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Your April Issue of Natural Healing
April 30, 2021

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

Maj 2021

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.







“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates


By Michal Golan

In the 1990s in Idaho, Vianna Stibal stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. Not only did she have the natural gift to ‘read’ inside people’s bodies (see medical intuition) with great accuracy but she could also witness their healings unfolding right in front of her inner eye. This was quite interesting since she herself was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her right leg. The biopsy left her with excruciating pain and on crutches for six weeks but she continued to give massages and intuitive readings to people never the less. The doctors claimed that the best option to save her life was to amputate her leg, but certain that the Creator of All There Is could heal in an instant, she trusted that the way would be shown to her.

Process of Slowing Brain Waves to Theta

Vianna tells how one day while limping down the street it occurred to her that if she could witness others heal, maybe she could also heal herself and at that moment God responded to her affirmation and her leg returned to its normal length. The swelling went down and during the next check up there was no sign of cancer. With great enthusiasm, she began practicing this healing technique with her clients and the word started to get out. Within a few months, there were people flocking to Idaho Falls from all over the country. Vianna did not exactly know why the healing occurred but after doing some thorough research, she concluded that she must be slowing her brain waves to theta while witnessing the healing which allows the healing to solidify most effectively. She began to teach this method to anyone who cared to listen and named it, Theta Healing.

What Is Theta Healing?

You wake up in the morning, still under the spell of your night’s dream, trying to memorize its details. For a moment, you are still able to hold on to that fantastic reality, feeling it’s texture and contour. You try not to move, not to blink, maybe it can continue... maybe you can consciously keep that experience alive. At the same time, part of you is waking up. You hear the dog barking outside, the neighbor starting the car, and you sense the early morning sun rays sneaking through the curtains. It lasts for just a few seconds and then suddenly, it is all over. You are completely awake. The dream reality fades away, the memory becomes dull as if you have traveled a very long distance from it while the contour of that landscape blurs and loses a dimension. Finally, the visceral experience of the dream state completely fades away. During those precious moments between waking and sleeping, your brainwaves were in theta.

Speed of Theta Waves

Our brain produces electrical frequencies (measured by units of hertz—the number of cycles per second), which change according to the state we are in. During deep sleep, our brain produces very slow waves (delta), while during the time between waking and sleeping the brain produces slightly faster waves which are called theta (4-7 cycles per second). During meditation and deep relaxation, when we walk through a beautiful garden, breathe deeply and close our eyes, the brain broadcasts alpha waves (7-14) and when we are in full activity, focusing on our tasks, beta waves (14-28). A state of intensive learning is often regarded as high beta or sometimes referred to as gamma waves (up to 40 cycles per seconds). An optimal state is indicated by our ability to quickly shift from one frequency to another without effort. This ability ultimately means mental flexibility and good functioning capacity in all aspects of life.

The Moments Between Wake and Sleep

Let's go back for a moment to the theta brainwave. Our brain slows down to this frequency under several different circumstances, all of which allow us to access greater creativity and for lack of a better word, a more “elastic” reality. It grants us the possibility to experience reality more vividly, more multi-dimensionally. During the moments between wake and sleep, we can somehow experience a reality independent of physical laws, free of the earth-bound conditioning. For a moment, even though we are already awake, limited by our sensory perception, we can still sense a different reality where we possess almost superhuman powers. I remember a time in my life when I used to dream that I was weightless and I would float in slow motion, lifting off the ground and lightly touching the earth only to be lifted again. The feeling was so real, so visceral (and so wonderful) that upon waking, I was certain I had the power to continue doing that only to be greatly disappointed the moment I opened my eyes and put my feet on the ground.

Theta Is The Brainwave Used in Hypnosis

If you have ever watched a hypnotherapy show, you surely witness how participants selected from the audience, were able to perform incredible acts that under conscious awareness they would not imagine themselves capable of. These are not tricks, and it is not staged. It informs us of the untapped power dormant within us. I clearly recall how the body of a young, lightweight girl under hypnosis was placed between two chairs whose backs faced each other so that her ankles were positioned on the edge of one chair’s back and her neck on the edge of the other without any support. Her subconscious received the command to be solid as a piece of wood. The hypnotherapist, who was a relatively big guy, stepped on a chair and then stepped on her body with his entire weight. She did not move, nor collapsed and her ribs suffered no damage. She would have been astounded had she watched herself do that but amazingly, this capacity resides within all of us. We possess much greater powers than we possibly can imagine. 

