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Your October Issue of Natural Healing
September 27, 2012

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

October 2012

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.






“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates

By Gord Riddel and Kathy Ryndak

We are only a few months away from the renowned Mayan calendar date that corresponds to our December 21, 2012, the winter solstice. No, the world won’t end and indeed we will be here to celebrate this galactic event, which only happens every 26,000 years! The energies have been intense for the past few years and spiritual evolution is accelerated. This article will provide an update on key spiritual concepts and the energies of 2012.

Fifth Dimension

The fifth dimension, which is based on unity consciousness and the mystical heart, is now easily accessible and some very spiritually evolved esoteric types live mostly from this state. When we come from this dimension, we have that “all is well” feeling, experience oneness, and that everything and everyone has the Divine within. Love, joy, peace, harmony, gratitude, compassion, and non-judgment are predominant emotional states. We come from the “I AM presence,” which means that God is within us. We no longer live in a state of polarity. The fifth dimension is accessed through the upper heart chakra (thymus) and the transpersonal chakra, which is 12” above the crown chakra.

Mainstream society still largely exists in a third-dimensional reality or density consciousness, which is based on fear, doubt, drama, lack or greed. Old systems, such as banking and national economies, which are corrupt and not of a higher frequency, face continual challenges and show signs of collapse. “Bailout” is a word that is continually heard in the daily news. Financial collapse is causing much fear in the world.

However, within everyday consciousness, we do see more awareness and growth in individuals. The Divine Feminine is definitely up for exploration. Just witness the world’s focus on the Venus transit back in June. It was also wonderful to feel the love and joy of the British people during the Queen’s Jubilee celebration in June. As well, meditation and yoga have become quite mainstream and are no longer considered fringe.

Soul Guided

Some have made the transition to being soul guided versus ego driven. As the ego diminishes, we can actually mourn and grieve its loss. We are learning to acclimatize to a higher vibration, which is less familiar to us. It is analogous to experiencing altitude sickness, which goes away once we adjust. There can be side effects which accompany this great energetic shift, such as head­aches, dizziness, spaciness, or needing lots of sleep. We will go back and forth in our vibration – it is not a linear progression upward.

Instead, our spiritual evolution is like a spiral on a bit of a tilt. We will move up and down on the spiral and eventually get to a higher way of being. When we are on a downturn, we will re-visit old patterns requiring us to delve deeper. This can feel like we are regressing and it is like two steps forward and one step back.


The pace of transformation is accelerated and many have been faced with several challenges and feel they’ve been blindsided. The Mayans did say that we would go through a great challenge of the ego and its illusions. The purpose of this is to lessen the grip of the ego to allow your soul to guide you. Cleansing and purging are part of this process.

The ego resists any type of adversity and change, and will experience pain and suffering going through the challenge. Right now, life-long patterns that have not been dealt with are at the surface waiting to be healed. Since we have had them all of our lives they will be more challenging to address. If you are trying to change an old habit, rather than referring to breaking it, see it as dissolving it. If it is an addiction, see it as an attachment instead, since the vibration of addiction is that of guilt and shame.

We are lessening whatever we are attached to as well. Perhaps it is the material world and the need for status. It will not be your job that defines you but rather your essence. You might have had the need for a prestigious title earlier and this will fall away. Our attachment to drama is also subsiding. We don’t need drama and chaos to feel alive!

Higgs Boson – God Particle

The discovery of the Higgs boson or God particle in July will revolutionize our way of life once scientific applications are determined. This particle came into existence right after the Big Bang to attract other particles to create mass and form. There are many spiritual parallels to be garnered here. The God particle acts as the law of attraction, to attract other particles. It represents the art of co-creation in the universe. It shows us that everything is interconnected through unity consciousness.

It represents a breakthrough in expanded and unlimited thinking as scientists say this is only the beginning and there are so many more particles to discover. Science and spirituality have finally merged!

