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Your August Issue of Natural Healing
July 31, 2020

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

August 2020

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“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates


By Phylameana lila Desy

The heart chakra is associated with the color green or the color pink. This love center of our human energy system is often the focus of bringing about a healing. Thus, the words Love Heals All have the great truth.

Hurtful situations that can affect our emotional well-being include divorce or separation, grief through death, emotional abuse, abandonment, and adultery. All of these are wounding to the heart chakra and can make the physical body more vulnerable to illness or imbalance. Physical illnesses brought about by heartbreak require that an emotional healing occurs along with the physical healing.

Heart Chakra and Your Emotions

Whenever our emotions are in a state of overdrive the heart chakra is under threat of distress. It is helpful to get in touch with your feelings. But, it is not helpful to wallow in those emotions. How we feel allows us to acknowledge our current emotional state. The remarkable thing about emotions is that they are always in flux.... so is the heart chakras. The chakras are not static. Actually, a chakra can be static. This means it is stuck, indicating that there is a problem. However, a normally functioning chakra has a pulse. If the heart chakra is stuck, has a low pulse, or is energetically overblown, then the balance is needed. 

Big Heart VS Large Heart Chakra

When someone is said to have a big heart, it means that person is filled with love. Someone with an enlarged heart-physically is a symptom of heart disease, high blood pressure, infection of the heart or blood, etc. In the heart chakra... a large or blown up chakra is also a sign of alarm. A heart chakra that is too open is suspect. The emotions are in need of healing.

Learning to love yourself is a powerful first step in securing a healthy fourth chakra. The wounded child resides in the heart chakra.

Chakra Four: Associations

Color:green or pink
Sanskrit Name:anahata
Physical Location:center of chest
Purposes:emotional empowerment
Spiritual Lesson:forgiveness, unconditional love, letting go, trust, compassion
Physical Dysfunctions:heart conditions, asthma, lung andbreast cancers, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back, shoulder problems
Mental / Emotional Issues:love, compassion, confidence, inspiration, hope, despair, hate, envy, fear, jealousy, anger, generosity
Information Stored Inside Heart Chakra: connections or "heart strings" to those whom we love
Area of Body Governed:heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, rib cage, diaphragm, thymus, breasts, esophagus, shoulders, arms, hands
Crystals / Gemstones:malachite,emerald,rose quartz
Flower Essences:holly, poppy, California wild rose
Foods: pastas, breads, cereal, rices, flax seed, sunflower seeds, milk, cheeses, yogurt, ginger, mints (peppermint, spearmint, etc.), melissa, chamomile, turmeric, cumin, and fennel.

Desy, Phylameana lila. "Exploring the Heart Chakra." Learn Religions, Feb. 11, 2020,

Learn more about chakras and chakra healing


Affirmation: My immune system is healthy and protects me from all illness.



Scientific research shows that even the simple act of humming can be therapeutic! 

Using sound as a healing approach is not new. In fact, for thousands of years, cultures from around the world have used vibrational medicine to treat illness, revitalize the body, and elevate the spirit.

Every living being (actually, everything in the universe!) is in a state of vibration. And this means every part of you — from your organs, your bones, your tissues, the electromagnetic field of your body… even the fluid in your cells — has an optimal vibrational frequency.

Humming, toning, chanting, and many other sound- healing modalities used as daily self-soothing practices can diminish stress, lower your heart rate, and help you sleep better.  

Particularly now, when so many are experiencing disturbed sleep patterns and anxiety about the intensifying crises in our world, sound healing is a 100% natural tonic that’s been proven effective for inducing calm and down-regulating the nervous system.

Sonic healing methods can also harmonize your biofield — the electromagnetic web of your physical body — and help you transform anxious, depressed states into love and joy. Today’s medical practitioners are using these techniques to treat panic attacks, sleep challenges, and more. 

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to join the Sound Healing Summit from August 3-7, 2020 — produced by The Shift Network — where you’ll learn the curative and evolutionary powers of proven sound-healing therapies from some of today’s leading experts in the fascinating field of vibrational medicine. RSVP here for The Sound Healing Summit — at no charge.

