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May 2009

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
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“ Purpose is your expression of the Divine”. ~ Jim White Ph.D.


Viruses are the smallest known infectious microbes, hundred times smaller then bacteria. They come in many shapes and sizes. They “hijack” healthy cells, nesting in them and replacing the host cells' genetic material with their own. Within hours, the infected host cells begin to generate thousands of progeny, which then go on to infect other healthy cells.

Viruses are transmitted in a number of ways. Through direct contact with skin or mucous membranes, by insect bites, ingesting infectious droplets with food.

It is very hard to combat them because they often can not be killed without hurting the host cell.

Natural medicine offers various ways to fight viruses directly or indirectly, boosting the immunity and ward off viral infection before it starts. Herbs, vitamins and other natural remedies help prevent viral infections or at least shorten a course of a viral illness.

Boost Your Immune System

A balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, provides the building blocks for healthy cells.

Vitamins.Vitamins C and E are antioxidants, that stimulate immunity. Also vitamin A helps strengthen immune cells. The daily dose for vitamin A is 1 carrot (1,000 RE), for vitamin C 1 orange (60 mg), and for vitamin E 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil (8-10 mg).

Excercise.Moderate daily exercise will ensure intake of fresh air, which promotes oxygen exchange between blood and air and speeds metabolism, which leads to efficient mobilization of energy from nutrients.

Strengthen your thymus gland. The thymus is a n nursery for immune system cells that fight infection. This organ shrinks in size as we grow older, and its effectiveness gradually diminishes. Here is an easy exercise to stimulate your thymus gland: every morning tap on the middle of the breastbone with your fingers for 5 minutes.

Reduce stress. Stress weakens immunity. Try relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga. To relive anxiety prepare some linden-flower or valerian tea.

Hot and cold showers. Start a morning with a warm shower. After few minutes step aside and change the water temperature to lukewarm or cold.

Some Natural Healing Techniques: oxygen therapy, lymph drainage..

More natural antibacterials: Propolis contains substances that prevent inflammation, strengthen the immune system and kill germs. Eat 10-20 drops of propolis tincture on half a slice of bread.

Freshly grated or chopped garlic, horseradish or onions, mistletoe extract, grapefruit-seed extract.


Add 1-2 tbsp. of ground mustard seeds to a warm footbath. After about 10 minutes remove your feet from the bath and put on wool socks. This will help to mobilize your immune system's defenses.

Keep the indoor humidity between 30 and 50 percent. This will protect the fine hairs that line the nose and act as a barrier to keep germs from penetrating the body.

Wash your hands often.


From 3 carrots, 1 orange, 1 apple and half a beet prepare a fresh juice every day.

Source: The complete Guide to Natural Healing

Home Clutter Mirrors Blocked Chakras
By Phylameana lila Desy Abaut.com

A person does not have to look beyond his own home environment to discover which chakra centers may be problematic or blocked. Hoarders are especially at risk of a complete chakra system shutdown. Taking a tour of your living space will help give you clues as to which of your chakras need attention.

Chakra blockages are often mirrored by the state of disarray in the various rooms in your home. A messy or disorganized kitchen could reflect a heart chakra imbalance. A cluttered den or home office may indicate mental confusion or lack of focus. A dusty or unorganized master bedroom can affect your love relationship negatively. Grimy window panes may mimic clouded third eye perceptions. An overstuffed attic or dirty rain gutters may be mirroring a blocked crown chakra.

Rooms and living spaces that typically represent the major chakras are:

Crown Chakra: Attic, Roof
Brow Chakra: Den, Home Office, Windows
Throat Chakra: Living Room, Family Room
Heart Chakra: Kitchen, Dining Areas
Solar Plexus Chakra: Bathrooms, Personal Spaces
Sacral Chakra: Master Bedroom
Root Chakra: Basement, Crawl Spaces
Aura: Porches, Decks, Landscaping, Garages

Cleaning and Organizing

It is important not to hire someone else to do the clean up for you. In order to benefit from clearing your chakra system as well as getting your home clean and uncluttered it is key that you participate in the house cleaning. Of course, do ask family members who are living with you to roll up their sleeves and help out. All members of a household play some role in creating the messes, so everyone will benefit by sharing in the clean up. Children should be responsible for cleaning and organizing their own bedrooms. How much you help or supervise the children cleaning will depend on their ages. A teenager should be able to tackle clearing a bedroom with very little or no assistance.

