Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Remedies are named after Edward Bach, a highly respected English doctor, homeopath, pathologist and bacteriologist. He became dissatisfied with orthodox medicine and its concentration on isolated symptoms.

Dr. Bach came to believe that unhappiness and fear led to ill-health, and that true healing meant arresting disease at its emotional source, before the physical symptoms appeared. With this in mind he sought a direct way of treating the whole person by way of the emotions.

Put simply, Bach Flower Remedies are medicines used to balance negative mental states and emotions. Each remedy treats a specific negative emotional state by encouraging the corresponding positive quality that lies dormant within us.

Dr. Bach came up with 38 remedies (between 1928 and 1935) which come from the flowering parts of plants, bushes and trees. They are liquid so that you can mix them together, which gives a 293 million possible combination, enough to treat every possible negative mental state.

These remedies are intended for home self-help, and they are meant to treat the whole person. Stock solutions are diluted in water and a few drops are taken.

They work very gently and they do no harm. They do not cause dramatic healing crises but instead slowly unpeel the emotional layers one at a time. This process is called "peeling the onion". They are considered safe for pregnant women and small babies.

Using properly, the bach remedies can give us an insight into who we really are.

As with other remedies and healing methods, Reiki improves the effectiveness of Bach flower remedies.


For Fear:
Red Chesnut - for a worry and anxiety about the welfare of the loved ones;
Mimulus - for any fear with a clear and identifiable cause;
Rock Rose - for extreme terror ( accident, violence);
Aspen - for fear where is no clear cause and to counteract vague feelings of foreboding;
Cherry Plum - to stay on top of our emotions when we fear to lose control;

For Fear, Anxiety and Worry:
White Chestnut - calms repetitive, worrying thoughts;
Larch - for people who fear and expect failure;
Agrimony - for people who worry in secret but hide from their fears by making a joke of things.

Other Fear and Worry remedies: Vervain, Chicory, Gorse, Elm, Cerato, Impatient, Centaury, Walnut.


Gentian - for a mild sense of despondency when something has gone wrong and we feel like giving up;
Gorse - for a deeper form of depression, when we have given up hope and made up our minds that things will not improve;
Sweet Chestnut - for a deep despair when we feel that there is no way out of our difficulties;
Oak - for slow, steady, reliable people who never know when they are beaten;
Mustard - when we feel unhappy, gloomy and depressed but there is no reason to justify these feelings;
Willow - for self-pity and resentment, everything is someone else’s fault.

Other depression remedies: Agrimony, Chicory, Crab Apple, Elm, Honeysuckle, Pine, Star of Bethlehem


Larch - for people who fail to put sustained effort into achieving success, helps to build self-worth and self-belief; Elm - helps temporary crises of confidence in people;
Crab Apple - for contaminated or unclean feelings, and helps people who dislike the way they look and the way they are;
Pine - helps to cope with guilt.

Other confidence remedies: Agrimony, Centaury, Cerato, Cherry Plum, Gentian, Honeysuckle, Red Chestnut or Chicory, Scleranthus, Vine, Wild Oat.


Rescue Remedy - the crisis and emergency remedy, and the flower remedy equivalent of a first-aid kit when there is no time to consider other remedy choices. . It contains five single remedies: Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatient, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum.

Rescue Cream - for bruises, bumps, scratches and different external trauma;

Rock Rose - for extreme fear and terror;

Sweet Chestnut - for great anguish and suffering;

Star of Bethlehem - helps to cope with shock, loss and grief;

Olive - gives rest and new energy when we over-extend ourselves physically, emotionally or mentally;

Chestnut Bud - helps us learn from our and other peoples mistakes in order not to repeat them; Walnut - helps in times of change and whenever we need protection against outside influences.


Water Violet - when we feel aloof and cut off from other people, for self-sufficient people who can suffer from appearing proud and unapproachable;

Impatiens - for impatience, for people who are always in hurry;

Beech - helps us to see the good in other people and not to criticize;

Vervain - when our enthusiasm goes too far;

Holly - drives strong negative emotions out like hatred, spite, envy and suspicion;

Rock Water - brings flexibility and a sense of proportion when we deny ourselcves pleasure in the pursuit of some ideal;

Vine - remedy of leadership, it brings out the best in strong, decisive people;

Chicory - helps us to love unconditionally;

Heather - gives us a perspective on our own troubles, so that we can see them in relation to other people’s needs;

Centaury - helps us to set limits, to be able to help without being dominated, and say no when necessary.


Walnut - helps us to move ahead on our own path;

Olive - when we have insufficient interest, when we are tired when action has been taken;

Hornbeam - to overcome letargy;

Cerato - when we doubt in our judgement;

Scleranthus - helps us make decisions;

Wold Oak - when we do not know what path to follow in life;

Clematis - helps us ground when we daydream instead of acting;

Honeysuckle - when we live in the past and not in the present;

Gorse - when we give up hope;

Larch - when we give up hope;

Wild Rose - helps dissolve apathy and lack of interest in life.


1) Find a trained flower essence consultant who will make a recommendation based on a questionnaire you fill in;

2) Muscle-testing (Kinesiology);

3) Dowsing or intuition;

4) Find reference books about flower essences;


The recommendation for every day purposes is to take no more than six or seven remedies at the same time. Rescue Remedy counts as one remedy.

You can use one of two basic methods when you want to mix them.

For passing moods select ones you want to take, than in a glass of water add two drops of each remedy. Sip from the glass at intervals until the mood has passed. In an emergency you might take a sip every few seconds and later a couple of sips during the evening.

For long term problems you can use a glass of water method. Make up a fresh glass each morning. Sip from the glass four times a day - in the morning, in the evening and two more times during the day.

You can also make up a treatment bottle. In an empty 30 ml or 1 oz dropper bottle put two drops of each selected remedy and a double dose of Rescue Remedy (if you need it), than top the bottle with non-fizzy bottled mineral water. Shake the content a little bit. Take four drops directly on the tongue at least four times a day. Four drops are the minimum dose. If you take less it reduces the effectiveness of the remedies. A 30 ml treatment bottle will last up to three weeks.

REFERENCE: Bach Flower Remedies by Stefan Ball


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