I AM Presence

Honouring the I AM presence is very current now and means that you understand that God or the Divine is within you and that you are part of God. Dr. Wayne Dyer, in his latest book, Wishes Fulfilled goes as far as saying “You are God” and that “You and God are equal.” We cannot proclaim this from the ego whatsoever, as we would just become messianic, grandiose, and abuse power. Dyer does not believe it is blasphemous to say we are God but instead this acknowledges our true Divine nature.

There are several verses in the Old and New Testaments that recognize this, the most well-known one being “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). When we connect to the I AM presence, we are connected to Source and become adept at co-creating our wishes with the universe. This is different than manifesting from the ego. Dyer says that as long as we are coming from Source, co-creating your wishes will be fulfilled. This is one of the most fascinating times to be alive and the transformation and renaissance of the planet is truly incredible! Aren’t you glad you showed up for the awakening and rebirthing of the new earth.

About the Authors: Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak are therapists and co-founders of the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. The College offers professional training programs in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director, Holistic Health, Coaching and psycho­spiritual courses through a 10-part program “Discovering the Total Self”. For more information on these programs, call the College at  416-484-0454 or toll free  1-800-TAC-SELF or visit To receive our monthly e-newsletter email

By Deborah King

The Human Aura

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body as well as every other organism and object in the Universe. An Aura consists of electro-magnetic energies of varying densities that permeate through and emit or exit from the physical body of a living person. These particles of energy are suspended around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field. This “auric egg” emits out from the body approximately 2-5 feet (1 meter on average) on all sides. It extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.

The human aura consists of seven levels or bodies. Each one of the subtle bodies that exist around the physical body has its own unique frequency. They are interrelated, and reflect the person’s feelings, emotions, thinking, and behavior. A state of imbalance in one of the levels can lead to a state of imbalance in the others.

The Auric Bodies (levels of the Human Energy Field):

1. Etheric auric body – Physical sensations. Simple physical comfort, pleasure, health.
2. The emotional auric body – Emotions about the self.
3. Vital auric body – Rational mind. To understand the situation in a clear, linear, rational way.
4. Astral (emotional) body – Relations with others. Loving interaction with friends and family.
5. Lower mental auric body – Divine will within. To align with the divine will within, to make commitment to speak and follow the truth.
6. Higher mental auric body – Divine love and spiritual ecstasy.
7. Spiritual (intuitive) body – Divine mind, serenity. To be connected to divine mind and to understand the greater universal pattern.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to “see” colors and the ability to “see” them is vastly overrated; it is more important to be able to sense or feel them, or to simply know the state of an aura. So, relax and feel into auras without the need to see and enjoy!

Color Meanings

There is no such thing as a bad Aura! Nor are there bad colors. in their pure state all  colors are good and useful. When light is blocked or slowed down it will loose its  effectiveness and become gray or dull. Everything living has at least four colors  appearing in their aura with a variety of shades and hues.

