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Your April Issue of Natural Healing
March 31, 2022

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

April 2022

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.







“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates



When we are carrying the burden of our unprocessed pain, sooner or later it will inconvenience us.

Many of us are going through our lives aware of a well of pain underlying our daily awareness that we've felt for so long we aren't even sure where it comes from. It almost seems as if it's part of who we are, or the way we see the world, but it's important to realize that this pain is something that needs to be acknowledged and processed. The longer we sit on it, the harder it is to work through, and the more likely it is that we will be forced to acknowledge it as it makes itself known to us in ways we can't predict. Rather than waiting for this to happen, we can empower ourselves by identifying the pain and resolving to take action toward healing it. 

The very thought of this brings up feelings of resistance in most of us, especially if, on the surface, our lives seem to be in order. It's difficult to dig up the past and go into it unless we are being seriously inconvenienced by the hurt. The thing is, when we are carrying the burden of our unprocessed pain, sooner or later, it will inconvenience us. If we can be brave and proactive, we can save ourselves a lot of future suffering and free up the energy that is tied up in keeping the pain down.

    There are many ways to do this, but the first step is to recognize the pain and honor it by moving our awareness into it. In this process, even if it's just five minutes during meditation, we will begin to have a sense of what the pain is made of. It might be fear of abandonment, childhood abuse, anger at being mistreated, or some other long held wound. As we sit with the pain, we will also have a sense of whether we can deal with it by ourselves, or not. It may be time to work with a counselor, or form a healing circle with close friends. Whatever path you choose, resolve to go deep into the pain, so that you can release it fully, and set yourself free. Remember, it is never too late in life to heal what hurts, and there is never a better time than now.


The doctor of the future will be oneself.― Albert Schweitzer



By Dr. Edward F. Group

Did you know that you can naturally boost your body’s ability to fight off harmful organisms and increase your body’s resistance by simply meditating? I’m going to tell you how meditation and mindfulness training can do just that.

I meditate daily, and I’m always trying to remain present and live in the moment because I’ve always believed that mindfulness and meditation share a powerful relationship with our body and our immune system. Watch the video below or read the transcription to learn more.

3 Ways Meditation Boosts the Immune System

According to a groundbreaking research study conducted at the University of Southern California in 2016, meditation and mindfulness exercises boosted the immune system in several different ways.

Meditation Boosts Helper T Cells

The first finding was that meditation increased the number of T cells in the body. T cells are your body’s main line of defense against harmful organisms. They attack intruders and break them down so the body can remove them.

We always want to have a strong supply of T cells, and meditation and mindfulness play an important role in stimulating the production of both of them. Stress and worrying, the opposite of mindfulness, can actually damage our immune system and T cell production.

Meditation Supports Healthy Telomeres

The second way meditation and mindfulness positively affected the immune system was with regards to immune cell aging. At the end of each of our chromosomes, there’s a section called a telomere. Telomeres are like caps on the end of each chromosome. And as our cells age or become damaged, these telomeres shorten and become weaker. This is a sign of cellular aging.

Longer telomeres are a sign of youthful cells and, more importantly, a strong immune system. Of the three studies that measured telomerase activity, all showed an increase in activity after mindfulness and meditation.

Meditation Improves Antibody Response

The third way meditation and mindfulness helped the immune system was antibody response. Antibodies are the little warrior cells in our body that fight off disease and harmful organisms. The number naturally increases when fighting intruders off.

Subjects in the research study showed an increase in the major antibody constituents after regular mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. Antibodies help your body inactivate toxic substances, defend against viruses and bacteria, and help immune cells function better.

This finding means that through regular meditation and mindfulness training, we can actually increase the amount of antibodies in our body before we actually come in contact with any harmful organisms. This results in a more resilient immune system.

Meditation: A Free, Accessible Secret to Health

I’ve always said that meditation and mindfulness have astounding healing benefits for the mind and the body. I believe that meditation is one of the only free, completely accessible secrets to health that we have. Use it to boost your immune system today!

