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Your February Issue of Natural Healing
February 01, 2021

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

February 2021

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.







“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates


By Dr. Theresa Bullard

Would you like a simple way of increasing your vitality and health? The key rests in cultivating an internal life-force energy called ‘Chi’.

‘Chi’ is another word for our life essence, it is also referred to as ‘prana’, ‘Qi’, or ‘Ki’. Chi a subtle physical energy that permeates reality. We can feel it running through the trees, in the atmosphere, our bodies, and throughout the universe. We can consciously cultivate and enhance how much Chi we flow through our being, which has benefits to our overall health and well-being.

We are all born with this life force energy, if you observe children they are energetic, active, and expressive because they have an immense resource and connection to their life force energy. As we get older our vital energy can get depleted and this is part of what leads to the aging process. Other things that can deplete our energy include chronic stress, overworking ourselves, “burning the candle at both ends”, or various health conditions that do not get addressed.

Fortunately, there are techniques and tools that we can use to build and strengthen our life force energy. When we have strong Chi it’s like having the fountain of youth within us. Strengthening our Chi helps us to enhance our vitality and refuel ourselves with plenty of energy to accomplish what we want to do. It helps us to maintain balance and have vibrant health.

I remember the first Tai Chi teacher I took lessons from when I was in my early 20’s. He was this little chinese man well into his upper 70’s, but he didn’t look a day over 50! His health was strong, he was full of life, and he had an impressive ability to balance and control his body movements down to the finest detail. He swore that his health, youthfulness, and longevity was a direct result of the power of Chi, which he cultivated daily through his Tai Chi practice.

Chi building exercises are one of the main tools we can add into our spiritual practice that will enhance every area of our life. We can begin by practicing Chi strengthening exercises for just 10-15 minutes per day. We can also create a routine with the exercises that suits our lifestyle, possibly practice 3 times a week for thirty minutes and increase the length of practice to one hour over time. Finding ways to incorporate Chi-building practices in our daily lives, like on a lunch break or first thing in the morning, helps us build our energy consistently. 

Have you ever hit that afternoon slump around 3pm on a workday? If so you might have felt like you either needed to take a nap or go get a caffeinated drink to push through it. If instead of getting that latte, you took 15 minutes to do some Chi exercises, you’d find your energy pick right back up. And even better, it would sustain you through the rest of the day and into the evening, with a greater sense of clarity and wellbeing. Daily practice helps us to reap all the maximum benefits. Instead of taking a mid day coffee break take some time to build chi. We can give ourselves the gift of time connecting more intentionally with ourselves and build our energy. 

Chi is also connected to our willpower and our breath. It is with our will that we draw in energy from the universe around us to flow it through our body and through our aura. This helps to raise our vibration, enhance our vitality. It gives us more energy for everything we do. In addition, Chi exercises have this ability to help clear and keep the energy circulating in the aura. 

Chi is very much about balance in all things – mindy, body, and spirit. Every movement made  in a Chi-practice mirrors between left and right sides of our body, as well as coordinating our breath with the body movements. This focused bi-lateral motion also balances the two hemispheres of our brain and supports us to have good brain chemistry. 


1. Get Present in your Body and Become intentional with the Awareness of your Body.

Before beginning, take a few moments to notice where you’re at spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This will help center your awareness and connect you to the energy that is flowing through you. Simply allow yourself to experience wherever you are, or anything that you may be present to. Whether you’re feeling relaxed or tense, or perhaps you desire more positive or peaceful energy. Observing where you are at the start of your practice helps you to flow more energy and notice the shifts that occur during the practice. Chi-building exercises will naturally support greater self-awareness of your energy levels.

2. Stand with your Hand on your Hara and Take Deep Conscious Breaths

* The next step to building chi is connecting to the breath. Place your hands flat on your lower abdomen and begin to breathe into this area. In eastern traditions this part of the body is called the Hara, Tanden, or Dantien. We’ll call it the Hara, which is a Japanese term that also translates as, “one’s true nature.” It’s a reference to our life essence, which is stored and built in an energy reservoir located in the lower abdomen or sacral chakra.

* The focus point is about 1 inch below the naval. Bringing our attention and breath into this area of the body connects us deeper within and brings us to a point of stillness.

