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Crystals and Health

Crystals and health: learn about crystals, how to choose them,clean them, how to use crystals to balance chakras and auras, ..

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Color Healing

Color Healing:A Guide to Color Healing and Color Meditation-a course of instructions and exercises in color consciousness

Continue reading "Color Healing"

Chakras Imbalanced

Chakras Imbalanced; Health warning signs your chakras are imbalanced

Continue reading "Chakras Imbalanced"

Chakra Meditation Music

Chakra Meditation Music, with a nice video presentation

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Chakra Diagram

Chakra diagram:the seven chakras at a glance,main characteristics,excessive,deficient,balanced,addictions,traumas,organs affected,healing strategies,affirmations

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Chakra Aura Picture

Chakra Aura Picture, Position of seven power centers or chakras of the kundalini system;Aura photo taken with Kirlian photography

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Chakra Clearing With Eft

Chakra Clearing With Eft; Using EFT to clear chakras

Continue reading "Chakra Clearing With Eft"

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies, and Reiki. Learn about flower remedies, types,how to choose, mix and take them

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Aura Color Meanings

Aura color meanings: learn about auras: what is the aura, meaning of aura,changes in the aura, colors of aura,aura cleansing;

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Articles: The importance of having a web site and establishing a web presence and Strategies to leverage a local business

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Distant Reiki Healing

Distant Reiki Healing: Reiki energy is not limited by time and distance, healing can be given without a client being present;1/2 and 1 hour sessions available

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Reiki Healing Therapies

Reiki Healing Therapies: Usui Reiki Long distance healing;chakra and aura balancing, stress relieve,deep energy block release.Improve health,energy,vitality!

Continue reading "Reiki Healing Therapies "

Reiki Practitioners USA

Reiki Practitioners USA, Find Reiki Healers/Teachers in your area

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Reiki healing health benefits

Reiki healing health benefits:This natural, holistic,complementary healing modality can restore and maintain your health by balancing the chakras and auras.It relieves stress and promotes relaxation.

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Aromatherapy and chakra health

Aromatherapy and chakra health. Learn about aromatherapy and essential oils, how can they improve your chakra health and health in general. Find books and essential oil sources.

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Advertise, your Reiki Practice, Classes, Your Reiki Business with a Free or Premium Listing;

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