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Your May Issue of Natural Healing
April 29, 2020

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

May 2020

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“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates


By Angie Webster, Reiki Master/Teachere

When practicing Reiki, it is helpful to keep your vibration high. A high vibration state is one that is closest to that of peace and joy. These states and those that feel most similar to them cause us to feel very open and free. Their quality is expansive and they expand our ability to see clearly and to understand what is in front of us. We can most clearly see the “bigger picture” when we are in these states. When we are in a high vibration state, our energy system is most open and clear and we are able to more easily shift to our highest possible state of well-being and health.

You may notice that when you are in a lower vibration state, such as anger or fear, you have a sense of contraction. You can sense this contraction in your body and in your mind as well. You may notice that even your vision becomes narrower when in these states of mind. Because these lower states of vibration are constrictive in nature, they restrict the flow of energy in your body. This is why it is so important to our health that we stay aware of our state of mind and practice consciously lifting ourselves to the highest vibration we can reach.

When we decide to begin the practice of healing others, this becomes even more important. Our vibrational level not only affects us, but everyone and everything around us, particularly those we come into close contact with. When we enter another’s energy field to give them Reiki, we affect their vibration with our own. If we are in a low energy, negative emotion state, this will be unconsciously felt by the other person, no matter what kind of happy face we try to put on to hide it. This will transfer to them in a similar way to a virus, infecting them and altering their energy field. Additionally, if our own energy field is in a contracted state, then Reiki energy will not flow as freely to the person we are offering healing to until it has first cleared our own blocks. It is very important that we are honest with ourselves about our state of mind prior to a healing session and take a moment to release any negativity.

It is helpful to make a daily commitment to noticing your own state of mind as you go through your day. The point of this is not to chastise yourself for having human emotional responses. Emotions are simply indicators of our vibrational state. There is no wrong or right in the emotion itself. It is just telling you what is going on, helping you notice. You can make new choices based on what your emotions are telling you about yourself and your state of vibration. If you feel in a state of peace, then you are likely making choices that are leading you in the right direction. If your emotions and body responses are sending you signals of lower vibration emotions, then it is a good idea to look at your choices and see where changes that feel more appropriate can be made, even if they are very small ones in the beginning.

The Reiki principles can be used as guides to remind us to raise our vibrational level. The principles remind us not to remain stuck in the emotions of anger and worry. While some take this to mean that it is wrong to experience anger, worry or other negative emotions, the point is not that you should chastise yourself for feeling these emotions, or any other emotions. Experiencing emotions is a normal part of being human. To chastise yourself when you are experiencing a negative emotion only serves to lower your vibration further. Instead, welcome all of your emotions, even the ones that feel unpleasant, as helpful guides to your inner world. Use them to know yourself better and as a tool for greater self-love and love of others.

When you are able to see and honor your emotions, you are already on your way to raising your vibration. Most of the time, we only react to emotions, believing we are victims of circumstance or of the emotions themselves. By becoming aware of them and the sensations they produce in our bodies, we are able to take the steps toward altering how we respond, if we choose.

The Reiki principles direct us toward gratitude as well, and this is very effective at lifting our vibration higher. Gratitude or appreciation are very high vibration states. If you notice that you are feeling a low vibration emotion, you can intentionally direct your focus to thoughts or things around you that bring you into the state of appreciation. You will feel a warm sensation and opening spread across your heart and brain within a minute or so, in most cases. Allow yourself to stay with it for another 30 seconds longer. Do this practice every day, at least once to keep your vibration high, or anytime you feel yourself drop into a low vibration state. If you have been in a low vibration state for some time, feeling depressed or grieving, give yourself some time with this practice and stick with it. It’s fine to take small steps. Imagine giving yourself a hug each time. You are taking great care of yourself and that is important!

About the Author: Angie Webster is a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki, which she adores. She teaches online classes on energy healing, flower essences, herbalism, and personal growth. Angie often works with nature healing and Earth healing, hoping to better understand our connection with Mother Earth. Angie is the author of Animal Reiki: How it Heals, Teaches & Reconnects Us with Nature and Reiki from A to Z. You can follow her at: 


The Obstacle is the Path. ~ Zen Proverb


By Pandora Amoratis

Certain scents can do wonders for relieving stress. 

In these uncertain times, we can all use a little help unwinding from a long work day and/or homeschooling our children.

Candles, diffusers and sachets in soothing aromas are more important now than ever. FEMAIL reveals the best healing aromatherapy scents to have in your home.

When we smell lavender, we feel a sense of calm, and that's why it's most commonly used in aromatherapy. 

Essential oils from lavender are believed to help promote wellness, reduce stress and anxiety and treat different ailments, including depression and insomnia. 

