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Your August Issue of Natural Healing
August 01, 2017

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

August 2017

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.






“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates


By Christopher Hoyt

Bach Flower Remedies were developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s after he discovered that certain thought patterns block our healing ability, and also come out in us when we get sick. To help heal his patients, he realized he needed a way to eliminate these detrimental and stressful outlooks. This ultimately led to the development of a new type of healing system known as the Bach Flower Remedies.

It is completely safe, natural, and side-effect free. Rescue Remedy is its most widely used and known component today, though it is only part of the story.

Negative Outlooks Can Be Eliminated

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced various detrimental outlooks or feelings that keep us from being truly happy and at our best. The 38 Bach Remedies can be used to safely and naturally help us overcome and eliminate these unpleasant feelings, allowing us to live with more joy and freedom and kindness than ever before. Treating our mind in this way—and reducing the stress we experience on a daily basis—can then lead to direct health improvements accordingly, as Dr. Bach proved in his patients.

Some Examples Of The Bach Remedies In Use

The Bach Remedies can help us deal with the full range of negative outlooks and feelings. For example, repetitive thoughts that keep us up at night can be helped by Bach Remedy White Chestnut. Anger or feelings of suspicion can be eliminated by Holly; while excessive daydreaming that keeps us from engaging with the world/life can be helped by Clematis. Other examples include always worrying that a loved one must have died when they are simply late getting home (Red Chestnut), or going back and forth on our decisions (Scleranthus). Known fears can be helped by Mimulus, and being unable to share our emotions freely can be helped by Agrimony. While a lack of confidence can be helped with Larch. And the list goes on.

But each and every negative feeling that detracts from our enjoyment of life can be eliminated through the use of the individual Bach Remedies, or combinations of them. All of these are discussed in-depth in my book, Heal Yourself.

Bach Remedies Can Help With Meditation & Other Practices

Want to become better at meditation or eliminate the mental distractions that keep us from being fully alive and aware in the moment, and that detract from our enjoyment of practices such as yoga? The Bach Remedies can help with all of this and more. In fact, they are the hidden key to making all these practices work better in the first place, and can quickly jump start and enhance the effects of these other therapies by laying the groundwork for future and long-lasting change.

How To Use The Bach Remedies

To use this system successfully, all you need to do is figure out which of the negative Bach Remedy states you are currently experiencing, and then take the corresponding Bach Remedy or Remedies. This is not hard to do, as each Bach Remedy is for a distinct feeling, and we all intuitively know if we are not feeling quite like our true selves. A few drops of the chosen Bach Remedy or Remedies a few times a day are all you need to start balancing your health and emotions and to quickly move towards more fully expressing your true happy and wonderful innate self. This process can, in turn, allow the body to better heal itself as stress is no longer impacting it, and which can otherwise damage it.


For those who are skeptical, the different negative Bach Remedy states of mind have all been linked by modern scientific research into being associated with various negative effects on our health or longevity. While conversely, the positive aspects of many Bach Remedy states of mind—such as altruism—have been linked to positive health outcomes, including increased longevity. In addition, various small scientific studies have actually shown that the Bach Remedies themselves are able to help with things such as reducing repetitive thoughts and helping us to heal from carpal tunnel syndrome. This research is discussed in my latest book, Closing The Gap: The Scientific Case For The Bach Flower Remedies, for those who are interested.

Use Bach Remedies To Improve Your Life!

At any rate, the Bach Remedies are simple and safe healing and self-care systems that can eliminate stress in all its various forms, and help us to live the happy and fulfilled and meaningful life we are all capable of. Living in the modern world can be hard—but the Bach Remedies can make it that much easier and more enjoyable. It’s the self-help and self-healing system that gives you outside help!

About the Author: Christopher Hoyt is a Bach Remedy educator and author. He has written a simple and easy to use guide on the healing-aspects of the Bach Remedy system called Heal Yourself! He has also written an in-depth guide to the science of mind/body medicine, and how it seems to support the Bach Remedy system, entitled Closing The Gap: The Scientific Case For The Bach Flower Remedies. You can find him at at


Today's Affirmation:
“I nourish my body with healthy food, water, exercise, relaxation, and connection to nature.”


by Kendra Cherry

There are a number of different things that people can do to alter their states of consciousness, from practicing hypnosis to using psychoactive drugs to taking a nap. While some methods, like drug use, can be harmful, others, including hypnosis, sleep and meditation, can have a positive impact on health. Meditation is also a consciousness-changing technique that has been shown to have a wide number of benefits on psychological well-being.

What Exactly is Meditation?

Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention.

Some key things to note about meditation:

Meditation has been practiced in cultures all over the world for thousands of years Nearly every religion, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, has a tradition of using meditative practices.

While meditation is often used for religious purposes, many people practice it independently of any religious or spiritual practices.

Meditation can also be used as a psychotherapeutic technique There any many different types of meditation

Types of Meditation

Meditation can take on many different forms, but there are two main types: concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation.

How do these two forms of meditation differ?

