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Your December Issue of Natural Healing
November 30, 2018

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

December 2018

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
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“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates



Those days are long gone when family specialist knew all the folk remedies,or when a wise woman or shaman was consulted to take care of whatever illness we had.

Modern medicine changed forever our healthcare. It improved our lives,made us live longer, and we don’t die from common illnesses ( at least not indeveloped countries) anymore. Natural healthcare became obsolete. It became easier just to pop a pill into our mouth and swallow it.

In this shift from folk to allopathic medicine we have given up our responsibilityto learn from the illness and given our power to the latest medical discovery. In the age of growing healthcare costs and cut backs (at least here in Canada) the question is how can we take back the responsibility for our own well-being?

This is why Holistic Health Care became so important. When properly appliedit can enhance and speed up a person’s recovery time and also help to prevent illness before it takes toll on our lives.

Much of what we need to do in taking back personal responsibility lies within prevention.

Holistic healthcare addresses the whole person:

The Physical with:

Bodywork: whether is Swedish massage, Shiatsu or Reflexology they have an important role in releasing blocked energy and they reinforce the importance of touch in our wellness.

Aromatherapy: beside the above advantages they stimulate the immune and nervous system.

Herbal medicine and homeopathy: provide complementary adjunct to any treatment.

Diet and exercise: the importance and benefits are well known.

The Emotional

Clearing old emotions: The key is not just to be aware of them but actually clear and transform old energies into something we can learn from. The more old hurts and anger we hold onto from our past, the more potential health problems we might have.

Let go of situations and relationships that no longer work for us: many people get stuck and then get ill. Moving on is part of the human experience.

Knowing your inner dialogue: we all have our own belief system and messages from the past we use to stop us from doing what we need to do.

The Spiritual

We should look for a deeper meaning in our experiences. Things happen to us (at the physical and emotional levels) in order to closely examine our life and see what or where we may need shift or learn. It is a tool to move forward.

Spiritual tools: meditation, yoga, prayer, sound, just to mention a few. They provide tools in our search for deeper meaning and wellness.

Spiritual clarity: a knowledge of the human soul and its needs will move us from emotional recycling and the “Why me?” syndrome towards understanding and inner piece about our life, our health and our journey.

Allopathic and holistic medicine can, and do, work together nicely.While accidents, hearth attacks, and severe infections need the knowledge and expertise of the allopathic medicine, knowledgeable use of holistic treatments can enhance and speed up recovery time.

The biggest challenge to lifestyle and emotional shifts that would enhance our wellness lies in our resistance to change. We have our innate need to maintain our status quo, even if we hurt ourselves, what is the main contribution to our lack of well-being.


Clear Out Your Chakras and Realign Them With the Universe


By Madisyn Taylor

Every time we use our voices, we send our energetic imprint out into the universe and to the people around us.

Whether listening to the low muted murmur of a confidential whisper or the proud declarative boom coming from behind a mic on the podium, there are few sounds more evocative than the human voice. Each human being's voice has a unique tone that is all its own. Carrying their own signature traits and idiosyncrasies, no two voices are alike. 

Yet so often, we neglect to hear these resonances under which our spoken words are floated over. A lover's voice vibrating with tenderness can feel like a warm caress touching the body; words spoken over an angry voice can seem like bullets hitting one's auric field; and a voice tinged with laughter can't help but fill us with good feelings. And then there are the voices of other people we encounter. The radio announcer's soothing baritone that accompanies us during a long ride, the cheerful chatter of children playing on the street, and the dulcet hum of a yogi in mid-mantra are just a few of the voices we may be blessed to hear on any given day. Taken together, they're like a wondrous symphony of mellifluous notes.

Every time we use our voices, we send our energetic imprint out into the universe and to the people around us. And, like the words that we use when we speak to people, our voices can communicate what we are feeling, what we desire, and what we really mean. There is no hiding our truth that can be felt through the sound of our voices. Timidity, desire, pain, and love can all be expressed and felt through the human voice. Our voices also have the power to heal, to hurt, to love, and to transform others. When we are aware of the impact our voices can have, we can consciously choose what we are expressing. Remember that what you communicate when you speak goes beyond words. Take responsibility for the power your voice has to impact the space and the people around you, and let your voice be a sound that creates harmony and compassion in the universe.

by Gretchen Lidicker

Epsom salts have been a popular natural remedy for centuries, used to help with anything from healing wounds to relieving constipation. But did you know that Epsom salts are really just magnesium sulfate salts? It's true. Epsom salts are just one of the many ways we can use magnesium—also known as nature's relaxation mineral—to better our health.