Its name derives from the Latin 'lavare' meaning 'to wash.'

Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and people are experiencing it around the world during the spread of COVID-19.

  A Japanese study revealed that smelling rosemary caused people to produce more saliva, which led to a significant decrease in the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

The name Rosemary derives from the Latin words 'ros' (dew) and 'marinus' (sea), which means 'dew of the Sea.'

Rosemary can be found in it's natural form at the grocery store and in many beauty and home goods.  

Jasmine has been used in Asia for centuries as a natural remedy from depression and emotional distress.

Research shows that the scent directly impacts GABA (chief inhibitory neurotransmitter) which results in the calming of the nerves.

Peppermint has many healing properties. It has been used to treat headaches and some research suggests it helps with nausea and inflammation.

Smelling lemon (through a beauty product or the fruit) is an instant mood booster. Studies show that the refreshing aroma combats stress and eases depression and anxiety.

It's no secret that Chamomile tea relaxes the mind and body. It is often consumed at night because it acts like a mild tranquilizer. 

The smell eases emotions, muscles, and even brain waves. 

Vanilla is a common ingredient in perfumes but it's also used in aromatherapy products for its ability to reduce hyperactivity and restlessness. Bottom line -- it mellows you out.

By Andrew W.Saul, Ph.D. Editor of Orthomolecular News Service

Abundant clinical evidence has confirmed vitamin C’s powerful antiviral effect when used in sufficient quantity. Treating influenza with very large amounts of vitamin C is not a new idea at all. Frederick R. Klenner, MD, and Robert F. Cathcart, MD, successfully used this approach for decades. Frequent oral dosing with vitamin C sufficient to reach a daily bowel tolerance limit will work for most persons. Intravenous vitamin C is indicated for the most serious cases.

Bowel tolerance levels of vitamin C, taken as divided doses all throughout the day, are a clinically proven antiviral without equal. Vitamin C can be used alone or right along with medicines if one so chooses.

“Some physicians would stand by and see their patients die rather than use ascorbic acid. Vitamin C should be given to the patient while the doctors ponder the diagnosis.” (Frederick R. Klenner, MD, chest specialist)Dr. Robert Cathcart advocated treating influenza with up to 150,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily, often intravenously. You and I can, to some extent, simulate a 24 hour IV of vitamin C by taking it by mouth very, very often. When I had pneumonia, it took 2,000 mg of vitamin C every six minutes, by the clock, to get me to saturation. My oral daily dose was over 100,000 mg. Fever, cough and other symptoms were reduced in hours; complete recovery took just a few days. That is performance at least as good as any pharmaceutical will give, and the vitamin is both safer and cheaper. Many physicians consider high doses of vitamin C to be so powerful an antiviral that it may be ranked as a functional immunization for a variety influenza strains.

Dr. Cathcart writes: “The sicker a person was, the more ascorbic acid they would tolerate orally without it causing diarrhea. In a person with an otherwise normal GI tract when they were well, would tolerate 5 to 15 grams of ascorbic acid orally in divided doses without diarrhea. With a mild cold 30 to 60 grams; with a bad cold, 100 grams; with a flu, 150 grams; and with mononucleosis, viral pneumonia, etc. 200 grams or more of ascorbic acid would be tolerated orally without diarrhea. The process of finding what dose will cause diarrhea and will eliminate the acute symptoms, I call titrating to bowel tolerance.

“The ascorbate effect is a threshold effect. Symptoms are usually neutralized when a dose of about 90% or more of bowel tolerance is reached with oral ascorbic acid. Intravenous sodium ascorbate is about 2½ times more powerful than ascorbic acid by mouth and since for all practical purposes huge doses of sodium ascorbate are non-toxic, whatever dose necessary to eliminate free radical driven symptoms should be given.”

The coronavirus, in acute infections, may be expected to be just as susceptible to vitamin C as all of the other viruses against which it has been proven to be extremely effective. There has never been a documented situation in which sufficiently high dosing with vitamin C has been unable to neutralize or kill any virus against which it has been tested.

Even the common cold is a coronavirus. A “new” opportunistic virus is a not a big surprise. History is full of them.

What dosage?

Vitamin C fights all types of viruses. Although the dose should truly be high, even a low supplemental amount of vitamin C saves lives. This is very important for those with low incomes and few treatment options. For example, in one well-controlled, randomized study, just 200 mg/day vitamin C given to the elderly resulted in improvement in respiratory symptoms in the most severely ill, hospitalized patients. And there were 80% fewer deaths in the vitamin C group.

