Blue Aura

by Suzanne
(Minneapolis, MN)

I recently went to a wellness clinic open house where they were doing aura readings. I was a bit sceptical, having never heard of such a thing. But I was there to learn more about homeopathy and reiki, so I thought why not?

I was told to relax in a chair and put my fingers on a electric sort of contraption. The tech took my Polaroid picture at a certain time. When the picture came to light, the tech was SO delighted. He said he had been doing these aura readings all day and 90 percent of them showed bright yellows and oranges and reds.

He was so excited to show me my blue aura surrounding my body. He proceeded to pretty much tell me my life story for the next ten minutes.

1) i am the family member who is the glue that keeps the family together

2) I'm plagued with a lot of health issues

3) I want so much to be loved and accepted, yet push people away because of being afraid of loss or abandonment.

It went on and on. He told me I would be leaving my job I had been working at for sixteen years soon due to health issues. I had a hard time believing that one.

But, not a year later I was filing disability paperwork and have since left that job and am not working. My blue aura fit me like a glove and it still gives me a feeling of overwhelmingness, thinking that there is an entiry out there that knows me better then I do. It's amazing, I go to reiki monthly and use yoga and other homeopathic aspects to help better my life.

I keep my aura picture on my refrigerator as a reminder that wow, this is some awesome stuff! For anybody thinking of getting your aura read, do it! You'll be so amazed how accurate and right on it is. Right down to the people pleasing and fear of being left alone that it picked out. Thanks for reading this!

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