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Your February Issue of Natural Healing
January 31, 2023

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

February 2023

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.







“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates



Using your body as a pendulum, is another tool you can use to access your higher wisdom.

Learning to trust our intuition is something that can connect us with our higher selves. Sometimes it might not seem easy to do this. Our thoughts and minds often get in the way. But by accessing our innermost self, we will find that the information we receive is usually what we truly need at that moment.

One of the techniques that allows us to really get in touch with our deepest font of wisdom is using our body as a pendulum. The simple act of letting our physical being lead us in a certain direction can offer us extremely deep insights and help us find the answers we seek.

Many of us may have tried using a pendulum or crystal on a chain as a dousing tool to acquire the information we need to make decisions or even find lost objects. Using our bodies puts us much more closely in tune with our being. The process of using your body as a pendulum is to ask your higher self a question and wait for your body to respond in either a forward-tilting or backward-tilting motion.

The first step is to really understand how our higher self communicates with us by centering our bodies, asking ourselves the directions for “yes” and “no,” and noting which way our body moves. For a lot of people a forward motion is “yes,” and your body tilting backward is a “no” answer.

It is easier to start with simple questions at first to understand how our higher self communicates with us. As we become more used to the messages we receive and how we process them, we can start asking for more specific things such as what dosage of herbs to take or which foods would best nourish our bodies. Using this technique in the grocery store or when shopping for vitamins and remedies can be extremely helpful.

Since we are always present in our bodies, understanding how we can use our bodies as pendulums is a tool we can use at any given moment in our lives. Letting our bodies tell us what is happening inside of us will in turn help to guide us through not just daily but also major life decisions. The more we allow our bodies to open up and share with us the connection it has with our deeper self, the better able we will be to truly access the knowledge we hold so deeply within.


Learn about Pendulum Basics


Learn about Reiki Healing Health Benefits


Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, environment and entire world is your fork. ~ Dr. Mark Hyman



Imagine being able to boost your immune system and lower your cortisol at the same time. All completely naturally, without drugs or supplements!

That’s exactly what my friend and award-winning researcher Dawson Church found we can do.

Dawson has been at the forefront of healing science for two decades, publishing dozens of studies in peer-reviewed journals. His latest research shows that a combination of 5 natural practices called EcoMeditation produces massive changes in the body.

This includes lowering cortisol by 29%, decreasing pain by 43%, and boosting immune antibodies by 27%. All in just 48 hours! EcoMeditation also produces major upgrades to the brain, enhancing the neural networks associated with happiness, productivity, and cognitive ability.

In one study, EEG expert Judith Pennington (Pennington et al., 2019) reported that even in novices, “EcoMeditation produced ... elevated brain states normally found only after years of meditation practice. EcoMeditation facilitated participants’ ability to induce and sustain the alpha brain waves characteristic of high-level emotional, mental, and spiritual integration. … participants were able to carry elevated mental states into waking consciousness.”

Doesn’t carrying the “elevated emotional states” you experience in meditation “into waking consciousness” sound absolutely wonderful? With side effects like lower cortisol, improved immunity, and less pain?

That’s the promise of EcoMeditation.

Legendary health coach “Bulletproof” Dave Asprey says, “I don’t know of any other method that accomplishes this in such a short time.”

For a limited time, you can get your free EcoMeditation track here.

I strongly recommend you take action on this, because it’s the fast track to upgrading both your health and happiness — naturally.

To the naturally healthy you!

Many luminaries have endorsed Dawson’s work. Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, Dean of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, describes it as, “an evidence-based path to creating a happy, peaceful and resourceful brain.”

Find out why EcoMeditation is generating such a huge buzz in the natural health community here.


“If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.” - Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


By Josey Murray

Being deficient in a vitamin may seem like nbd, but it can produce a slurry of unpleasant side effects—some of which may be affecting you on a daily basis. 