In concentrative meditation, you focus all of your attention on a specific object while tuning out everything else around you. The goal is to really experience whatever you are focusing on, whether it's your breath, a specific word or a mantra, in order to reach a higher state of being.

Mindfulness meditation includes, among others, both mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Mindfulness can target different issues, such as depression, which means that its focus may be different from practice to practice. Overall, it involves the state of being aware of and involved in the present moment and making yourself open, aware and accepting. 

The Effects and Benefits of Meditation

Research has shown that meditation can have both physiological and psychological effects. Some of the positive physiological effects include a lowered state of physical arousal, reduced respiration rate, decreased heart rate, changes in brain wave patterns and lowered stress.

Some of the other psychological, emotional, and health-related benefits of meditation include:

Increased self-awareness, Better stress management skills, Improved emotional well-being, Better management of symptoms of conditions including anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, pain issues and high blood pressure, Improvement in working memory and fluid intelligence, Changes in different aspects of attention.

Consciousness is often likened to a stream, shifting and changing smoothly as it passes over the terrain. Meditation is one deliberate means of changing the course of this stream, and in turn, altering how you perceive and respond to the world around you. While experts do not yet fully understand exactly how meditation works, research has clearly demonstrated that meditative techniques can have a range of positive effects on overall health and psychological well-being.

Learn More About Meditation for Health.

by Rinku Patel

Tigers eye, a multipurpose stone with the healing properties that covers most aspects of life brings harmony and re-establish peace. It is considered one of the best stone for students for its ability to provide clarity, focus and fast manifestation of wishes. It brings money and helps balance the flow of money. Along with harmony, focus, clarity, bringing money and manifesting powers, another best property of tigers eye is providing protection. The combination of golden and brown color of tigers eye is like Yin and Yang, balancing spiritual and grounding energies.

The three keywords that best describes tigers eye are- Protection, Abundance, Manifestation. There are 3 colors of tigers eye stone- Gold, Blue and Red.

Tigers eye as protection stone

Tigers eye is considered among the best stone for protection. It helps against evil eyes, curses, ill wishes and psychic attacks. It also makes person feel grounded and connected to earth and nature. Tigers eye is best used during traveling and long journeys. It brings security and stability to the user as well as protects them all the time.

Select the Tigers eye stone in any form, be it tumbles, bracelet, pendants or any other form you like. Before using cleanse it. Charge it with Reiki energy and program it with your wish to protect. Carry these crystals with you, wear it, put in bags, purse or pocket, and place it in your car if you are traveling by car. It is totally up to you how you want to carry this stone with you.

Tigers eye as prosperity stone

Another awesome characteristic of Tigers eye is its ability to bring wealth, prosperity, good luck and success. It also helps manifest your wishes to reality. It has innate ability to increase the flow of money. It helps you to maintain the outgoing flow of money as well as keep you away from being greedy.

Select the Tigers eye stone in any form, be it tumbles, bracelet, pendants or any other form you like. Before using cleanse it. Charge it with Reiki energy and program it with your wish for prosperity. You can wear it or keep at workplace.

Keep this stone at your work place or house to protect from evil eyes and ill wishes and to bring in luck, success, prosperity and wealth.

Tigers eye for physical issues

Tigers eye is useful to treat issues related to eyes, throat, reproductive organs and solar-plexus. It also strengthens spinal columns, repairs fractures, alleviate pain, remove toxins, lowers BP, heals organs such as kidney, bladder, liver, throat, colon, spinal column, mends torn tissues, heals skin disorders etc. It also gives inner strength to the one who is weak or ill all the time.

Select the Tigers eye stone in any form, be it tumbles, bracelet, pendants or any other form you like. Before using cleanse it. Charge it with Reiki energy and program it with your wish to heal affected organ, disease and chakras.

Tigers eye for mental issues

Tigers eye provides mental clarity during crucial phases. It enhances concentration and helps heal anxiety. It balances mood swings and boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. It promotes honesty and helps one face and accept the truth. Also, helps see things clearly without illusions.

Carry the stone when you are going for some kind of negotiation or where you need mental clarity. You can combine it with Amazonite to enhance negotiation towards your side.

Tigers eye for emotions

Tigers eye provides inner strength and self-confidence during low phases of your life.

Select the Tigers eye stone in any form, be it tumbles, bracelet, pendants or any other form you like. Before using cleanse it. Charge it with Reiki energy and program it to provide you inner strength, self-confidence and clarity.

Tigers eye for spirituality

Meditating with tigers eye promotes determination, bring positivity, connects you to nature, increase courage and fastens manifestation. The Golden color of tigers eye is vibrations of Christ Consciousness. It helps you make contact with spiritual beings associated with Golden Rays.

The three colors of Tigers Eye

* Golden – Solar Plexus and Sacral chakra

*Blue – Third eye and Throat chakra. Also called Hawk’s eye. Along with all the above properties, Blue tiger eye heals communication issues, boosts intuition and bring good luck. Heals issues related to Brow and Throat chakra.

*Red – Root chakra. Also called Dragon’s eye or Ox eye. Along with above properties, Red tigers eye increases will power, promotes self-care and it is a very powerful grounding stone. Heals issues related to Root chakra.

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