So the question arises if we can do this under hypnosis, why not in our waking state?

We also drop into the theta brainwave when we stand on a top of a mountain surrounded by the immense beauty of nature feeling oneness with the entire universe! Moments during which we feel connected to all life and we know with certainty that there is a higher power and that we are a part of it. Children playing video games often enter a hypnotic state of trance that most likely is associated with a theta brainwave. Generally speaking, children up to age 13, spend much of their time in this state and for them, it is in fact, normal. That is why it is essential to teach children creatively and imaginatively.

More Creativity, Inspiration, and Intuition

When we begin to daydream in the middle of the day and twenty minutes later we suddenly ‘wake up’ and realize that we have absolutely no idea what transpired around us during those 20 minutes, we most likely hitched onto a theta brainwave. Often, the ideas we come up with during our theta adventure are not subjected to our regular judging filters. We simply find ourselves in the flow (or in the zone). It is only after we regain our active beta state, that we enforce our critical selective thought processes and determined what deserves our attention as suppose to what is ‘irresponsible’, ‘illogical’, ‘unrealistic’ etc.

Another example for a theta state is the phenomenon of the fakirs in India who can walk on burning coals without burning their skin. Stories of inconceivable acts people perform under crisis situations such as a woman lifting up a vehicle to save a child underneath it also demonstrate those superhuman powers we possess and is associated with theta. This brainwave is regarded as the brainwave of the subconscious and is largely responsible for all the programs and beliefs we have installed and which run our lives. That is one of the reasons it is so difficult to get rid of those beliefs despite the fact that we have already identified them. On the other side of the coin, if we strongly believe with all our might that it is in our power to do something, or to change something even if it seems as if it defies the laws of science, we will be able to do it. The theta brainwave is linked to creativity, inspiration, intuition, and spiritual enlightenment allowing us to act outside the predictable limitations of the five senses and our conscious perception.

Can We Train Our Brain To Slow Down?

Why are we not spending much more time in this amazing state? Why are we not accessing its power on a regular basis? It surely seems that if we could slow our brainwaves to theta, we could manifest more easily, heal more effectively, create new things and bring into reality new visions. We could express our highest potential and maybe even change the world...??

We actually do spend quite a lot of time in this magnificent state, actually, every night. However, we seem to have little or no control over it! It seems that the slower the brainwave, the more difficult it is for us to access it consciously. The conscious mind, by the mere fact of being conscious, cancels out the slow frequency states. The conscious mind observes reality through the 5 senses and becomes trapped by their limited perception of what is possible. We know that it is possible to train the mind to slow down. Through the experimental biofeedback technique, a group of alcoholics was trained during 15 separate sessions to slow their brainwave to alpha and theta. The experiment was conducted with two control groups, and the results were very promising, indicating a substantial preference for this kind of treatment with long-range positive outcomes. But who has the money or access to these kinds of treatments?

Can you imagine all the possible uses of this amazing brainwave? For example much of the research done on spontaneous cures of cancer indicated that almost in all cases, patients experienced a dramatic shift in awareness prior to the appearance of the cure as if they just ‘knew’ that they were going to be healed and felt connected to a source other than themselves.

Vianna Stibal understood that healing was one of the theta brainwave’s functions. According to her revelation, once she projected her consciousness above her space and called upon the Creator, her brainwaves slowed down to a theta state in less than 30 seconds and she then was able to witness miraculous things happen. The Creator was doing the healing but she had to witness it in order for it to manifest in the physical dimension. Until it is witnessed, it remains in the field of potentiality. Once we can ‘see’ the healing unfolding and ‘know’ that it is done’ it can happen. In the 4-7 cycles per second frequency, the mind is able to access limitless possibilities outside the realm of the sensory perception.

One of Vianna’s students proclaimed that in no way was it possible to access, let alone, hold, a theta brainwave consciously. He had worked in the field of biofeedback for years, he said unless people are put under a deep hypnotic sleep, they are unable to maintain this frequency. Vianna was even more determined to prove her theory. A short time after that, someone had loaned her an EEG (electroencephalograph) machine. They hooked all the students to the machine and proved without a shadow of a doubt that all of them were able to slow their brainwave down to theta within a minute and not only that, but the clients themselves demonstrated that their brainwaves slowed as well.

