Bright light

by Elizabeth Carder
(Chandler, Ok. USA)

(( <3 ))

(( <3 ))

I love my Aura! My friend took me to have my photo taken with a Kirlian camera for my birthday. Her Aura was a rainbow of colours. She was sitting in the middle of her picture and many pastel hues arced above her. Mine was mostly red. It turned out so bright and fiery that I can not see my face. The reader said that it happens a lot in fire signs. (I am a Scorpio.) The person that read them told us what each colour meant. I was curious about the shadows in my picture. Do they also have a meaning? And do the shapes of the colours mean anything? She told me the notches above the photo that cut into my Aura represented hurt. My curiosity is in the lower portion of the image though. I am posting the Lower Right side of the photo. Do you see the shadow image? If anyone has an answer let me know.

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May 08, 2015
One thing....
by: Anonymous

Scorpio is a water sign

Nov 30, 2014
Your aura
by: Lalla's Light

I'm surprised that you didn't mention the beautiful perfectly defined heart shape just above your head!

Clearly You are a giver and receiver of unlimited universal love!

Nov 14, 2014
Energy Work
by: Kristin Deiss

Great photo! Super interesting! My guess is that the shadows represent places where your energy flow is experiencing some resistance or places where it might be stuck. The energy field closest to our physical body directly correlates to the physical body. The further the energy extends from the body, it moves through correlations with our emotional state, physical state, then lastly spiritual state. Check out where the shadows exist in this way, and perhaps something will come to you.

Thanks for sharing, and please check out my site for more energy work tips and ideas!

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