About the Author: Dr. Edward F. Group III (DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM) founded Global Healing Center in 1998 with the goal of providing the highest quality natural health information and products. He is world-renowned for his research on the root cause of disease. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center earned recognition as one of the largest natural and organic health resources in the world. Dr. Group is a veteran of the United States Army and has attended both Harvard and MIT business schools. He is a best-selling author and a frequent guest on radio and television programs, documentary films, and in major publications.

Dr. Group centers his philosophy around the understanding that the root cause of disease stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body and is exacerbated by daily exposure to a toxic living environment. He believes it is his personal mission to teach and promote philosophies that produce good health, a clean environment, and positive thinking. This, he believes, can restore happiness and love to the world.

Learn more about meditation for health


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” — Buddha


This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC

If you want to add more vigor to your life and even extend your "expiration date," you have to maintain a healthy body weight. These seven plant-based compounds can help you get your weight down and your energy UP, naturally.

According to the latest CDC data, 42.4% of U.S. adults are medically obese, an alarming public health trend that has seen weight problems rising since the mid-20th century. Factors such as the proliferation of processed foods, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, environmental chemicals and larger portions on bigger plates have colluded in a perfect storm to cause obesity rates to more than triple in the last six decades.

Obesity is not a mere cosmetic concern; it's a complex medical problem that increases your risks for serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain cancers.

While some weight problems are linked to medical causes, many people can affect significant weight loss through lifestyle and behavioral changes that include different foods, increasing physical activity and adding the right supplements to your daily health regimen.

Seven Natural Compounds for Weight Loss

Obesity and overweight problems require a multi-pronged approach to create lasting, sustainable results. Becoming aware of how you feel about food is important when seeking to understand triggers for self-sabotaging choices. Issues like food addiction may require psychotherapeutic interventions to get to the root of unhealthy behaviors.

In addition to long-term behavioral modification, supplementing with foods and plant compounds that are clinically shown to support healthy weight may give your body the boost it needs to shed excess pounds. We've identified seven of the most studied and effective natural compounds to help you achieve and sustain lasting weight loss.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important micronutrient that has been scientifically linked to weight loss and improved body mass index (BMI) when present in adequate levels. Conversely, being deficient in vitamin D has been linked to obesity, irrespective of age or geographic location.

In a 2015 study that evaluated the association between obesity and vitamin D deficiency in a meta-analysis of 23 studies that met inclusion criteria, the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency was 35% higher in obese subjects and 24% higher than in subjects considered overweight but not obese across all age groups.

A study of morbidly obese patients prior to bariatric weight-loss surgery found a whopping 96% were vitamin D deficient. There is some evidence to suggest that the deficits in vitamin D may be related to poor carbohydrate metabolism consistent with being diabetic and prediabetic.

2. Green Tea

When you want to reduce pounds but maintain energy, there is no better beverage to boost your day -- and your metabolism -- than green tea. Green tea leaves possess an abundance of antioxidants called catechins, natural plant flavonoids that fight damaging free radicals in the bloodstream. Catechins also increase fat burning, both during exercise and at rest.

A study on supplementing with green tea extract tablets combined with a low-calorie diet found that, after 90 days, subjects taking green tea experienced significant weight loss, with an average loss of nearly 31 pounds, compared to the diet-only group, which averaged 11 pounds lost.

A 2020 study on the amount of green tea extract needed to achieve weight loss found that subjects taking less than 500 milligrams (mg) a day for 12 weeks experienced the most significant reduction in body weight.

3. Fiber

Dietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet and weight-loss plan. Found mainly in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, highly processed foods are generally devoid of fiber, leaving many people deficient in healthy roughage. If you don't get enough fiber in your diet, problems like constipation, unbalanced cholesterol and bowel diseases like diverticulosis and colon cancer may result.

