Chakra Aura Picture

Seven Power Centers or Chakras of the Kundalini System

Chakra Aura Picture: The Chakra System, Chakra Colors, Aura Photo with Chakra Activity

Picture 1

The spirals indicate the contrasting energies of psyche and spirit: the fiery energies, or darker helix, contrast with the lighter, spiritual energies; all must be brought together in balance.

Source: Joseph Campbell, The Mythic Image (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1974

As Above, So Below

Picture 2

As above, so below - with the hearth chakra being in the center



Picture 3

Aura and Chakra Photo of a person, taken with Advanced Kirlian Aura Capturing System

Also watch a video presentation about the Human Body Energy Ceneters created by Anodea Judith.

Have a Picture of Your Aura ?

If you have a photo of your Aura share it! If you have a story, share it also!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Can you see my aura? 
I’ve always felt a connection to the spiritual side of our world. Seeing things others don’t see. Finding things from my dreams. I’m just curious... …

Mr. Mo 
Lots of times we ( me & wife) seeing ghost or spirit or aura , orbs .. hearing voices.. i will send u video of aura. If u interested i can send u more …

What do you see? 
I am curious to know what you may see. Sometimes I associate people with colors yet I do not physically see them, rather I feel them. It is usually orange, …

Many colors surrounding me! 
I took this photo.Could someone tell me what they think. This has never happened to me in a photograph before...and anything else you feel, think or see …

Could you please tell me what aura color you see surrounding me? I'd be ever so grateful. 
I'm onto a journey into higher planes to enlightenment. To truly knowing myself and to bring out the best I am to guide me on a path which I feel like …

My 2 month old grandson 
From the day he was born his eyes are always searching and looking. His eyes lock on too things and he seems to stare. Its like he's reading the world. …

Id love to know my aura colour? What can you see? 
I am very spiritual, and I’m trying to learn to see auras. I struggle sometimes... I was wondering what my colour/s are? And if anyone had any guidance …

What does the white around my body mean? Is this a Halo? 
I would like any comments to this picture. Thanks!

What do you see?  
Just wondering what color my aura is?

My aura 
This is a pic of my Aura taken via an Aura reading machine. The lady who took the reading was surprised and didn't tell much details. Can anyone tell me …

Hi my name is Erin, I have been working with gemstones for a couple years, but am still very "new" at all of this. I would love to know if anyone can see …

What aura do I have? 
Hey there...I just recently tried to learn to see auras and now I wonder if I'm right about my assumption. I think I have a light blue that right? …

Recent Aura Photo 
I had this taken just today. I'm having trouble remembering what all the gal said.

Rainbow and emerald green 
Whenever I take a random pictures holding something or hugging someone I always emit a rainbow. In this photo I'm holding a shoe I just purchased. In the …

Aura picture taken recently 
I had a aura picture taken today and just wanted to hear what others see.

My aura snapped today 
I had my aura photo taken today. Can anybody tell me about what you see please.

What is my aura please ? :)  
Heya everyone.I have recently got an interest in learning auras but first I would like to see what colour my aura is.My friend got one done and was told …

The Promise 
There was a tragedy, then 2 months later I was terribly assaulted and then started becoming very sick with no answer's. I started to investigate things …

Indigo Child 
I'm an Indigo Child, and my Aura changes a lot I've been told. I want to know what you all see. Thank you !

Aura colours to the left of me???? 
Hi, i just had this photo sent to me from a work colleage and it clearly shows Aura colours to the left of me. This picture was taken at a work function. …

my blue Aura 
I was taken pic of my self and I look at them and seen a blue aura around me. I have no blue in this pix at all, so it not a reflection. Then I look closer …

White Halo 
My mom took this photo of my nephew about 2 weeks ago. My nephew is an absolutely amazing little 2 year old! He is the cutest and sweetest little guy I …

Ruth Mbedzi 
I lost my daughter to signing custody over to boyfriends parents by mistake. I was told it was for our and her best in treat was wondering if I would …

My 14 year old daughter can see Aura's 
Yes, she can see them how lucky is she! Now i need to find someone in Australia who can help her develop her gift.

