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Your June Issue of Natural Healing
May 31, 2021

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

June 2021

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.







“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates


By Patti Deschaine

If you are looking for a healing modality for yourself and others, I’m sure you will find that you will not lack for choices. There is certainly a wide range of wonderful options to choose from. Reiki, in its many flavors, offers Karuna, Holy Fire, Usui, Shamballa, Violet Flame, Kundalini, Lightarian, and others. In addition to the choices of Reiki styles, there are levels within each so you can go as far as you’d like, or keep it simple with just the basic teachings and attunements.

There are also many other modalities that are complementary to Reiki like aromatherapy, crystal healing, reflexology, Ayurvedic medicine, biofeedback, forest bathing, and others. You can even choose to invest your time and energy into learning modalities like tapping, acupuncture, shamanic healing, hypnosis, past life regression, soul realignment…the list goes on.

So how to choose? Do your research and explore the options, then let the information settle. Give it time to work its magic and see what captures your attention. Energy flows to where attention goes. For instance, if you spend a lot of time thinking about Shamballa, you read about it. You look for training options near you that are affordable and seem interesting. The universe then says, “Ah! I see you are interested in Shamballa. Here’s some information you might be interested in.” Suddenly, there is Shamballa coming up in conversation, reading suggestions and your social media feed. If you want to learn Shamballa, rest assured the universe will conspire to make it happen!

This investment will require your time, your money and your attention, so think about how you might use the acquired skills in your life. Will you become a practitioner or just use what you have learned with friends, family, and pets? Is it something that can heal a problem you have been struggling with? Could it be a stepping stone toward a future goal? How else might it bring value to your life?

Though I have studied many of the modalities listed above, as a Usui Reiki Master I am pleased that Reiki forms the basis of my practice. Reiki is a wonderful healing practice for the mind, body, and soul. It calms the mind and body, removes stuck energy blockages that cause sickness, and opens our intuitive powers so that we can grow spiritually. When considering your path as a healer, take the following into account.

Reiki is gentle, soothing and effective. A session can be conducted as hands on or hands off, with the recipient fully clothed, as opposed to something more intimate such as massage. It requires no special equipment or innate talent. A simple attunement provides the connection necessary for you to begin practicing right away.

Reiki Energy is easy passed on from a Reiki Master, It is accessible and affordable. Once you are attuned to Reiki energy, you will be attuned for life. You will never find yourself in a position where you cannot connect to Reiki. The healing is a part of you. It never runs out, never has technical issues (like your PC!) and you will never “forget” how to connect to Reiki energy.

Becoming attuned to Reiki energy has benefits other than the obvious.

You will see changes for the better in your own attitude and outlook over time. You may find you become a kinder, gentler, more forgiving person when attuned to Reiki energy. You may intuitively understand things that have baffled you in the past.

You can heal yourself and others of anxiety, emotional blocks, and physical maladies. And you become part of the collective healing for earth, its creatures, and its people.

You will develop a deepening intuition that will allow you to experience energy and vibrations previously unknown to you.

Connecting to Reiki energy is transformative. You will gain a new appreciation for nature and feel more connected to the oceans, trees, wildlife, and the elements.

There are many more subtle benefits that come with a Reiki attunement. You are the only one who can decide which modality will bring the highest return on your time and money investment. And why stop at one? Let your first choice be the start of a lifelong path to learning. We are never too old to learn something new!

About the Author:Patti Deschaine is a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki Master, and owner of Maja Energy Works and Reiki Healing. She resides and practices in Wilmington, NC. She enjoys all types of Reiki and particularly loves using Reiki on animals. Patti can be found at and

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The doctor of the future will be oneself.― Albert Schweitzer


By Izzy Findlay MA,LPC,LCDC

If you’ve ever jumpstarted a car, you know you’re dealing with electrical currents. You’re probably aware that there’s a proper way and order of hooking up the red and black clamps to the battery terminals: positive goes with positive, negative with negative. An important and often-overlooked step, though, is to ground one of the black (negative) clamps; this is done by attaching it to a piece of metal on the car with the dead battery, thereby drastically decreasing the potential for fire or explosion.

In a metaphorical sense, humans are no different. We’re bioelectrical beings. Energy flows in and energy flows out, just like the currents that run through jumper cables. Because our many bodily systems are fueled by a complex electrical network, we carry our own charge. This charge changes depending on our environment and what we come into contact with. As a result, our mental, physical, and emotional states are affected – sometimes positively, sometimes negatively.

The COVID-19 pandemic spawned a new reality consisting of face masks, business closures, virtual education, and social distancing, as well as the related mental, physical, and emotional aftermath. With the sudden upheaval of our everyday rhythm, humanity was forced to adjust to a new beat, a shift that has led to higher rates of anxiety, stress, and imbalance. To combat these feelings, we need to somehow calibrate ourselves.

We need to ground.