Accessing Limitless Possibilities

With the help of this brainwave, the intuitive capacity increases, the ability to ‘see’ and to ‘hear’ outside the boundaries of the physical senses expands, and we can shift our limited perception of reality. Everyone can do it. We train our brains to awaken a latent ability and direct our senses to believe in unlimited possibilities. Actually, we re-wire our brains to tune into a more REAL reality, one that is more aligned with Truth. All we need is a belief in a higher power and a desire to find and express our fullest capacity as human beings. We must strive for more; believe that we have powers greater than what science, medicine, or any other authority claims we have. The more we exercise our multi-dimensional vision of reality, the more we can express a higher potential for humanity.

Golan, Michal. "The Power of Theta Brainwave to Heal." Learn Religions, Feb. 8, 2021,


Affirmation: My immune system is healthy and protects me from all illness.


By Andrew Jonasson

The minerals we eat and process are necessary in so many of our systems’ functions, from helping our blood flow to helping your entire body work better. Some of these minerals have more specific duties than others.

Silicon smooths and strengthens skin and hair. Zinc helps with skin as well, and is another anti-aging mineral that you can find in many foods instead of many skin-creams.

Healthy Minerals

These are all natural products – silicon is the second most available element in the earth’s crust, iron is as central to life as carbon, and potassium is found in our bodies, underground, and in the trees.

It shouldn’t be hard to see why these minerals are needed and it shouldn’t be hard to get them either. If you’re having trouble, take a look through this list of necessary detoxifying minerals that will cleanse your system and have you feeling – and looking – great.

6 Detoxifying Minerals


Silicon isn’t just good for hair and nails – it helps you live longer. Silicon is known to increase your vitality by strengthening your muscles, connective tissues, and bones. It’s also been known to help with insomnia, which can lead to major problems.

Silicon is vital for strong bones and joints, and it helps your body use other vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, glucosamine, and calcium.

Silicon Helps With:Hair,Skin,Nails,Bones,Respiratory tract,Blood circulation,Atherosclerosis – when plaque forms in your arteries.


Zinc helps restore your collagen making skin healthy and preventing wrinkles, stretch marks and other signs of aging.

“Collagen can be thought of as the glue that holds the body together.  Without it, the body would quite literally fall apart, however from the age of 25 the human body loses collagen at a rate of 1.5% annually.” – Phil Watson, founder of Changing Lives.

Zinc Helps With:Collagen production,Skin,Eyes,Digestion,Wound healing,Immune function – your body needs zinc to form T-lymphocytes, cells that help your immune system fight cancer.

Foods with Zinc:Oysters,Beef,Wheatgerm,Spinach,Seeds – pumpkin and squash,Nuts – cashews, pecans, almonds, walnuts, peanuts,Pork,Chicken,Beans,Mushrooms.


Iron is the center of the hemoglobin molecule, which carries oxygen through your body. Healthy blood means healthy skin. It also means healthier muscles, organs, and internal systems. It is a modest detox, but ensuring you have enough iron in your body really helps to clean and restore your insides.

Getting enough iron also means your energy levels and immune function will be boosted. It does so, in part, by encouraging restful, healthy sleep.

Iron Helps With:Blood health,Energy levels,Development (in children),Hormonal balances.

Foods with Iron:Red meat,Poultry,Fish,Eggs,Leafy greens,Dried fruits.


Magnesium is another important mineral – it opens up over 300 different detoxification pathways in your body and helps keep your bowels regular. Magnesium will also help keep your bones strong, helping them absorb calcium.

This minerals also helps to convert vitamin D to its active, hormonal form. You don’t even need to eat magnesium to get its detoxing power – Epsom salt is essentially magnesium sulfate. Just pour it into your bath to draw toxins from your body and feel refreshed.

Magnesium Helps With:Bones,Skin,Blood pressure,Diabetes,Mental health,Metabolism,Heart disease,Diabetes – being magnesium deficient can really affect your body’s ability to accept and use insulin.