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Would love feedback with this one! 
This pic was taken at a holistic fair last fall. The regular reader was at a different fair, and the sweet guy running the booth went through the meaning …

KrystaLyze Glass 
My story? LoL! I am an empathic intuitive healer studying Reiki. The lady who took this photo told me the green/gold colors across the top are the healing …

Just Curious :) What does my aura mean?  
This is new to me, So if anyone could help me out it would be appreciated. What does the white cross mean or is that what that is its in my graduation …

Curious what my aura means?  
I was interested in opening my third eye and found this webste and had my aura interpeted and was wondering what it means help would be much appreciated. …

What does my ora mean!? Help much appreciated 
I read an article about opening your third eye and came across auras and was curious what my aura is or was at the time the picture was taken. ?

I saw someones aura without trying or even knowing what was going on. He had a dark pretty much black aura on the outside all around him but a whole bunch …

My deceased sisters name slipped out of my mouth when taking this pic 
I bought my dog a new bed and was getting them comfortable on it. I was talking and out of no where my sister that passed away 2 years ago name slipped …

Some self pictures my aura caughty in the picture.

Energy Worker 
How can you read an aura online? There is no energy there to read. Especially when they have been altered and a lot of them have colored backgrounds. Also …

Would someone please analyze my aura? 
I have always felt I was in the purple realm. The first photo is me and the other is my son.

I always have halos around my head. Pleas help explaine this to me?

I need to know my aura 
So many spiritual things have been happening to me lately and I need to figure a lot of this stuff out. Im cramming! What color is my aura?!?

3 years of personal transformation 
I started on a personal path a few years ago and it led me to Aura photos amongst other things. I have had these photos taken and read by a psychic, but …

Blue Aura 
I've been living with my boyfriend for some time now..and I'm just looking more into this stuff..he sees auras and he says mine is lightish blue and i …

What do you se in my first aura picture ever? 
I've only recently started training my aruic seeing. The first glow seems to come fairly easliy but the colors are harder to see. Once as I was looking …

A Psychic read my aura and was dead acurate about me 
I asked the psychic to tell me about myself. She said I was kind stubborn and worked with kids and other things as well. She was perfectly accurate, I …

After my Father Passed and my "Visitor" Left my Heart Chakra 
My cellphone is on the right side of the picture (I took the picture with my cell) so please disregard that... can anyone interpret what the colors mean …

Blue green aura? 
I used a website to put an aura energy on my photo, not sure how reliable it is, but can anyone say what they see? This is of myself and my youngest at …

Over Top of My Sons Shoulder 
Face looking down @ my son

Debbi Wilson 
Been through a rough life, always a succeed-er and then things fell apart. Picking up the pieces and moving on.

Help! Need to know wat you see please 
I had been feeling "off" for about 3 weeks, I was on the upswing and decided to go to a meditation and while there was fortunate enough to have kirlian …

I do not know what it means 
First picture is when my nephew was born, second picture is right before I posted...

My Favorite Aura Photo 
I'm just looking for an interpretation of these please.

Purple aura 
My baby brother past away, he was shot and died at 16. It killed me inside when I found out. A couple months later I was taking pictures at the cliffs …

Marcy Walton 
This is me & my 5 yr old daughter who died unexpectedly in October, 2012. I was told there is a heart shape in my picture.

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This is a picture that was taken of me while moving out of my house. I was in the trailer when my sister took this picture.

would love some help wirh this please  
I was wondering if anyone could tell me about this photo and what it might mean thank you for any help givin

Bright light 
I love my Aura! My friend took me to have my photo taken with a Kirlian camera for my birthday. Her Aura was a rainbow of colours. She was sitting in the …

Can anyone help me analyze this aura? 
I submitted a couple of pictures of myself and every time the colors came out differently. What could they mean? What do you see when you look at me? I'm …

Curious and a little skeptical  
I'm not sure if this website generator is legitimate or not... But I was wondering if someone could interpret what I have here ? I ran 4 through and this …

Aura After Intimacy 
My partner noticed 2 days running, an aura around my head of light blue surrounded by white yellow, both after intimacy. She was able to put her hand …

Preparing for the Future 
One child graduated. One finished the first year of high school. I've been sick for a long time. I am in an abusive relationship.

My picture 
Iv been told my aura is pink and also indigo. Is this true.

Hi, I uploaded 3 pic, and they have different colors. I'm new at this with the auras. Can anyone explain me?

my daughter is pure :-) 
Captured my daughters white aura.

New to This  Not rated yet
Not sure what my aura means but they said I’m a truth teller and that I have blockage of flow from heart to lower chakras. I feel connected to love and …

Twin flame aura colors? Not rated yet
I believe I have found my twin flame. His photo is in the background of a few of them and I have one of just him by himself. Time keeps us separated currently. …

Curious Not rated yet
2 years apart, lots of transitions. Curious if and how my aura has changed.