As the health editor at mindbodygreen and the author of the upcoming book Magnesium: A Lifestyle Guide to Epsom Salts, Magnesium Oil, and Nature's Relaxation Mineral, I've spent my fair share of time both soaking in Epsom salt baths and at my desk researching the history of Epsom salts, their benefits, and how we might be able to use them to treat various health woes.

Over these years of research and personal experimentation, Epsom salts have become one of my absolute favorite "alternative" remedies. Although I'm not sure we should even use the word "alternative," seeing as magnesium-based therapies have actually now been approved by the FDA as laxatives and you can find Epsom salts in pretty much any pharmacy or grocery store in America. They're a great remedy whenever you're amped at the end of the day, sore from a workout, or just in need of a little extra self-care.

Epsom salt baths: What they are and where they come from.

The history of Epsom salts is pretty fascinating. They were discovered as early as the 1700s in a town called Epsom (big surprise there), which is about 15 miles from London. People would travel from all over Europe to bathe in the healing water at the bitter saline spring in the town, which would help with anything from skin issues to wound healing and decreasing infections to digestive problems. Eventually, they discovered that boiling down the water produced magnesium sulfate salts, later named Epsom salts, which were then able to be transported and sold everywhere. Epsom salts—much like witch hazel—have withstood the test of time and are still a popular remedy today that has been embraced by both Eastern and Western  medicine practitioners.

The health benefits of Epsom salts.

Magnesium is an incredibly important mineral and acts as a co-factor in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. These reactions control things like protein synthesis, muscle contraction, blood pressure regulation, and blood sugar balance. In other words: It's really important.Unfortunately, it's suspected that a large portion of the population isn't getting enough magnesium through their diet. This is in part because of how our soil has changed over the years—aka, the mineral content has decreased drastically—and also because processing foods leaches them of their magnesium content, leaving them virtually devoid of the mineral. Magnesium-rich foods include leafy greens, fatty fish like salmon, and nuts and seeds.

Since Epsom salts are technically a form of magnesium therapy, the benefits you get from bathing in a magnesium-rich bath are thought to be similar to those you get from taking oral magnesium. Integrative medicine doctor Bindiya Gandhi, M.D. is a fan of Epsom salts for more reasons than one, explaining that "I recommend Epsom salt for muscle aches, anxiety, and to help patients relax and sleep better. I also have postpartum patients and with those with hemorrhoids soak in Epsom salt to help with recovery. I personally soaked in Epsom salt prior to labor to help have a smooth and easy vaginal delivery. Many people are deficient in magnesium and using epsom salt soaks instead of a supplement can be therapeutic."

Here are some of the most common reasons why people are using Epsom salts baths on the reg:

One of the first benefits of Epsom salts that was discovered was its ability to act as an all-natural laxative. Today, however, it's not recommended to use Epsom salts internally as a laxative. Instead, there are other forms of magnesium that can help keep things moving along your digestive tract in a way that's a lot more gentle. Magnesium citrate, which is available in a supplement capsule or as a powdered drink, is one of the top doctor-recommended forms of magnesium for constipation, along with magnesium oxide.

Epsom salt as a stress- and anxiety-reducer

One of the best benefits of magnesium and Epsom salts is their ability to help wash away the stress from the day and soothe occasional anxiety. Magnesium is often praised as one of the best natural approaches to anxiety, stress can be a risk factor for magnesium deficiency, and ironically, a deficiency in magnesium can magnify our unhealthy responses to stress. Top integrative medicine doctors think we need more magnesium in times of stress, explaining that it interacts with GABA in the brain.

Epsom salts to help with sleep

Knowing magnesium's ability to soothe tense muscles and relieve anxiety, it probably comes as no surprise that it is also praised for helping with sleep. One study showed that elderly people taking a magnesium glycinate supplement had improved insomnia.