Routine Surface Sweeps

A quick sweep of obvious clutter will help you feel better temporarily, but the real test will be instilling the habit of keeping order in the future. A surface sweep is a very good habit for daily upkeep or weekly cleaning. A surface sweep is when you will walk through each room of your home and put things that are obviously out of place back where they belong.

Deeper Sweeps

Undertaking the project of thoroughly cleaning your home can be overwhelming. The best way to declutter your space is to systematically go through your stuff item by item. Habits of tossing odds and ends into designated junk drawers simply won't do.

Tackle One Room at a Time

A good system is to assign yourself one room or area to focus on each month. The kitchen is a good starting place. The kitchen represents the heart of the home and also mirrors your heart chakra. Once your heart is cleared the project of cleaning the rest of your home will be much easier to tackle.

Assign yourself chores associated with the designated room at the beginning of the month. Here is an example of weekly chores for the kitchen:

Weekly Kitchen Chores

First Week: Dust and wash everything that is in sight (counter tops, kitchen table, small appliances, sink, stove top, etc.).
Second Week: Empty all the cupboards, toss out expired goods, reorganize your pantry goods, dishes and cookware. Get rid of items that are no longer useful.
Third Week: Mop floors, clean walls, and launder curtains.
Fourth Week: Clean oven, refrigerator and light fixtures.

Roll up your sleeves, clean, clean, and clean some more. Your chakras will thank you!

By Candace Booth

Cayenne is an old herbal standby with many healing properties when used internally or externally.  In modern medicine it is used in many over-the-counter ointments for muscles aches and arthritis. You will see it listed as capsicum or capsaicin on the ingredients label.   For external application, cayenne is best used in cream form.  The powdered form is used for cooking or internal use.  Here are a few of cayenne’s many medicinal uses.

As an Internal Stimulant

In natural medicine, cayenne is known as the purest and most reliable stimulant.1 It is also great for the circulatory system.  Cayenne feeds elements that may be lacking in the cell structure of arteries, veins and capillaries to give them youthful elasticity. It also helps blood pressure adjust itself to normal.  That’s because when your arterial system becomes loaded with sticky mucus (plaque), blood has a harder time circulating; therefore, higher pressure forces the liquid through.

Cayenne can help regulate the flow of blood from the head to the feet, so that it is equalized.  As a result, cayenne influences the heart (as a stimulant) by gradually extending its effects to the arteries, capillaries, and nerves.  It will not increase the frequency of the pulse, but rather give it more power.

As a Digestive Aid

In equalizing blood circulation, cayenne produces natural warmth, helping to stimulate natural peristaltic action in the intestines, and thereby aiding in the assimilation of food and the elimination of toxic waste.  Cayenne can help rebuild tissue in the stomach and heal stomach and intestinal ulcers.1

As a Natural Cooling Agent

Hot peppers have been used for centuries to confer heat resistance on people who consume them.  The capsaicin in the peppers causes the dilation of blood vessels, allowing a slight cooling of the blood and stimulating perspiration.

As a Pain Reliever

For sports injuries and arthritic pain, the capsicum in cayenne acts as a counter irritant, causing temporary pain to the skin that depletes the chemical messengers of pain for the joint.  Capsicum permeates the skin, enters the nerve, and eliminates substance P, stopping the pain message from reaching the brain.2 However, you don’t want to leave a concentrated form on the skin for a long time as it can become an irritant.

As an Immediate First-Aid Treatment The most effective use of cayenne for first-aid is to add a teaspoon to hot water and drink it.  This treatment is effective in the event of a heart attack1 and to quickly stop bleeding in the lungs, stomach, uterus or nose.  Cayenne helps in this quick clotting by equalizing the pressure of the blood.  You can even use cayenne for a toothache by placing a cotton ball saturated with cayenne oil into the cavity.

Make sure you do not apply cayenne to broken skin and avoid contact with the eyes.  Although cayenne is a unique species, any of the 150 species of pepper that contains capsaicin can be used medicinally.  The varieties of this “fruit” vary greatly in size, color and pungency.  The part of the plant that provides therapeutic action is the seed oil.

1.Christopher, Dr. John R., School of Natural Healing, (11th printing), Christopher Publ., Utah, 1999, pp. 447-449. 2.Balch, P, Prescription for Herbal Healing, Avery Publ., New York, 2002.
[Ed. Note: Candace Booth, ND, PhD, CNC has a natural health practice in Tavares, Florida, where she offers consultations in nutrition and overcoming disease symptoms with natural healing remedies.  Her new book:  HOW MUCH FAT ARE YOU CARRYING? – The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide for People Who Are Sick of Diets is available]

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