Foods with Magnesium:Beans,Nuts,Seeds,Fish,Whole grains,Dark leafy greens.


Potassium is the balancing mineral, but we usually just use it to maintain proper fluid levels because it’s an electrolyte. But potassium balances the levels of other minerals, like sodium. So if you get too much or too little of a mineral, potassium helps your body process it.

Potassium is a conduit to using all other minerals properly. It’s also an electrolyte which spreads energy to muscles, cells, tissues, and organs, ensuring everything is working as it should. It also removes waste from your cells – potassium is the cellular detox mineral.

Potassium Helps With:Bones,Digestion,Cell health,Heart health

Foods with Potassium:Bananas,Avocados,Mushroom,Dark leafy greens,Potato skins,Fish.


Calcium is a strengthening mineral: gives strong bones, a strong posture, and works to bring order to the systems in our body. It helps maintain strong and healthy blood vessels, and a strong endocrine system which helps prevent diabetes.

Dairy is not the only place to find calcium. In fact, calcium is the most abundant nutrient in your body – but that’s probably because you have such healthy bones.

Calcium Helps With:Bones,Muscle function,Blood and heart,Nervous system,Cancer – calcium and vitamin D are said to help with more than just strong bones – they’ve been known to lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer.

Food with Calcium:White beans,Dark leafy greens,Sesame seeds,Nuts,Canned salmon and sardines.

About the Author: Andrew JonassonAndrew is a creative copywriter who writes as much as he reads. A graduate from Algonquin College's Advertising & Marketing program in Ottawa, Ontario, he now calls Toronto home. A type-1 diabetic, he knows the importance of living and eating healthily. A life-long student, Andrew will never graduate the school of life.


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” — Buddha


By Warren Willey

As viral infections are uppermost in everyone’s minds right now, I thought it might be helpful to provide you with a list of some of the better known alternative remedies to treat viral infections and to support a healthy immune system.

This list is not all-inclusive, and it is of vital importance that you talk to your doctor about every one of these before taking them.

Also important is the fact that we don’t have many studies of any of these products in fighting coronavirus. Most of what I will discuss has been studied on Influenzas, H1N1, Cocksackie virus, and other upper respiratory infections.

The first one is Oregano Oil. Oregano possesses a compound called carvacrol that has been shown to be antiviral. Oregano does not kill viruses, but it appears to inhibit the virus’ ability to translate proteins responsible for the viral binding to cells.

A 2010 randomized, double-blind study published in Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggested oregano was beneficial as a throat spray for upper respiratory infections. Astragulus is a very popular plant used in traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda practices.

It is one of the most researched and promising botanical plants shown to have antiviral properties. Compounds called saponins found in astragulus have been well-researched and found to hinder influenza proliferation.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory found that it inhibits avian flu viruses. Elderberry is another botanical that has had a lot of research focused on its therapeutic value against influenza.

An Israeli study found that elderberry was effective against 10 different influenza strains. It has been shown to increase cytokine activity, thereby validating its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

A 2019 study by the University of Sydney observed that certain compounds in elderberry inhibit the flu virus’s entry and replication in human cells. Also deserving mention is Linus Pauling’s favorite, Vitamin C.

In 2017 the University of Helsinki reviewed 148 studies that indicated Vitamin C is beneficial in alleviating or preventing infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Keeping inflammation down is very important in both preventing and treating infections and your source of vitamin C should be considered.

Avoid sugary drinks like orange juice no matter how much vitamin C is in them. Adequate levels of Vitamin D are also of great importance. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk and greater susceptibility to infection. Vitamin D boosts the body’s mucosal defenses, which are crucial for protecting your lungs from upper respiratory viruses.

Finally on the list, we have N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC. When someone gets a viral upper respiratory infection, the lungs are subject to a lot of oxidative stress. NAC is a powerful antioxidant and increases a vitally important substance in your body called glutathione. NAC lessens the oxidative stress of the illness and helps you recover quicker.

Nothing, no supplement, herb, or botanical has the preventive power of washing your hands as often as possible.

If you don’t feel well, stay home and stay isolated. Slowing down for a few weeks may be more powerful for your overall health than anything else you can do.

About the Author: Dr. Warren Willey is a Pocatello physician. Visit his website at


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