You’ll hear from 37 of today’s highly sought-after experts, sound-healing pioneers, and practitioners — including Eileen McKusick, Jeralyn Glass, Jonathan Goldman, Justin Michael Williams, Gregg Braden, John Beaulieu, Christine Stevens, Chloë Goodchild, Russil Paul, Heather Salmon, and others.

During this evolutionary 5-day event, you’ll discover:

* The healing power of vocal toning and overtones
* Sonic healing pathways to aid in addiction recovery and assist in healing ancestral trauma
* How to use your own voice as medicine to down-regulate your nervous system
* The ways sound healing can create resonance and deeper connection between you and your partner
* How to create your own sacred sound rituals for personal and global transformation
* What gorgeous and revealing messages are hidden in water — decipherable with sound
* The connection between sonic healing methods and neural coherence
* How to create heart-brain coherence with music and sound
* The unique curative power of crystal alchemy singing bowls
* What the latest research is showing about the potency of sound-healing modalities
* The yoga of sound — healing mantras and their effect on the body
And much more…

Whether you’re ready to discover the ideal daily sound-healing practice for you, tap into the acoustical energies of the biofield, or learn how the alchemy of crystal singing bowls can shift your consciousness, you’ll deepen your knowledge of healing practices that address your well-being in a truly holistic way, impacting each part of your life.

Join me and the amazing panel of other presenters to equip yourself with the right approaches and techniques in vibrational medicine for YOU — and increase your vibrancy, balance, and restoration in the process. RSVP here for The Sound Healing Summit — at no charge.

Here’s how some of our brilliant speakers will illuminate the many dimensions of sound healing:

 Eileen McKusick will offer a group biofield tuning to help you mobilize and transform difficult or stuck emotions… rather than habitually suppressing them.

Learn potent self-healing and meditative practices with Jonathan Goldman, including psycho-acoustics and vibro-acoustics.

Sound pioneer John Beaulieu will convey riveting new scientific discoveries confirming the positive impact of sound healing… and share a daily practice to tune your nervous system.

Gregg Braden will share from his new book about the “wisdom codes” and how we can use them to heal our hearts — and will describe the remarkable ways that sound and music have been used in a variety of ancient wisdom traditions.

Russill Paul will provide the true meaning of mantra — the art of sacred speech — and show you how to nurture and develop your soul’s voice, rather than the  voice of ego.

Experience Jeralyn Glass’ unique work with crystal bowls and find out how crystalline sound can transform pain and grief into joy and purpose.

Justin Michael Williams will guide you to find your authentic voice in the world by discovering your unique energy signature and becoming a “good ancestor” to our youth.

Heather Salmon will explore different types of sacred sound group experiences, including guided journeys, in which people are more passive and receiving… as well as interactive processes, in which people are actively engaged in sounding and toning.

With David Gibson, you’ll learn about new strategies and protocols for bringing sound into the medical field… and how sound can be used to enhance childhood education for improved emotional balance and health.
And many more…

I hope you will join. Sign up here now

By Dr. Diane Fulton

You may have a low level of magnesium in your diet that is preventing you from reaping important health benefits.

Magnesium (Mg) is considered a healthy mineral essential to your body, but it is estimated that 75% of Americans and people around the world are well below the recommended daily intake of Mg.Luckily, there is an easy fix, since magnesium is bountiful in many foods.

Bright leafy greens/veggies (magnesium gives them that rich green color) top the magnesium-dense list including spinach, chard, broccoli and kale, followed closely by legumes such as lima beans, black beans, peas and edamame (soybean).When it comes to snacks, seeds (pumpkin and flax), nuts (almonds, cashews, peanut butter) and dark chocolate pack a high magnesium punch.

Healthy omega-3 fats and magnesium are also abundant in salmon, tuna and avocado. Whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, buckwheat and even wild rice (technically a grass) are filled with magnesium.

Benefits of Eating Magnesium-Rich Foods

Magnesium in your diet helps to prevent diseases and lessen the harshness of some diseases if you get them. Magnesium has neuroprotective, cardio-protective, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and hypoglycemic properties.

A magnesium deficiency or low level of magnesium in your food creates an out of balance condition in your body linked to many diseases from diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome to depression and neurological disorders.