* Begin by breathing deep into the Hara until the lungs are filled. As you breathe in, draw the breath in through your nose and bring it all the way down to your Hara area. Expand the Hara as the breath comes in. As you exhale through the mouth, contract the Hara area to push the breath out until the lungs are emptied. With each in-breath, imagine you are drawing in energy and vitality from the universe around you. With each out-breath, imagine you are expelling any toxins, tension, or fatigue. Continue this rhythmic and focused breathing, taking slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Five minutes of focused breathing like this, with your hands on your Hara, will already start to build the Chi.

3. Imagine Light and Life Force Energy Coming in from the Universe Around you.

Taking time to build our Chi enhances our ability to flow light and life force energy through our bodies. Continue to breathe and cycle the energy from within and around you. You can imagine it purifying, healing, and renewing your aura and energy. As you continue to practice this connection will strengthen and more energy will be able to flow through.

4. Move the Chi

The next level of building your Chi would involve a movement-based practice. There are many forms, including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Aikido, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chi Do, a even some forms of spiral dance that works with breath and follows the flow of Chi as it moves through the body and expresses in more free-form movements.

* In the Modern Mystery School, we practice a form known as Chi Do, which was a system devised by Founder Gudni Gudnason after he had studied and taught many forms of Chi practice since a young age. He pulled together the key movements that form the foundation of all Chi systems, and put together a simple and easy-to-remember sequence of these movements to build Chi and get it flowing through our body and aura. There are many Guides within the Modern Mystery School who offer instruction in this system, and it is also included as part of the tools and methods taught during the Empower Thyself training and initiation program.

* Once our Chi becomes strong through regular practice of the foundational movements, we can then take it further and work with more advanced forms of Chi Do. The advanced Chi Do practice frees us from any rigid system of movements and gives us a way to uniquely move the chi through our own individual expression. It becomes a powerful and fun practice that really raises our vibration and sense of connection with both inner Chi and that of the universe around us.


Affirmation: My immune system is healthy and protects me from all illness.


By Justin Faerman

The benefits of ashwagandha (withania somnifera) are immense, earning it a place as one of the most legendary and sought after herbs in the ayurvedic medicine pharmacopeia.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could pick only one medicinal plant to have with you, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), would be one of the best choices you could make. A veritable Swiss Army knife of the herbal kingdom, Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, does just about everything when it comes to improving health.

Literally. It positively impacts almost every system in the body, which is why the enlightened rishis—ancient Hindu holy men—considered it one of the finest herbal medicines known to man. Revered for over 4,000 years in the Ayurvedic medical tradition in India, Ashwagandha is one of the world’s most powerful adaptogenic herbs, which means that it restores balance to the body and mind no matter what end of the spectrum you find yourself on.

Whole Body Rejuvenation, Longevity and Cancer Fighting Properties

If you are anxious, Ashwagandha will calm you; if you are constantly fatigued, Ashwagandha will boost your energy and stamina. It’s almost as if the herb has a deep intelligence that somehow knows exactly what your body needs for balance and gives you just that. For this reason and more, it is considered to be a rasayana in the Ayurvedic tradition, which loosely translates to “rejuvenative herb.” In fact, scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that it extends lifespan in mice (which typically suggests similar effects in most mammals) and reduces center types of cancer cell growth in humans.

Researchers in India recently conducted cell studies showing that one benefit of Ashwagandha is that its extract disrupts cancer cells’ ability to reproduce in certain types of cancers, and laboratory analysis indicates that Withania somnifera extract possesses some level of anti-tumor activity and may mitigate many of the negative effects of chemotherapy.

It also quite powerfully stimulates the immune system, increases disease-fighting white blood cell production and activity, and elevates levels of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase, two of the most powerful antioxidants and health-promoting substances known to man, which likely have quite a bit to do with its longevity-enhancing properties.

But where Ashwagandha’s benefits really shine is in its effects on the brain, nervous and endocrine systems, and its ability to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony.

Positive Effects on Mood and Stress

One of Ashwagandha’s most prized benefits is its positive effects on stress, anxiety and mood. Multiple studies have shown that taking a high-potency extract of Ashwagandha for five days produced anxiety-relieving effects as powerful as the pr.escription se.dative lor.azepam and antidepressant effects similar to those of the prescription ant.idepressant drug im.ipramine, without any of the negative effects or addiction potential. 

Withania somnifera was also shown to reduce the effects that stress has on the brain by up to 80% or more, making it a key herb for anyone who feels burnout or lives and works in a high-stress environment. In fact, Ashwagandha has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels, a key stress-related hormone, by 26% on average.

