicals' origins and where they accumulate.

Although individuals must wait for governments to regulate PBDEs, they can take a few simple steps to reduce their exposure, beginning with improving ventilation in their homes, getting rid of carpets and vacuuming a little more often.


Have you ever sat or stood in front of an x-ray machine, covered with a bulky lead apron, waiting for someone who was standing behind a lead wall to press a button that would send ionizing radiation through your body?

I don’t know about you, but I have never felt super comfortable having that tube pointed at my head or body. I have long believed that the widespread misuse of x-rays is one of the deadliest mistakes being committed by health practitioners. Before I get into some of the realities of how x-rays are misused, here are some startling points about x-rays and other forms of ionizing radiation that are used for diagnostic purposes, like CT scans and fluoroscopy:

For decades, the scientific community has known that x-rays cause a variety of mutations.

X-rays are known to cause instability in our genetic material, which is usually the central characteristic of most aggressive cancers.

There is no risk-free dose of x-rays. Even the weakest doses of x-rays can cause cellular damage that cannot be repaired.

There is strong epidemiological evidence that x-rays are a known cause of almost every type of human cancer.

There is strong evidence that x-rays are a significant cause of ischemic heart disease.

If all of the points listed above are true, then how is it that our society has come to use x-rays so frequently and almost without a thought to the harmful consequences of all forms of ionizing radiation?

Part of the answer to this question is that most health care practitioners have been educated to believe that the benefits of taking x-rays for diagnostic purposes far outweigh the negative consequences of ionizing radiation. This attitude is well represented by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), who have this to say about x-rays:

“For the exposures encountered in conventional radiography [x-rays], the risk of cancer or heritable defects (via damaged ovarian cells or sperm cells) is very low. Most experts feel that this low risk is largely outweighed by the benefits of information gained from appropriate imaging. X-rays are monitored and regulated to provide the minimum amount of radiation exposure needed to produce the image.”

I strongly disagree with the NIH on this topic.

While I believe that x-rays can be extremely useful in certain situations, I also believe that they are usually taken unnecessarily and for the wrong reasons. Here are a few examples:

Medico-legal protection In today’s society.

I believe that the majority of health practitioners think first and foremost about protecting themselves against legal action. Rather than devote all of their energy to thinking about what is absolutely best for their patients in the short and long term, they perform diagnostic tests and give recommendations that fall in line with their professional “standards of practice”. This is undoubtedly so that if the patient does not do well, the doctor has records to prove that he gave perfectly competent care according to his profession's standards of practice. In deciding whether to do an x-ray or to go without it, I believe that most doctors make this decision based on their standards of practice vs. what they would do for their own children.

The Feeling that Something Has Been Done

Many patients want their doctors to do something. They don’t want to hear about what they should be eating or how much rest they should be getting. Some patients almost feel cheated if their doctors don’t perform a blood test, take an x-ray, or do some other diagnostic test that makes them feel like answers are on the way. A doctor who does not give in to these expectations runs the risk of not having enough patients to make a living.


If you have already read about my first working experience as a chiropractor, you may remember the chiropractor who took full-spine x-rays on all of his patients. It was absolutely clear to me that the majority of his x-rays were taken for marketing purposes. If you study radiology, you will learn that everyone develops degenerative changes around their spines as they age – this is to be expected, just like wrinkling of your skin. Perhaps you can imagine how a health practitioner can paint these normal, degenerative changes and other clinically irrelevant findings in a frightening way to persuade a patient to receive his or her treatments.

If you don’t have any training in radiology, and your health practitioner points to x-rays that show areas of your spine that are worn down or “out of alignment”, and you are told that you are in danger of developing crippling arthritis in the years ahead if you don’t receive his or her treatments, what are you to do? Many health practitioners are fully aware of the authoritative power and influence that x-rays can have on selling their treatments, and many of them don't hesitate to use this power and influence to its fullest extent. If you are sceptical about this, you need to participate in a practice management seminar to experience firsthand how some practitioners are finely trained to translate using x-rays to making money.

So what does all of this mean for you the next time that your doctor recommends taking an x-ray?

Some Practical Recommendations on Taking or Not Taking X-rays

If a health practitioner recommends that you have an x-ray or CT scan done, find out exactly what the health practitioner is looking for. More importantly, find out what the practitioner will recommend that you do for each possible finding. If you cannot see yourself following through on any of the practitioner’s recommendations for each possible finding, it seems logical not to expose yourself to dangerous ionizing radiation in the first place. If your practitioner is unwilling to address all of your concerns, you really need to find a practitioner who will.

If you decide that taking an x-ray will help you figure out what the problem is and/or help you figure out how to get better, ask the person who will take the x-ray exactly what the dose will be. If he or she cannot tell you exactly what the dose will be, it is likely that you will be exposed to a higher dose than is necessary. If this is the case, you need to find another x-ray facility, one that is fully committed to using the lowest possible dose for its x-rays.

If you have x-rays taken, know that these x-rays belong to you. If you don't feel good about your doctor's interpretation of your x-rays, you can take your x-rays to other practitioners to ask for as many other opinions as you wish. You may be asked to sign a form in order for your doctor or x-ray facility to release your x-rays to you, but make no mistake about it - your x-rays belong to you.

I believe that babies, growing children, and pregnant women should not be exposed to any x-rays – even dental x-rays – unless they are faced with a life or limb-threatening situation. Fetuses, babies, and growing children have rapidly growing cells that are much more susceptible to genetic damage when exposed to ionizing radiation than the slower growing cells of adults. A pregnant woman shouldn’t even have an x-ray taken at the dentist’s office, because her thyroid gland won’t be protected by the lead apron that covers her body. Ionizing radiation to the thyroid gland of a pregnant woman can interfere with the physical and mental development of her child.

If you want to learn more about the relationship between x-rays and your health, I highly recommend that you read Radiation from Medical Procedures in the Pathogenesis of Cancer and Ischemic Heart Disease: Dose-Response Studies with Physicians per 100,000 Population, by John Gofman, MD, PhD. The harmful effects of ionizing radiation listed at the beginning of this article are from his book.

Dr. Gofman is one of the few scientists in this world who has had the courage to fight for greater public awareness of the dangers of ionizing radiation.

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