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Your August Issue of Natural Healing
July 29, 2022

Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine for Your Total Health

August 2022

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There is No Other Present for You on Earth
Better than Your Life and Health.







“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers” ~ Hippocrates



The following helps to identify the most common symptoms of imbalance or blockage within our chakras. This is not a definitive guide, but will help to identify potential areas requiring attention.

Muladhara – The Base / Root Chakra

Lower back pain, Constipation or diarrhea, Knee pain, Gout, Rage and anger, Fear, Egocentricity, Lethargy and exhaustion, Addictive personality, Not grounded, Financial difficulties.

Swadhisthana – The Sacral Chakra

Lack of sexual desire or passion, Sterility Infertility, Jealousy, Kidney stones, Urinary tract infections, Sexual addiction, Sexual diseases, Creative blocks.

Manipura – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Need for excessive control and power, Fears, Stomach ailments, Nightmares, Aggressive behavior, Ulcers, Feelings of victimization, Lack of self confidence, Bulimia, obesity, anorexia, Isolationism, Indigestion, Feeling overwhelmed.

Anahata – The Heart Chakra

Poor circulation, Angina, High blood pressure, Self hatred, Asthma, Lack of independence, Acting naive, Suffocating others in loving and giving, Lack of compassion, Intolerance, Weak immune system, Lack of joy

Vishuddha – The Throat Chakra

Sore throats, Laryngitis, Fear of public speaking, Too talkative or too shy, The need to be an expert, Inability to tell the truth, Inability to speak one’s opinion, Thyroid disease, Anxiety, Hyperactivity

Ajna – The Third Eye Chakra

Astronaut personality, Spacey, Too logical or too abstract, Too many thoughts at once, Migraines, Forgetfulness, Inability to remember dreams, Inability to meditate, visualize or connect with inner guidance on the higher levels, Poor eyesight, Tension, Inability to concentrate or stay focused.

Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra

Inability to connect to physical world, Confusion, Headaches, Hallucinations, Mental illness, Worry, Dominant ego.


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The doctor of the future will be oneself.― Albert Schweitzer


By HolisticJB

Before we look at our 5 top healing crystals and their meanings we first need to understand a little how crystal healing works.

Everyone wants to be fit and well. Over the course of many centuries humans have developed a range of healing modalities. When we want to recover from illness or emotional upset we can choose a preferred modality or use a more holistic approach (combination of 1, 2 or many).

Modern science offers us a range of allopathic treatments, different countries and cultures offer specific healing and wellness systems, as do different faiths, beliefs and thought systems.

All of these modalities have very different beliefs about how to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

The one common thread that can be found in almost every healing system is a belief about the need for balancing energy. In modern medicine we see energy being referred to as metabolism, diet, nutrition, sleep patterns, or the healthy living routines that enable a revitalization of the energy in our body.

In other cultural or spiritual healing modalities we see the energy systems referred to in terms such as “Qi“, “Chi”, “Chakras“, “Subtle Bodies”, “the Astral”, “Innate”, “Etheric” and “Celestial”.

These terms all refer to a concept of our “energetic “ body” being composed of a number of different energies, including the mind, intelligence and ego.

All of our energetic bodies need to balanced and aligned if we hope to bring about healing in our physical body.

How To Balance Vibrational Energy

Our physical body is connected to these energetic bodies, or subtle bodies via the chakras, which are our body’s set of energy centers.  

When our energies are balanced and flowing naturally we experience good health.  If blockages or imbalance occur we experience illness or poor emotional health.

Therefore if we wish to regain optimal health we first need to re-balance and harmonize our energetic bodies.

We know from modern science that everything in existence is merely thousands upon thousands of molecules held together with vibrational energy.

This is where using stones for energy work is ideal. Our top healing crystals are used to re-balance and clear blocks within our energetic bodies.

Top Healing Crystals And Their Meanings

Everything has vibrational energy. All matter is made from molecules, and all of them vibrating.

“Solid matter” is vibrating. It’s just that the amount of vibration and other movement is too small-scale for us to see. If you look at a very flat solid surface using an instrument capable of viewing individual atoms and molecules, you will see the atoms or molecules on the surface moving around and re-arranging themselves.

Keith Fraser, Degree and PhD in Materials Science

Every type of crystal has a specific vibrational frequency. Their vibration is fixed and it does not alter. It is because of this fixed vibration that we use stones for energy work.

The healing crystals fixed vibrational energy acts in a similar way as a tuning fork. The vibrational energy of the crystal allows us to re-tune our personal vibration and regain the organic and natural energy pattern important for health.

There are other, simple ways to explain this energy realignment or vibrational transfER.

When you feel down, tired or stressed and you then listen to some beautiful music, walk in the sun, talk to a positive loved one or eat your favorite meal you suddenly feel better.

This is a simple example of energy balancing.

Our energy field can become re-tuned by the natural, positive and harmonized energies of an object or a person with balanced energy.

The object or person does not heal us. It is the vibrational frequency pattern that enables us to rebalance and bring about self healing.

5 Top Stones For Energy Work

1 – Turquoise

Turquoise has been used by ancient civilizations for centuries.   It is regarded as a stone of teaching and protection.  Ancient cultures believed that Turquoise enabled the unity of earth and heavens, bringing together male and female energies.  Turquoise stimulates the initiation of romantic love, and promotes spontaneity in romantic issues.