Epsom salts for pain relief

Magnesium is frequently used as a remedy to relieve pain from things like muscle cramps and menstrual cramps, and low levels of magnesium in the blood have been linked to migraine headaches.

Epsom salts to soothe damaged or dry skin

People have been using Epsom salts to heal the skin for as long as they've been around. A study published in 2005 suggests that Epsom salts can be helpful if you have dry skin and can decrease inflammation and promote hydration.

Epsom salts for detoxification

Epsom salts are also a great way to help your body detox and suppor the liver. Will Cole, D.C., IFMCP functional medicine expert and mindbodygreen Collective member is a big fan of Epsom salts, "I seriously love Epsom salt baths. Most people today are magnesium deficient and Epsom salt baths are one great way to increase magnesium levels. Magnesium is essential for hundreds of important pathways in our body, one of which are detoxification pathways. In addition to being nature's chill pill, magnesium is extremely important for sulfonation, glucuronidation, and glutathione conjugation reactions which are all part of phase II liver detox pathways." He frequently recommends Epsom salts to patients at his functional medicine clinic.

How to use Epsom salts: dosing, safety, and where to buy them

You can buy Epsom salts at pretty much any grocery store or pharmacy in the United States, including these next-level Epsom salts at CVS. Bonus: They're also very reasonably priced (you'll usually pay somewhere between $5 and $10), and there are plenty  of options to choose from—some even have added ingredients like activated charcoal or lavender.To dose Epsom salts, just follow the directions on the package of whatever brand you're using. Don't be surprised when they ask you to pour half the bag (or the entire bag!) into the bath—you need a lot to get the desired effects! Dissolve the salts in the water while the bath is running, and soak 15 to 30 minutes.

If you want to bring your bath to the next level, try adding a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil or one of these PureSoma soaks that feature different herbs, clays, and minerals that can also help with recovery, sleep, or detox.

Trans-dermal magnesium: The truth about absorbing magnesium through the skin

Clearly, Epsom salts have quite a few benefits. And while there's still no final consensus on whether or not magnesium in the form of an Epsom salt bath has all of the same benefits of taking magnesium as a supplement by mouth, they're still a great way to take advantage of this ancient mineral that our bodies rely on so much. There's also still some debate over how well magnesium can be absorbed through the skin since the skin is technically designed to keep things from entering the body, and it does a great job at it. That said, so many people swear by Epsom salt baths as a helpful remedy for sleep, pain, and anxiety, and integrative and functional medicine doctors often recommend them to their patients, that it remains a staple in my medicine cabinet and medicine cabinets all over the world. In addition, getting a daily dose of magnesium by way of a bath eliminates the risk of the most common negative side effect of oral magnesium supplementation: diarrhea.

One note: Excess magnesium is excreted through your urine, and magnesium balance in the body is controlled by the kidneys, so if you have a kidney issue, you'll want to talk to your doctor before supplementing. In fact, it's always best to mention to your doctor when you're thinking of taking a new supplement and to make sure it's on your chart if you're already taking it.

Epsom salts: Why they should be your new favourite natural remedy

The best thing about this natural remedy is the fact that they are cheap and easy, especially compared to other lifestyle remedies like dietary changes and supplements—which can be expensive and require a lot of time and energy. Bathing in magnesium also doubles as a form of self-care, which means you're killing two birds with one stone. They encourage you to take a little bit of time out of the day to dedicate to just you and your health.

Want one last Epsom salt tip? Leave the phone out of the bathroom while you soak—you're taking away some of the benefits when you're reading the news or scrolling through social media. Instead, sit in silence, listen to some calming music, or try a guided meditation.

About the author: Gretchen Lidicker is mindbodygreen’s health editor and has worked on the academic and clinical side of integrative medicine for many years. Originally from Sedona, Arizona, she has a B.S. in biology and earned her master’s degree in physiology with a concentration in complementary and alternative medicine from Georgetown University. She's the author of the upcoming titles EVERYDAY SECRETS OF CBD OIL (The Countrymen Press, 2018) and THE POWER OF MAGNESIUM (The Countrymen Press, 2019). A Kripalu Center for Yoga and Ayurveda-trained yoga instructor, expert bread baker, and farmers market fanatic, she believes that no day is complete without a good dance party.


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