Is this my aura Not rated yet
Whilst waiting for a bus to take my grandsons out, I turned on my phone to see the bus time table update info, not realising that my phone had taken a …

Please help me with my aura  Not rated yet
I'm trying to figure out how to read auras and I'm not sure I'm understand how to see the aura. Can someone please help me?

T’s Aura Photo Not rated yet
I had my aura photographed for the first time ever today and this is what I received. Not sure what it all means but cool nonetheless.

What do you see? Not rated yet
I have seen and heard and had dreams all my life. My mother passed a year and a half ago the day before Mothers Day. My dreams as gotten more real and …

AURAS by Zoë  Not rated yet
Hello, I not only see auras but I digitally paint them. I've made about 40 paintings so far, these are just some examples. You can check out my other paintings …

Prudence Not rated yet
Hello, I not only see auras but I digitally paint them. I've made about 40 paintings so far, these are just some examples. You can check out my other paintings …

On a happy day Not rated yet
I have been called an empath since around age 9. I was raised by a deaf father and hearing mother. We talk with our hands and body language. I also have …

aura 1 Not rated yet
Woud like to tell me about aura on of photo

No Details, You Tell Me Not rated yet
Please let me know what you see. I took this picture with an Aura Camera app and am interested to see if it's legit. Thank you!

Very vibrant apparent colors in this photo of me what does this mean? Thank you! Not rated yet
So I took a photo of myself today there is no flash nor editing look at all these colors what does this mean? Thank you!

Curious about my Aura Not rated yet
Hello there, I stumbled into this website and am quite curious to see what my aura is :)

Ohm Not rated yet
I caught a glimpse of my Aura

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Reading for Aura Not rated yet
Just got aura picture taken with computer program. It was done with my hands placed on these metal marks but I didn't get much of an it …

Aura Not rated yet
I'm curious if anyone can see my aura. I feel like I could get some insight from it.

Rainbow Aura Not rated yet
What does the rainbow aura meaning?

Please Help Not rated yet
I want to know what my aura color/shape is. One person I talked to said that she saw Bubbles in my essence. What does that mean? If this helps: I was born …

What's my brothers colour?  Not rated yet
My older brother is going through a lot recently ( kicking a drug habit) and his crazy f2f told him his aura color was black black as night. My brothers …

Can anyone see my aura?? Not rated yet
Very interested in this and would just like to get others opinions :)

Kristina Not rated yet
I got the red aura. Competitive by nature never turning down challenge. Athletic and energetic. Leadership skills. Aggressive nature.

What color do You see with us? Not rated yet
I’m trying to become more in tune with auras and I was wondering what my aura color is right now. Does the color change in any of the photos that I posted? …

Carrie Guarino Not rated yet
I've only seen my aura once, years ago, and it was purple I think. I'm 21 now, but around the time I turned 18, I started seeing sparks of blue and purple …

Aura reading accuracy? Not rated yet
Hey there I got my aura photo taken at a spot in soho. I was wondering if u can confirm the accuracy of this photo and reading.

Loki's Aura Not rated yet
My feline friend, Loki on Christmas Day 2017

My Aura Not rated yet
I just wanted to kbow if my royal blue aura is real. And how it affects my life.

Assistance, pleeeease! :3 Not rated yet
Hi I'm Cassie! I would greatly appreciate some feedback on my aura, please! :) I have been so utterly curious for months. I have my own suspicions but …

What is the colour of my aura?  Not rated yet
This is a recent picture of myself. I notice there is a glow around my head.

How about my aura? Not rated yet
What's my aura tells?

What is this in my aura? Not rated yet
I had my aura picture taken on Saturday, September 16, 2017 by Judy Lekic at the Metaphysical Fair in Fort Collins, CO, and I was hoping for ideas. Judy …

Can't wait to figure out the auras of a few people in my life. Please help me out? :) Not rated yet
I've been pretty obsessed with learning about auras for a good few weeks. These are the people that I am dying to know the aura color of, although i have …

Validation & Confirmation Of What Others Percieve Not rated yet
Trying to figure myself out, surely im right. Need reassurance, advice & encouraging Council

What is my aura colour? Not rated yet
Photo taken from Chinese Feng Shui Shop. Not sure with my aura colour. Anyone can tell me?