But to best build up our immune systems, we need to employ large, orthomolecular doses of several vital nutrients. The physicians on the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service review board specifically recommend at least 3,000 milligrams (or more) of vitamin C daily, in divided doses. Vitamin C empowers the immune system and can directly denature many viruses. It can be taken as ascorbic acid (which is sour like vinegar), either in capsules or as crystals dissolved in water or juice. It can also be taken as sodium ascorbate, which is non-acidic. To be most effective, it should be taken to bowel tolerance. This means taking high doses several (or many) times each day. See the references below for more information.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide

Thomas E. Levy, MD: “Viral syndromes start or are strongly supported by ongoing viral replication in the naso- and oropharynx. When appropriate agents are nebulized (into a fine spray) and this viral presence is quickly eliminated, the rest of the body “mops up” quite nicely the rest of the viral presence. The worst viral infections are continually fed and sustained by the viral growth in the pharynx. Probably the best and most accessible agent to nebulize would be 3% hydrogen peroxide for 15 to 30 minutes several times daily.”

An example of successful treatment by ascorbate:

“Chikungunya is a viral illness characterized by severe joint pains, which may persist for months to years. There is no effective treatment for this disease. We treated 56 patients with moderate to severe persistent pains with a single infusion of ascorbic acid ranging from 25-50 grams and hydrogen peroxide (3 cc of a 3% solution) from July to October 2014. Patients were asked about their pain using the Verbal Numerical Rating Scale-11 immediately before and after treatment. The mean Pain Score before and after treatment was 8 and 2 respectively (60%) (p < 0.001); and 5 patients (9%) had a Pain Score of 0. The use of intravenous ascorbic acid and hydrogen peroxide resulted in a statistically significant reduction of pain in patients with moderate to severe pain from the Chikungunya virus immediately after treatment.”

Available evidence indicates that supplementation with multiple micronutrients with immune-supporting roles may modulate immune function and reduce the risk of infection. Micronutrients with the strongest evidence for immune support are vitamins C and D and zinc.

Additional recommended nutrients

MAGNESIUM: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form). Many people are deficient in magnesium, because modern agriculture often does not supply adequate magnesium in the soil, and food processing removes magnesium. It is an extremely important nutrient that is essential for hundreds of biochemical pathways. A blood test for magnesium cannot correctly diagnose a deficiency. A long-term deficiency of magnesium can build up in the body that may take 6 months to a year of higher than normal doses to replete.

A very cheap and highly beneficial adjunct for any acute infection, especially viral, is oral magnesium chloride. Amazingly, just as intravenous vitamin C has been shown to cure polio, an oral magnesium chloride regimen has been shown to do the same thing, as or even more effectively than the vitamin C.

Mix 25 grams MgCl2 in a quart of water. Depending on body size (tiny infant to an adult), give 15 to 125 ml of this solution four times daily. If the taste is too salty/bitter, a favorite juice can be added.

VITAMIN D3: 2,000 International Units daily. (Start with 5,000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000). Vitamin D is stored in the body for long periods but takes a long time to reach an effective level. If you are deficient (e.g. if you haven’t taken vitamin D and it’s near the end of winter when the sun is low in the sky) you can start by taking larger than normal doses for 2 weeks to build up the level quickly. The maintenance dose varies with body weight, 400-1000 IU/day for children and 2000-5000 IU/day for adults.

William Grant, PhD, says: “Coronaviruses cause pneumonia as does influenza. A study of the case-fatality rate from the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic in the United States showed that most deaths were due to pneumonia. The SARS-coronavirus and the current China coronavirus were both most common in winter, when vitamin D status is lowest.”

“I have found the value of bolstering immune function with vitamin D to be incredibly powerful.” (Dr. Jeffrey Allyn Ruterbusch, preventive medicine specialist)

ZINC: This is a powerful antioxidant and is essential for many biochemical pathways. It has been shown to be effective in helping the body fight infections. A recommended dose is 20-40 mg/day for adults.

SELENIUM:100 mcg (micrograms) daily. Zinc is an essential nutrient and an important antioxidant that can help to fight infections. Dr. Damien Downing says: “Swine flu, bird flu and SARS (another coronavirus) all developed in selenium-deficient areas of China; Ebola and HIV in Selenium-deficient areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. This is because the same oxidative stress that causes us inflammation forces viruses to mutate rapidly in order to survive. ‘When Se-deficient virus-infected hosts were supplemented with dietary Se, viral mutation rates diminished and immunocompetence improved.'”

B-COMPLEX vitamins and VITAMIN A: A multivitamin tablet with each meal will supply these conveniently and economically.

Nutritional supplements are not just a good idea. For fighting viruses, they are absolutely essential.


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