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October 2010

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
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“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates

By Laurelle Shanti Gaia

"Prosperity and abundance are my Divine birthright." How long has it been since you have made that statement? Has it been a month, a year, a decade…or never? Maybe intellectually you know that you live in an abundant universe, but do you FEEL it to be true?

Have you noticed the power of the collective creative consciousness recently? How many reports of troubled economic times have you heard since September 11th? How are such reports affecting you? Are you fearful that you may lose your job, or that your clients will stop coming, or that you will need to work harder and will no longer have time for spiritual practice, exercise or your family? If you have worried or felt fear, let me remind you of something a great man once said; "Just for today…do not worry and be filled with gratitude."

There is a reason Usui Sensei used those words in the Reiki principles, which are a foundation for all Reiki practitioners and teachers to blossom from. He recognized the power of our thoughts and our words. We often forget powerful statements like "thoughts are things" or "where the thoughts go, the energy flows". However, they are so very true. Whenever we create anything in our life, we must first have the thought of it. So it is very important to be aware of what we are thinking at all times. If we allow our thoughts to be those of fear and worry, we are empowering the very things we are concerned about to manifest in our life.

As Reiki practitioners we can accept the responsibility of using what we have learned to help the United States and the world to heal any sense of lack that is pervading the collective consciousness so that we all become the prosperous beings and nations that we truly are.

The basics of thought discipline are one factor in prosperity consciousness, but this becomes even more important once we are attuned to Reiki. Reiki has the ability to help us empower our thoughts, unite the mind with the heart, and transmute our words into pure light, and they become even stronger than the mere thoughts themselves.

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By Mike Adams

Do you know which seven dangerous food ingredients to watch out for in your groceries? These are the "deadly seven," as I call them, and they can directly promote heart disease, migraines, obesity, outrageous food cravings, osteoporosis, diabetes and even birth defects.

The top three most dangerous ingredients I've found in my research are:

  1) Sodium nitrite -- causes cancer, found in processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, sausage. Used to make meats appear red (a color fixer chemical).

  2) Hydrogenated oils -- causes heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, general deterioration of cellular health, and much more. Found in cookies, crackers, margarine and many "manufactured" foods. Used to make oils stay in the food, extending shelf life. Sometimes also called "plastic fat."

  3) Excitotoxins -- aspartame, monosodium glutamate and others (see below). These neurotoxic chemical additives directly harm nerve cells, over-exciting them to the point of cell death, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock. They're found in diet soda, canned soup, salad dressing, breakfast sausage and even many manufactured vegetarian foods. They're used to add flavor to over-processed, boring foods that have had the life cooked out of them.

So how do food companies manage to hide excitotoxins and taste additives to their foods? It's easy: They just keep changing the words to confuse consumers. Once customers learned to avoid MSG / monosodium glutamate, the food companies started using yeast extract.  

And now, two years after I started sounding the alarm on yeast extract, many companies have switched to "torula yeast," which accomplishes the same thing. Other hidden sources of MSG include:  

• Autolyzed vegetable protein • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein • Calcium caseinate • Sodium caseinate • Textured protein  

The ingredients "stacking" trick
Food companies also use the ingredients stacking trick to intentionally leave you with the wrong impression about what's really in their food products.   For example, one company makes a nutrition bar that's absolutely loaded with sugar, but they way they've arranged the ingredients prevents sugar from appearing as the #1 ingredient. Instead, the first ingredient is rice. But looking down the label, you'll find all the following forms of sugar, all in the same nutrition bar:


• Sugar • Sucrose • High-fructose corn syrup • Corn syrup solids • Dextrose  

Add all these up, and the #1 component in the bar is, indeed, sugar (or sugary substances). But the manufacturer has used ingredients stacking to make you think the top ingredient is actually rice.

It's a clever, dishonest technique used by food companies to lie with food labels.

Remember, the longer the ingredients label, the less healthy the food. Read those ingredients lists before buying foods, and if you discover chemical names that you can't pronounce, don't buy the food!

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

For many years, thyroid problems have been downplayed, misunderstood and portrayed as unimportant.

Thyroid disease can affect almost every aspect of health, so understanding more about your thyroid, and the symptoms that occur when something goes wrong with this small gland, can help you regain your health.

Experts agree that thyroid problems affect 10- 15% of women. However, some researchers believe that as many as one in two women may have thyroid impairment.

Where is the Thyroid and What Does it Do?

Your thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland, located in your neck, wrapped around the windpipe, and is located behind and below the Adam's Apple area. The thyroid produces several hormones, of which two are key: triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). These hormones help oxygen get into cells, and make your thyroid the master gland of metabolism.