Lucid Not rated yet
The whitish blue light around my right shoulder is how my aura looks when I view it around my hands. Thought this photo reminded me of it. Unfocus your …

Lucid Not rated yet
If you look between my cell phone and the edge of my right shoulder, and unfocus your eyes a little you will see the white of my aura even brighter

Could someone tell me the colour of my aura? Not rated yet
I'm really curious about the aura stuff and I really want to learn, but first, I want to know what mine looks like. I believe I was able to easily tell …

Recently taken pic of My Aura Not rated yet
I recently had this pic taken... can someone give me an explanation of what they see? Just want hear what others see.

What is my Aura? This is interesting Not rated yet
I was wondering what my is.

My Recent Aura Photo 😊💚 Not rated yet
Hi everyone! I had this aura photo taken a few weeks ago. I received a very positive reading from the interpreter. He said that the white orbs are intuitive …

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Kristen Not rated yet
I recently had my aura read and I was told that I had multiple colors about me, but as I'm looking up info I'm finding that the info I was given was somewhat …

Light golden to soft pale. Not rated yet
I've seen my aura as a child and other peoples as well. It blends in with nature. I've also seen aura out side not around people but in the air.Its very …

White Aura  Not rated yet
My Grand daughter who is 6 years old was telling me at the weekend that there were people from heaven space that came to earth before any of us were born.On …

Would love to know what my aura is! :) Not rated yet
I've recently stumbled back into aura reading and I would love to find out what my aura looks like!! If you could tell me, I would greatly appreciate it! …

My Aura taken Not rated yet
Any thoughts, recommendations? Thank You and Best wishes

Trina Burns Aura Not rated yet
I was at a psychic fair and had this taken . The psychic was very interested in my aura because of the hands above my head . And the yellow crown . She …

Nature Aura Not rated yet
I've been told by three separate people that have never met one another that my aura is not human. One was a psychic who looked at me and told me it was …

Dany Nadal Not rated yet
I am a 48 year old woman.Grew up my kids on my own. Free always need to be and do good around me.

Bonded Not rated yet
My stepdaughter and I when we first met. She was 3.5 years old.

1st Aura Reading and Intrigued to Learn More Not rated yet
I recall relating very closely with everything I was told by the reader of my aura, however it was a lot of info in a short time and do not recall any …

Fire Coyote Not rated yet
I am a coyote therian. I was at my new boyfriends farm house and he needed to burn a couch. It was my job to set it on fire so I took a stick with a hook …

Silver/White aura?? Not rated yet
I never take selfies and just decided to do this one on my day off. The aura is beautiful. any explanations?

Silver/White aura?? Not rated yet
I never take selfies and just decided to do this one on my day off. The aura is beautiful. any explanations?

What? Not rated yet
Took selfies in my sister's kitchen, pics had narrow red color circles around my head, next day at lake took selfies, strong deep red color around head …

Lgs Not rated yet
I experienced bands of electric blue and gold rings 1/4" apart moving seperateley up each leg merging at trunk continuing up and over each arm seperateley …

Yara Not rated yet
Just want to see my aura color

new aura pic someone tell me the color Not rated yet
I was taking selfies and saw my aura in this pic but cant decide on the color. If u stare hard at it where it looks white turns into gold I think.

First time ever seen this in a photo of me Not rated yet
I was setting at a friends house and goofing off taking pictures of my self smiling. Took 4 pictures back to back two out of the 4 showed a bright white …

Aura Photo  Not rated yet
Would like to know the colors of my aura.

whats my aura Not rated yet
I rly dont know wht my aura is and i would rly like to know so let me know wht u see

I saw my boyfriend's aura is changing and is that normal? Not rated yet
Last night i was trying to see my boyfriends aura while telling me about his day. First, I only saw a faint white light color, then suddenly it turns light …

Can anyone Help me understand my aura colours  Not rated yet
I went to a mind body and spirit show and had my picture and guy didn't seem to have much to say except I was on the right path and strong . If anyone …

What color am i? Not rated yet
My story like so many others is about my growth in the last 2 years after losing my child. I was frightened, felling alone in great pain and agony. …

My Aura Not rated yet
This is my aura

Brian Not rated yet
Just curious. Bald headed guy is my brother Jamie. I am Brian on right side of couch. Id like input on what others see and describe and compare it to …

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What is the golden orb significance? Not rated yet
I had my aura snapped and I want to know a bit more about it from more skilled readers.