Regeneration of the Brain and Nervous System

But it gets even better than that. A first-class life-extending herb, one of Ashwagandha’s benefits is that it has also been shown in research studies at universities in Japan to regenerate nerve cells and dendrite growth throughout the brain and body, making it a frontline treatment in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and an all-around bio-enhancing substance for anyone looking for a significant health boost. Ashwagandha also improves communication between nerve cells and stimulates the body to heal nervous system damage.

Deep Sleep and Enhanced Neurocognition

Ashwagandha is also an herbal treatment for sleeplessness and insomnia. High-potency extracts of the plant have shown a remarkable ability to induce deep, restful sleep without the morning hangover associated with many herbs and pharmaceutical medications.

But it gets even better once again (didn’t we tell you that this herb is truly amazing?): Ashwagandha has been shown in animal and human studies to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain, which are correlated with improved memory, brain function and intelligence. Another of Ashwagandha’s amazing benefits is that it also elevates levels of GABA, a calming neurotransmitter that has complementary effects to acetylcholine. This keeps the the herb’s effects from becoming overly stimulating, which can happen with other herbs that have similar acetylcholine-enhancing effects. Withania somnifera also increases nitric oxide production by regulating the blood flow and pressure of the arterial system, which elevates oxygen levels in the brain—leading to improved cognition—and throughout the body as well.

Balanced Hormones

If Ashwagandha only had the properties discussed so far, it easily would be in the ‘Hall of Fame’ of herbal medicines; however, its effects go far deeper than that. Governing nearly every system and process of the body is the endocrine system—a series of hormone-generating glands throughout the body. In many ways, it is the health of these glands that determines your overall level of health, particularly your mood. As you might have guessed, Ashwagandha extracts powerfully harmonize and balance many of the key players in this system, particularly the thyroid and adrenal glands.

One of the most incredible aspects and benefits of Ashwagandha is that it can help people with both hyper (overactive) and hypo (underactive) thyroid issues. It has been shown in multiple studies to normalize thyroid hormone levels no matter what end of the spectrum you fall on.
The same goes for the adrenal glands, which are highly influential to your overall health and psychological balance. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, imbalanced or underactive adrenal glands cause fatigue, fear, anxiety, worry and weakness. Consequently, Ashwagandha’s positive benefits and effects on the health and functioning of the adrenals tend to reverse those issues and produce energy, positive mood, self-confidence and peace of mind.

Psychospiritual Effects

In Ayurvedic philosophy, one of Ashwagandha’s benefits is that it is said to increase circulation of ojas, loosely translated as life force energy, which is the vital subtle energy that food is converted to and that fuels our body, mind and spirit. Correlating to the idea of Jing (vital essence) in Chinese Medicine, Ashwagandha restores these two fundamental energies in the body, which increases overall well-being and has the effect of literally regenerating and rejuvenating the body from the inside out.

Ayurvedic practitioners have also traditionally used Ashwagandha to balance, strengthen and open the root chakra, making it a useful herb to support various spiritual practices concerned with Kundalini and balancing the energetic systems of the body.

Selection, Dosage and Usage

As with all herbal medicines, wildcrafted, biodynamic and organic products are the best in terms of quality, potency and freshness and tend to have the highest levels of medicinal compounds and life force energy (ojas and jing). Ashwagandha grows wild in many parts of the world and quality wildcrafted products are available from some companies. Somewhat popular compared to many medicinal herbs, Ashwagandha comes in a variety of forms such as capsules, liquid extracts, powders and tablets and even special, high-potency standardized extracts utilized by doctors and naturopaths worldwide (the best known is Sensoril®). Although any dosage of Ashwagandha is quite safe, it is one of the more powerful and psychoactive herbs available, and as such, it is recommended that you start slowly and work your way up to higher dosages until you know how your body reacts.

Ashwagandha is an incredible herb, but it must never be given to pregnant women. The various chemical constituents of Withania somnifera can lead to abortion of the fetus. Somewhat ironically, it is often used to correct sterility, but its use must be discontinued as soon as a woman conceives. If you are unsure, please contact your naturopath or midwife before use.