It is said that wearing turquoise will protect you from evil, negative emotions and even physical injury. Turquoise aligns beautifully with the energy patterns of our body’s immune function and emotional state. It is therefore a perfect choice of crystal to improve your immune system, combat stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Holding or wearing Turquoise will reinvigorate and refresh vitality and boosts positive mental energies.  Great for those who need their spirits lifted or are suffering from personal grief or loss.

It relieves stress and brings focus back to Anahata the heart center chakra.

We can also use Turquoise to heal and rebalance Ajna the Third Eye Chakra. Placing the stone on Ajna helps to purify the chakra center and increases our intuition.

Turquoise is also associated with Vishuddha the Throat Chakra. It enables us to vocalize our thoughts and express our opinions in a clear and eloquent fashion.

It is said that wearing Turquoise can also assist those who have a stutter or stammer.

If you suffer from a sore throat, or throat infection, you can place Turquoise on Vishuddha. This allows your energy to reharmonize with the natural vibration of Turquoise.

2 – Kyanite

Kyanite is a wonder stone.

Kyanite is one of the best crystals for healing and balancing the Chakras.

It is one of our Top 5 because it is one of the few stones that can realign all of our Chakras.

Kyanite is one of the most powerful crystals for the healing of physical ailments.

Kyanite helps with physical injury and trauma by realigning nerves and tissues and reestablishing energy pathways around intrusive traumas, such as broken bones, surgery and other severe injury.

Kyanite also helps to reestablish neural pathways within the brain helping healing after head trauma, seizure or stroke. It can also be used, like Turquoise, with Ajna to increase intuition and with Vishuddha to improve communication.

When placed under your pillow Kyanite will help you to lucid dream and assist you in remembering and recalling your dreams.

3 – Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, due to its incredible emotional healing properties, is one of the most sought after stones for energy work and healing.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of wisdom and truth.  It enhances memory and soothes anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli helps physical ailments such as high blood pressure, throat and eye infections and menstrual cramps.   It is also stated that Lapis Lazuli helps those with ADHD. Lapis Lazuli wards off negativity, helps creativity, boosts intellect and honesty and harmonizes relationships.

Lapis is a brilliant crystal for senior executives, writers & journalists, or counselors & psychologists.  It stimulates wisdom and enables wise judgment in practical situations.

Lapis Lazuli aids intellectual analysis, problem solving and creative ideas. Lapis Lazuli allows true self expression without holding back or compromising beliefs and morals. It is a crystal that reveals inner truths.  Lapis promotes personal self awareness and allows us to accept the knowledge we gain.

It enables the release and acceptance of emotion, or energies that we may have suppressed, allowing for past memories and energies to surface.  It also helps diminish disease and repressed anger.

4 – Obsidian

Lapis wards of negativity, helps creativity, boosts intellect and honesty and harmonizes relationships. Obsidian is a beautiful glassy stone which is formed when molten lava cools quickly.

Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful protection stone. Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful protection stone. Obsidian is said to have no limitations in terms of spiritual protection and healing and is stated to work very fast. Obsidian wards of negativity and protects from psychic and energy attack. It also allows us to re-harmonize and clears stress, anger and worry.

Obsidian when placed on Muladhara the Root Chakra will aid in becoming spiritually grounded.

Obsidian draws out both physical and mental stresses and tension.  It also enables and stimulates emotional and spiritual  growth.

Obsidian gives strength to concepts and challenges by urging adventure and the exploration of the unknown.  It is the stone best used for the opening of new horizons.

Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.  It is a stone that helps you to discover who you truly are.  It aides in dissolving current emotional blockages caused by past trauma.

As well as healing the self it enables the qualities and strength for healing others.  Obsidian develops in us the qualities of compassion, courage and personal strength.

5 – Nephrite Jade

In ancient civilizations Nephrite Jade was called the dream stone.

Nephrite Jade helps to calm and bring mellow relaxed vibrations to your environment.

Nephrite Jade helps to calm and bring mellow relaxed vibrations to your environment.

It carries serene energy which is gentle but extremely powerful.

Nephrite Jade allows you to achieve emotional balance and promotes love, harmony, peace and generosity of spirit.

Nephrite Jade helps to attract friendship and helps strengthen interpersonal relationships.

It is another stone which repels negativity and is highly protective.  It will keep your mind sharp and ensure you are aware of the energies in your environment.

As the dream stone, placed under your pillow, Nephrite Jade will allow you to receive intuitive messages whilst you dream often referred to as prophetic dreaming.

These stones for energy work are all unique and are brilliant for personal use and for the healing of others.  Simply having them in our environment can bring about a balance within our energy centers.

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” — Buddha


Cultures around the world have believed the heart was the epicenter of the body and responsible for our feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

Interestingly enough, science today is starting to support this perspective, finding that our energetic heart — not our brain — acts as the gateway to our higher self.

Rollin McCraty, PhD’s work as a psycho-physiologist and Director of Research at the HearthMath Institute illustrates that feeling positive emotions like love or gratitude can put our body back in harmony and stabilize the rhythms of the heart.

In this ideal state of coherence, the heart’s electromagnetic energy transmits waves of healing, inner peace, and wellbeing that not only affects us, but others around us.

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