Can't wait to figure out the auras of a few people in my life. Please help me out? :)

by Cassie
(Haymarket, VA, USA)

me :)

me :)

I've been pretty obsessed with learning about auras for a good few weeks. These are the people that I am dying to know the aura color of, although i have a few guesses. It would help me so much to know the aura colors anyone could perceive through these images. The first is of me (right now, and I'm really tired which i hope won't ruin it :p) the second is of my sister, the third is of my mother who passed from cancer in 2010. the photo is from before she was diagnosed, but I'm not sure. The fourth of my boyfriend. Aaaannything you could tell me about the colors or intuitions you can sense i will soak up like an eager sponge :)

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