Magnesium has many protective properties, such as glucose or blood sugar moderating and insulin regulating, lowering risk for Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and improving outcomes for Type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Magnesium intake significantly improved glucose parameters in people with diabetes and also improved insulin-sensitivity parameters in those at high risk of diabetes in a review of 18 randomized clinical trials, including a total of 670 diabetic and 453 at risk for diabetes patients.

In another meta-analysis of 637,922 individuals, the risk of T2D was reduced by 17% across all the studies; 19% in women and 16% in men when magnesium was increased in their diet.

A magnesium deficiency is seen as a contributing factor in insulin resistance for T2D patients. In a 2017 study of 71 children with T1D, magnesium supplementation improved glycemic control and lipid profiles while decreasing complications such as hypomagnesaemia (clinical magnesium deficiency). For the 52,684 without known diabetes, dietary magnesium was found to lower fasting glucose and insulin, two risk factors for diabetes.

Heart Disease

Because of chronic diseases, medications, decreases in food crop magnesium contents, and higher availability of refined and processed foods, the vast majority of people in modern societies are at risk for magnesium deficiency (often undiagnosed) and magnesium dietary supplementation is an easy and low cost way to lower the risks for a variety of heart diseases.

In a meta-analysis of 532,979 participants from 19 studies, the greatest risk reduction for cardiovascular disease (CVD) occurred when magnesium intake increased from 150 to 400 milligrams (mg) per day. In a meta-analysis of 48 genetic studies with a total of 60,801 coronary artery disease (CAD) cases and 123,504 non-cases, researchers found that serum magnesium levels are inversely associated with risk of heart disease.

Magnesium supplementation is also seen as a successful preventative mechanism (by improving lipid profiles, fasting glucose and blood pressure) to heart disease complications (a leading cause of death from T2 diabetes).

Metabolic Syndrome

Generally, the triad of obesity, high blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance, as in T2D (insulin resistance), is referred to as metabolic syndrome.[xix] In a meta-analysis of six studies, including a total of 24,473 individuals and 6,311 cases of metabolic syndrome, a higher dietary magnesium level lowered the risk of metabolic syndrome by 17%.

Magnesium supplementation has also been shown to lower blood pressure measures significantly in those with high blood pressure taking anti-hypertensive medication (135 subjects); systolic blood pressure decreased by 18.7 points and diastolic blood pressure dropped by an average of 10.9 points. 

In a 2018 study of obesity and diabetes of over 1,500 Mexican subjects, increased dietary magnesium reduced body mass index, waist circumference and serum glucose levels, and is likely to prevent co-morbidities. High blood pressure is associated with vascular failure and can increase arterial stiffness.In a 2016 randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study, a daily dose (350 mg) of magnesium decreased arterial stiffness in 52 obese and overweight subjects.

Obesity, inflammation, oxidative stress and insulin resistance are thought to be the common pathways to the overlap in high blood pressure and diabetes. Increasing magnesium intake has been shown to reduce C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, which indicate the amount of inflammation in the body, among individuals with low-grade chronic systemic inflammation in a meta-analysis of 17 studies. Overall, a lower level of magnesium is seen in those having metabolic syndrome.

Neurological Disorders

Magnesium is often called the "mind mineral," as it is abundant in the central nervous system and contributes to a balanced brain, influencing serotonin, dopamine and neuro-transmissions. Recent research has linked magnesium deficiency and low magnesium levels with many neurological disorders, such as cerebral vasospasm, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression, stroke and migraine. Daily consumption of 500 mg magnesium oxide tablets for over eight weeks by 30 depressed patients suffering from magnesium deficiency in 2017 led to significant improvements in depression status compared to the placebo group.

A lower level of magnesium has been statistically associated with Alzheimer's disease. Higher magnesium intake showed neuroprotection and lower risk for Parkinson's disease in a study of 49 Japanese patients. There is also strong evidence that magnesium deficiency is much more prevalent in migraine sufferers than in healthy controls and oral magnesium could help to alleviate migraine symptoms.

Magnesium-Rich Diet Tied to Improved Health

Don't miss out on the health benefits of magnesium-rich foods (i.e., dark chocolate, nuts/seeds, leafy greens, legumes, fatty fish and whole grains) in your diet. Recent research has confirmed links between magnesium and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and neuro-related diseases, both as a preventative and a moderator for disease severity.

 Source: GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here //"


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