Vitamin D is one of those key vitamins that can cause a feeling that something is “off.” It’s easy to overlook signs of low vitamin D levels or blame them on something else, but considering 29% percent of U.S. adults are deficient1 in vitamin D and a whopping 42% are insufficient, it’s highly possible suboptimal vitamin D status is the root of your seemingly unrelated symptoms. 

The Biggest Sign You're Deficient in Vitamin D

While vitamin D deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms, the biggest sign that you are deficient in this vitamin is tiredness and the general feeling of being unwell. “Low vitamin D levels contribute to fatigue,” functional practitioner B.J. Hardick, D.C. previously wrote in a mindbodygreen article. “But getting sufficient amounts can correct this problem.” 

Research has identified a link between fatigue and low vitamin D levels. In a 2019 study published in EPMA Journal, 90% of multiple sclerosis patients2 were also found to be vitamin D deficient. After improving their vitamin D status, their quality of life improved and their fatigue subsided.

Achiness and a general feeling of being unwell are often connected to fatigue. These symptoms, along with other signs of low vitamin D (e.g., low mood or getting sick often) can add up—especially in winter when everything already feels kind of depressing and “blah.” 

Maybe you stayed up late this week catching up on White Lotus and you’re blaming your sleepiness on that. Or, you’ve recently started traveling again, and you’re blaming your feeling of being unwell and general struggle to get back into your work schedule on jetlag. 

While these symptoms can easily be attributed to other factors (illness, chronic stress, poor sleep health, etc.), experiencing them together almost 24/7 indicates it might be time to get your vitamin D levels checked. 

Other Signs You Need More Vitamin D

Because vitamin D is involved in myriad systems and physiological functions, not getting enough can result in a variety of effects. 

Here are some symptoms associated with low vitamin D levels:

~ Depression
~ Brain fog 
~ Weak immune system 
~ Inflammation
~ Thyroid issues 
~ Gut problems
~ Bad breath
~ Muscle loss 

What to Do if You're Concerned About Your Vitamin D Levels

If you’ve been saying to yourself, “yes, someone finally gets me,” as you read signs of VDD, it might be time to head to your health care provider and get your vitamin D levels checked with a 25(OH)D serum test (for sake of convenience, you can also try an at-home test). 

When you get your results back, you’ll also need to know how to interpret them. Understanding your vitamin D levels can help you know what steps to take to achieve truly optimal vitamin D levels. 

While some view 30 ng/ml as the goal, many experts—including board-certified endocrinologist Brittany Henderson, M.D. and nutrition scientist Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN—recommend striving for vitamin D levels above 50 ng/ml. 

"We are consistently undertreating patients when we stop at 30 ng/ml,” Henderson previously told mindbodygreen. "Our population is heavily vitamin D deficient and targeting an optimal level of 50 ng/ml has an enormous impact on all aspects of human health."

Because there are a limited number of food sources that provide vitamin D and it’s insanely difficult to get enough from the sun itself (especially during the winter), taking a vitamin D supplement is the way to help you achieve and maintain healthy vitamin D levels (you can find mindbodygreen’s top vitamin D supplement picks here). 

The Takeaway

Even with the knowledge that vitamin D is wildly important for health and well-being (and writing about the topic frequently), I recently discovered my own vitamin D levels were insufficient. I can personally attest to the symptoms of general tiredness and just not feeling good. The understanding of the importance of vitamin D is one thing, but getting tested regularly and addressing insufficiency is key to ensuring you achieve and sustain healthy levels. 

So, here’s your nudge to action—get your D levels tested. If they’re under 50 ng/ml, it’s time to address your levels with supplementation. And on that note, I’m going to take my supplement (good thing I keep it on my desk!).

About the Author: Josey Murray, is a freelance writer passionate about sustainable wellness for body, mind, and planet. She embrace radical authenticity and curiosity to craft fresh and inclusive wellness content, free from the constraints of diet culture, acknowledging health at every size, embracing the healing powers of plants, and seeing nature as central to wellbeing. 


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