Grounding, or earthing, is a method of electrically reconnecting our bodies to the earth. By doing this, we’re soaking up healthy antioxidants and resetting our personal charge.

For example, it’s probably time to recharge your “battery” if you:

* Feel anxious, stressed, or nervous
* Experience inflammation
* Feel fatigued
* Suffer from a chronic illness or pain
* Have poor circulation
* Are easily distracted
* Experience sleep disturbances
* Are clumsier than usual

Fortunately, for us and every living organism, Planet Earth maintains a slightly negative charge, atomically speaking. It’s an invisible, omnipresent force that silently connects us all. Essentially, it autocorrects us on an individual basis. Although research in this area is still in its infancy, numerous studies indicate significant psychological and physiological improvements as a result of grounding.

And the icing on the cake? It’s free and anyone can do it!

For grounding to work, your skin must be in direct contact with the earth – meaning grass, sand, soil, gravel, rocks, tile, natural water, or unstained concrete. Materials such as asphalt, rubber, wood, vinyl, and plastic are not electrically conductive, and actually create a barrier between you and the earth’s surface. So, when possible, ditch your shoes to soak up some of this natural electric goodness.

Below are a few grounding techniques to help prevent an emotional “fire” or mental “explosion”:

* Walking barefoot
* Collecting seashells or rocks
* Swimming/wading in natural bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, creeks, and oceans
* Building a sandcastle
* Lying on the ground
* Having a picnic
* Gardening (skip the rubber boots and gloves when possible)
* Exercising outdoors
* Petting your dog or cat after they’ve been outside
* Handling crystals, gems, and rocks
* Using grounding equipment (e.g., metal rods, grounding mats, earthing shoes, patches, etc.)

Even during the hot Texas summers, my wife and I exercise outdoors because we enjoy the fresh air and the opportunity to ground. A favorite grounding spot of ours is at a nearby park, where we’ll often stop by the creek, remove our shoes and socks, and walk barefoot through the low water. We intentionally use this time to cool down, meditate, relax, and appreciate nature’s beauty. We’ve found that we’re more focused and energized afterwards. For us, it feels like hitting the body and mind’s ‘Reset’ button.

Because the world seems busier with each sunrise, it’s paramount that we nurture our electric roots by getting a regular dose of Mother Nature. Just walk outside barefoot for a few minutes…she’ll set your soul right.

About the Author: Izzy Findlay, MA, LPC, LCDC, is a licensed counselor, writer, and editor based in Austin, Texas. She is the owner/operator of IzzyEdit, which provides professional writing, editing, formatting, and self-publishing services for a global clientele. Izzy earned a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from The University of Montana and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin. She is also a Licensed Professional


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” — Buddha



By Jamie Schneider

When it comes to brain-healthy foods, you likely don't need to search high and low to find the most beneficial players (in fact, you probably have more than a few at your disposal already). Take it from registered dietitian and integrative functional medicine practitioner Ali Miller, R.D., L.D., CDE: The author of The Anti-Anxiety Diet, and The Anti-Anxiety Cookbook, she pinpoints a bunch of produce that can help calm inflammation and quell anxiety. 

So, which foods top the mood-boosting grocery list? Well, according to Miller, we should pay more attention to the humble banana. 

Why bananas are great for balancing mood. 

"They're high in vitamin B6," Miller says, which is necessary for creating the neurotransmitters that help your body make serotonin and dopamine—both of which influence mood. In fact, one study showed that low levels of vitamin B6 were associated with depressive symptoms in older adults. That's not to say the vitamin is a viable treatment for depression, per se, but a deficiency seems to have an effect. 

"They also provide tryptophan, which is fantastic for mood stability," Miller adds. Tryptophan, it turns out, also plays a role in creating serotonin, and research shows that low levels of the amino acid are associated with depression and anxiety.

Mood-boosting benefits aside, bananas have their fair share of health benefits: "They have soluble fiber, which is great support for the microbiome," Miller adds (as you may know, any food that's great for the gut is also simultaneously brain-healthy), and bananas are a good source of magnesium. Plus, they're naturally sweet, which is why Miller uses a 12th of a banana in many of her baking recipes—a smidgen won't affect the taste too much (just in case you're not in the mood for a banana-flavored treat), but that bit alone can enhance the sweetness of all your baked goods. 

The Takeaway

Sure, bananas aren't exactly groundbreaking, but according to Miller, it's time for the vitamin-rich fruit to receive the recognition it deserves. Bananas have loads of mood-supporting minerals and amino acids that make them a worthwhile addition to your grocery cart. Consider it another excuse to concoct creamy smoothies or—in 2020 fashion—whip up some sweet banana bread.

About the author: Jamie Schneider is the Editorial Assistant at mindbodygreen. She has a B.A. in Organizational Studies and English from the University of Michigan and has previously written for Coveteur, The Chill Times, and Wyld Skincare. In her role at mbg, she’s covered everything from organic skin care, to sustainability practices, to the gut microbiome. She currently lives in New York City.


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