RED: Passion, very active, (deep red) over active, (dull red) burned out, (bright red) sexy, leadership, love of sports, challenge, courage, practical, desire for possessions, sense of adventure, and a survival instinct. Most children have bright red auras – especially males. They are very active and ‘on the go’. Reds like a challenge, is a force of will, hard workers, like to achieve results and success. They do not punch a time clock, and work till they drop.
ORANGE: Creativity, confidence, ambition, originality, sociability, openness, intuition, independence, expression, ability to solve problems and work without supervision. Many talented sales people, entrepreneurs and people who deal with the public have orange auras. Think while they act. They enjoy their sexuality. They love adventure, excitement and intrigue, and often will have multiple partners. They are independent and not emotionally needy. Oranges love to get organized!
YELLOW: Spontaneous, intellect, happy, and cheerful. A sense of humor, confident, optimistic, with a warm smile are typical. People with yellow auras have the ability to brighten the lives of those around them. Yellows bring warmth, originality and exhilaration they usually are playful, fun loving, humorous, and somewhat childlike. They pay attention to details, organization and are disciplined!
GREEN: Healing, teaching, caring, high self-esteem, tenacity, money, harmony, balance, and growth. A rich dark green is abundance, prosperity and wealth. Greens (bright) are driven to be successful and often own their own business, are goal-oriented and make lists (check them off as they complete a goal). Greens need to be in control. Family matters and parenting are important to them. Medical professionals and people involved in the healing arts of any kind often have greens strongly in their auras.
BLUE: Communication, loyalty, good listener, contentment, peaceful, caretaker, calmness, patience, sensitive, honest, empathic, generous, warmhearted, and often times spiritual. Blue indicates a depth of feeling; love, truth, trust, dedication, tranquility, tenderness and affection. Blues cannot think of sex unless they are in love. Blues convey wisdom, and are reliable. A good talker!
INDIGO: Intuitive, observant, aware, open-minded, liberal, tolerant, charitable, shrewd, perceptive, and leadership capabilities. It represents intuitive understanding, serious, use their imagination, inspiration, creativity, and are humanitarians. Indigoes also have healing ability, and are gentle, and compassionate.
VIOLET: Spiritual, mystical, looks for magical solutions, visionaries, always see the big picture, search for the truth, questioning, take everything at face value, tends to be intuitive, and unconventional. People with
MAGENTA: Nonconformists, innovated, strong-willed, inventive, imaginative, artistic, resourceful, productive, creative and has an agile mind. Magenta’s are bright and determined about things they regard as important. They are great manipulators as well as actors. Magenta’s tap dance to their own tune!
WHITE: Highly motivated, bright, ability to see ‘the big picture’, a chameleon, money is not always the object of their lives, great wisdom. Whites are avid readers and enjoy television, movies, and the theatre ( the main source of social learning for them). White have become the chameleons of the spectrum, assimilating other colors into their aura in order to hide or protect themselves. Often white (if there is a double white in the photo) echo a spirit that is around the person.

Learn more about auras and aura color meanings.


What Exactly Is Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), about 65 million Americans over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. That's about one in three adults in the United States.  Only about 63 percent of those with high blood pressure are even aware that they have it.

The reason so many people don't know they have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is that there aren't really any clear symptoms of hypertension. In fact, according to the AHA, the cause of 90 to 95 percent of the cases of high blood pressure in America isn't known.

So why should a person worry if he or she has high blood pressure? Hypertension raises your risk for other health problems including heart attacks and strokes. In 2003, more than 52,000 Americans died because of complications related to high blood pressure. The rate of death from high blood pressure increased nearly 30 percent between 1993 and 2004.

It's important to understand what blood pressure is before you can know why it is vital to do something about your high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is basically the force exerted on the arteries by the blood as it passes through them. Someone with high blood pressure has blood that is putting higher- than-normal pressure on the arteries, which puts more stress on the body.

The heart has to work so hard to get the blood pumped through those arteries that it can actually enlarge and damage the heart, eventually causing heart attacks, strokes, aneurysm and other heart problems if left untreated.

What could put you at risk for having high blood pressure?

Heredity: If your parents had high blood pressure, you are more likely to have it as well.
Race: African Americans are more likely than Caucasians to have high blood pressure.
Gender: Men are more likely than women to have high blood pressure.
Age: As you get older, your risk increases.
Salt intake: It's not clear why sodium affects blood pressure, but some people are sensitive to sodium, and most people get much more than they need.
Obesity: Being overweight is a huge risk factor for high blood pressure.
In addition, there are other factors or conditions that can increase your risk of high blood pressure, including:
Being pregnant:
Having diabetes:
Drinking alcohol to excess:
Living a sedentary lifestyle:
Taking oral contraceptives or other medications such as steroids, diet pills, cold remedies, even ibuprofen.

If you have high blood pressure there is a way to lower it and control it naturally.

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