How Do You Know if Your Thyroid is Not Working?

The most sensitive way to answer this question is to listen to your body. Most of the symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid are listed in table one.

If you want to use more objective laboratory testing, the American Thyroid Association recommends that everyone should be screened, at a minimum, for thyroid problems beginning at age 35, at 5-year intervals. Those with symptoms (table two), which are potentially associated with thyroid dysfunction, should be checked even more frequently.

However, thyroid function tests have always presented doctors with difficulties in their interpretation. Many doctors have a narrow interpretation of thyroid testing that leads to many people not being properly treated for hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid).

Laboratory Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

Normally, the pituitary gland will secrete TSH in response to a low thyroid hormone level. Thus an elevated TSH level would typically suggest hypothyroidism.

The most common traditional way physicians diagnose hypothyroidism is with a TSH that is elevated beyond the normal reference range. For most labs, this is about 4.0 to 4.5. This is thought to reflect the pituitary's sensing of inadequate thyroid hormone levels in the blood that is consistent with hypothyroidism.

However, most doctors are not aware of the wonderful review on this topic that was published in the British Medical Journal two years ago. The article discusses a 20-year follow-up study which showed that TSH concentrations above 2 are associated with an increased risk of hypothyroidism.

What You Can Do to Restore Your Thyroid Gland Based on TSH levels below 2 it appears that half of the population fall into this category of having an underactive thyroid and need to be concerned about the optimal functioning of their thyroid gland.

For the last twenty years I have been helping individuals restore their thyroid health with natural methods. These approaches are generally very successful for restoring thyroid health.

Eat Healthy Foods The first and most basic step you could take would be to improve the quality of the fluids you drink and the foods you eat. Drinking one quart of water per day for every 50 pounds of body weight while eliminating sodas, fruit juices and coffee is the first major step.

The next level would be to eliminate as many refined and processed foods sugars as possible. Additionally, elimination of grains, such as wheat, rice, corn and potatoes, also seems to help most people since these foods are converted to sugar very quickly and cause your body to make far to much insulin which distresses your thyroid and adrenal glands.

Unfortunately we are coming out of an era of fear of fat that has caused major health problems in this country. Fortunately there has been a resurgence of interest in the benefits of omega-3 oils and health.

The most practical source of fish oil would not be fish as nearly all fish is contaminated with mercury and even the conservative National Academy of Sciences advises all pregnant women to avoid most fish.

There are some compelling studies and a variety of sound physiological principles that suggest fish oil supplements in does of 3-5 grams per day would be helpful in restoring thyroid function.

Additionally, iodine is an essential mineral in the formation of thyroid hormone. Over the last 20 years, the percentage of Americans with low intake of iodine has more than quadrupled. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that over one in ten Americans are deficient in iodine.

Sleep and Exercise These two lifestyles factors are intimately related, as it is difficult to sleep well without enough aerobic type exercise. Most all of us benefit from 7-8 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep in complete darkness to help restore our hormone balance.

Emotional Health My experience with extensive hormone evaluation suggests that the vast majority of people's thyroid glands become impaired as a result of weak adrenal glands. The thyroid gland tries to compensate for this and eventually just gives up and stops working.

When sophisticated hormone analyses are performed, it frequently shows that the adrenal impairment is due to emotional stress. Generally, unless one has these previous emotional challenges resolved, there is little likelihood of recovering one's thyroid function without hormonal replacement.

My experience in this area is that traditional cognitive counseling is not effective for most who use it. Fortunately there are a number of effective solutions for recovering emotional health that rely on rebalancing your energy circuits with psychological acupressure techniques. I use a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, which is described, on my web site, but there are many other effective approaches.


Signs Of An Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) Include:

Fatigue is the most common. You feel tired and exhausted like you can't enough sleep, or want to take daytime naps You've gained weight inappropriately or you are finding it difficult to lose weight despite proper diet and exercise You feel depressed down or sad Impaired memory Sensitivity to cold with feelings of being chilly in rooms of normal temperature when others do not Constipation Difficulty in losing weight despite rigid adherence to a low grain diet seems to be a common finding especially in women Difficult for a person to sweat and their perspiration may be decreased or even absent even during heavy exercise and hot weather Your skin can become dry, cold, rough and scaly You are losing hair, particularly from the outer part of your eyebrows Hair is getting dry or tangly Nails are breaking or splitting and are brittle.


Symptoms of Excessive Thyroid Hormone
Feeling like your heart is pounding out of your chest-by far the most common problem Nervousness Feeling hot and sweaty Rapid weight loss Fine tremor Clammy skin


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