Adequate fiber intake is also part of a sound weight-loss strategy since high-fiber foods normalize bowel movements and keep you feeling full and satisfied. There are two types of dietary fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Examples of soluble fiber include fruits, nuts, oatmeal, beans and lentils. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and helps move food through the digestive tract, preventing constipation. Insoluble fiber is found in most vegetables and in whole grain foods like whole wheat bread and brown rice.

Studies on dietary fiber have shown that insufficient fiber intake can lead to overweight and abdominal obesity. Conversely, increased soluble fiber intake coupled with increased physical activity is associated with decreased abdominal fat accumulation over time.

4. Polyphenols

Polyphenols are one reason why fruits and vegetables pack such a healthy punch. These micronutrients found in plant foods are also what is extracted and concentrated into most plant-based supplements. Polyphenols are antioxidant powerhouses, helping prevent free-radical damage to cells that causes aging and can lead to diseases over time.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, foods that are high in polyphenols bath your body in nutrients and not only protect you from weight-related diseases, they are considered "lifespan essentials" that may extend your years.

Citrus fruits are an exceptional source of polyphenols that are commonly associated with weight loss -- remember eating half a grapefruit for breakfast when dieting? A study involving citrus polyphenol extract and overweight men found that after 12 weeks, men consuming 900 mg of the extract each day had lost weight, significantly improved metabolic parameters and had less skeletal muscle breakdown than men not consuming the extract.

5. Curcumin

Curcumin is one of the most heavily researched healing compounds. This potent plant polyphenol imbues the spice turmeric with its distinctive orange color. Known for powerful antioxidant properties, curcumin extract has been clinically shown to help regulate blood sugar and has been explored as a therapy for preventing Type 2 diabetes mellitus. These properties can also help regulate weight by turning bad fat into good fat.

Brown fat is a darkly colored adipose tissue that protects organs and plays a key role in regulating energy. Unlike white fat, aka "bad fat," brown fat is associated with a healthy metabolism by effectively breaking down blood glucose and fat molecules to create heat and help you maintain a healthy body temperature.

A 2020 study of curcumin found that young, overweight females receiving a 2-gram daily curcumin supplement for 90 days had significantly reduced body weight, BMI, waist circumference, body fat percentage, systolic blood pressure and lower anxiety scores than baseline.

Curcumin, rather than turmeric, has a higher concentration of curcuminoids, one of the active polyphenols that have been isolated in the Curcuma longa plant. Be sure to source an organic supplement to receive the highest quality herbs.

6. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant compound found in yeast, organ meats, spinach, potatoes and broccoli, among other foods. It is also produced for medicinal use and is commonly prescribed for nerve pain in people with diabetes. It may also be helpful to individuals interested in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, as studies increasingly show.

A 2020 meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials on alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) found that supplementation significantly reduces the risk of obesity. Other studies support using ALA supplements to reduce obesity in children and to modulate the inflammatory response in overweight and obese women.

Alpha-lipoic acid is sold as an herbal supplement and is therapeutically available in pill and cream forms, and via intravenous drips through a physician or health care provider.

7. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is another plant polyphenol that is found in the highest concentration in red and purple plants, particularly in the skin and seeds of grapes and in red wine. Resveratrol has been linked to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and may help regulate blood sugar, contributing to healthy carbohydrate metabolism and regulated body weight.

Studies on resveratrol have shown that it has the potential to help turn toxic white fat into fat-burning brown fat, in a healthy remodeling effect. Daily supplementation with resveratrol may also help to curb the risks of cardiovascular disease, a serious risk factor for obese and overweight individuals.

Losing Weight for Life

Obesity and overweight problems are often complex, requiring comprehensive lifestyle changes, not just supplements and certain foods.

*WARNING: Always consult a medical herbalist or your health care practitioner when using both natural and pharmaceutical medicines for any diagnosed condition. This article is for informational purposes only and not intended to be used as medical advice.

The GMI Research Group (GMIRG) is dedicated to investigating the most important health and environmental issues of the day.  Special emphasis will be placed on environmental health.  Our focused and deep research will explore the many ways in which the present condition of the human body directly reflects the true state of the ambient environment.


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