About The Author:Justin Faerman has been studying and writing about holistic health practices, herbalism and natural medicine for over 14 years and is a leading authority on both modern and ancient therapies for creating lasting health and wellness. He has a degree in Environmental Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has conducted field research into organic and regenerative agriculture practices and eco-social sustainability during his time there. He is also the Founder of Lotus Superfoods, a boutique purveyor of rare herbs and superfoods as well as the Co-founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine and the Flow Consciousness Institute. Learn more about his work at and

by Arnold R. Eiser, MD 

Where did I ever get the notion that diet may influence COVID-19 lethality? That the degree to which one's diet is inflammatory or may not determine if it is a lethal disorder or not? For five years I studied factors in the development of dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders with particular reference to environmental and dietary factors. I authored or first authored several articles in respected neuroscience journals and medical journals and reviewed others' work in yet other such journals. Always a somewhat the outside-the-box thinker, I have come to conclusions similar to other researchers in the field who held outlier views.

What I came up with first was to identify environmental factors contributing to Finland's excess mortality from dementia that included methylmercury in its waterways, mycotoxins from moldy buildings in a humid cold environment, a toxin, BMAA, produced by cyanobacteria better known as blue-green algae being generated now by global warming and excess nitrogenous wastes, and a deficiency in Finnish soil of a micronutrient crucial in the defense of neurons and glial cells, selenium. Inflammation of the glial cells and neurons in the brain is mediated by a variety of inflammatory cytokines and transcription factors.

Subsequently, I have pointed out that prevention of dementia is not an event awaiting a great pharma breakthrough but is already possible through consumption of non-inflammatory diets, such as the Mediterranean diet and its cousin the MIND Diet developed by the Rush Prevention University Center. I also authored with the distinguished scientist-physician, Tamas Fulop, MD, PhD, of the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, an article detailing the extracranial factors in the development of dementia.

These include declining liver detoxification and synthesis potentially worsened by the American diet, a dysfunctional gut microbiome, endocrine abnormalities including dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA, deficiency and insulin resistance, and alterations in the immune system from aging known as inflammaging. Since inflammatory cytokines play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of dementia, I was primed to think about them with regard to COVID and diet as well.

When COVID hit, I cowered and even got it briefly myself. Then I began thinking about it when the risk factors for COVID mortality were being identified. I exclaimed to myself, "this has a familiar ring to it." Aging, insulin resistance, obesity, minority status -- hmmm, they are all dementia risk factors too.

COVID even has a neurological component, toxic encephalopathy among others. I was off researching the topic and finding much available evidence in the literature to support my initial intuition. By April, I cobbled together a brief commentary on the topic but found that with rare exception most journal editors did not want to even consider it for publication, so declined to send it out for review.

While that is their prerogative, we were living through a dangerous pandemic and the current vaccines were still just in clinical trials, so such casual dismissal seemed a bit insensitive to the crisis at hand. Persisting and revising, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published it online in December. Some of my allopathic colleagues acknowledged its recommendations had some merit as did some integrative physicians.

But the medical establishment still preferred to ignore it. One of my colleagues pointed out, if it doesn't get published in a handful of leading medical journals, the establishment ignores it. He coined the phrase "manacles of allopathic conformity," which I think is accurate. Is it time to expand the perspectives that get heard and discussed?

By the way, it's well to remember that messenger RNA vaccine technology was originally an outlier too. The researcher who led the way in developing it, Katalin Kariko, PhD, originally began this line of research in her native Hungary but continued it here at the University of Pennsylvania. She and her colleague, Drew Weissman, ran into skepticism about this approach and experienced numerous rejected grant proposals before solving a major stumbling block. Their theorizing and subsequent research was infinitely more important than my casual musing. And they were not trying to advocate for dietary factors, the least glamorous and least income-generating of medical interventions.

Consuming a diet that minimizes inflammation may improve health with regard to many different disorders, including COVID, and also is likely to reduce the prevalence of dementia, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, and even some cancers. But dietary research is considerably less glamorous and less attractive in the U.S. to scientists and researchers because it takes longer to complete, is funded to a lesser degree, and may lack the panache of other types of research.

Changes May Pay Off

While there is some reason to move slowly in modifying how research is funded, some change may be beneficial. Isaac Asimov the writer and biochemist, once said, "Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off once in a while, or the light won't come in." Let the light of the importance of diet research shine brightly into the medical world. Then we can stop being tremendous outliers in healthcare expenditures -- around 18% of GDP in the U.S. while the rest of the Western world is around 12% or less. Then we may have more research dollars available for the less fashionable research concepts and approaches. Can we afford not to pursue this line of research?

Arnold R. Eiser, MD, MACP, is professor emeritus of medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine and an adjunct fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Public Health Initiatives.


I am never in control of what happens around me, but i am always in control of what happens within me. ~ FearlessSoul



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