Blue Aura Not rated yet
I recently went to a wellness clinic open house where they were doing aura readings. I was a bit sceptical, having never heard of such a thing. But I was … Not rated yet

Angela Morris Not rated yet
just curious about the chakra

The Promise Not rated yet
can anyone help tell me my aura colors

Donna  Not rated yet
I would like to find out what my aura is please.Thanks

Semones Not rated yet

Want but don't need to see! Not rated yet
I am an Empath. I have a strong intuition on a person's overall emotional and physical health as well as many other natural Empathic abilities. I don't …

White halos Not rated yet
My mother passed away Oct. 22,2015 My mother's youngest sister posed between my daughter and I when we went to the beach to heal after the funeral. My …

Baby Not rated yet

Gold/yellow/lavender Aura  Not rated yet
Had this photo taken this past Saturday and wondered if anyone can share some insight into how to better balance my chakras.

read mine know it is but don't know Not rated yet
Taken with my own camera this light stayed in six-eight pictures

White + Little bit of Purple?  Not rated yet
I'm just beginning my journey into reading auras...A spiritual friend of mine read my aura a few months back and 'diagnosed' me White with a little bit …

Gift Not rated yet
I've went to a medium and she told me I can read auras and I've had the gift since I was born. I've practiced and I can see them! Very interesting, but …

Isabel Not rated yet
I always have circles with bright lines coming from them. On the top,and sides of my head. I need help understanding why.

black and dark purple aura.....can someone explain....plz//// Not rated yet
Initially I had many readers/strangers feel my aura as black. Then I spoke when one random stranger and he said that the previous people were confusing …

Ruth Neal Not rated yet
Born in England, love family, have 8 grandchildren, travel a lot, have been sick though out my life.

Me and my girls Not rated yet
It was Mother's Day. What does this mean?

Rainbow, perhaps. All chakras aligned? Not rated yet
I walked into a psychic expo and was approached by one of the organisers. She asked me if I would like my aura picture taken (Kirlian photo), I declined …


Help with interpretation plz plz plz? Not rated yet
Mostly my pics are from after finishing meditation and visualization of myself being balanced and happy, plz help with ur interpretations, thx

The journey begins Not rated yet
The journey of finding myself, true self.... authentic self!!

White Auras Appearing In All My Photos Lately Not rated yet
Years ago I had a very spiritual, intuitive friend tell me it was my aura in my photo. She told me I was lucky to see my own aura, not many people got …

My. Aura Not rated yet
I was told that my aura shows that I am in service to others. Two arch angels beside me and seven angels over my head. I was also told that my I come from …

Found this on my camera today Not rated yet
I was out cleaning the paddock and hanging out with my horses today (my happy place), and taking a few pictures. When I uploaded them to my computer I …

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For real??  Not rated yet
For real...? Photo taken in Santa Cruz, CA many years ago. Went with a friend (who was a nymph but did NOT look like one), her photo showed red aura so …

Aura interpretation/validation needed  Not rated yet
This free Website ''astrolantis'' can't be true, right? I don't know how my iPhone can pick up other things than colors but well... Can a reader please …

What does it mean.. Not rated yet
Want to know what others see..

Esther croke Not rated yet
This picture was taken on my baby boys first trip to the beach and has always looked angelic but only today I noticed the aura :)

Tami Not rated yet
Now because I feel and sometimes hear them, all I do is ask and they show themselves.

Um ... I never thought this would work. Not rated yet
I have taken a picture of my head in my dark bedroom and the light behind me is from a window. I took this picture using an aura app on my phone. I'm amazed!! …

First time I've seen an aura! Not rated yet
I've never seen anyone's aura and never really thought about it. But at a service at the Unity Church last Sunday, two of the members were singing while …

Sharing Aura Photo by SOULPLAY Dean and Catherine Leckie Not rated yet
Couple of friends and I went to a Mind, BSdy and soul day in Te Kuiti. Always been interested in Aura's and thort this is perfect for me.

Cindy's light during funereal  Not rated yet
My sister Cindy passed away on a transplant list. Here is a picture of her daughter , Grand-daughter and my younger sister. This was after her passing. …

What is that stream of bright light coming toward my sons head? Not rated yet
I took this picture of my son and niece & nephews. What is that bright dotted light coming towards his head? I can see his aura in person and it's a very …

Kelly Not rated yet
I want to know more about my aura.

Green Aura <3  Not rated yet
*Warm heart*Healing abilities*Loves nature*Social* Intuitive * (tiny bit of blue & purple ).

Neon Purple beam of light over me Not rated yet
Me and my boyfriend were conversations on top of our RV when we both decided we should snap a few pictures together. We took about 7 pictures and the last …

Seeing Auras Not rated yet
I have always been able to SEE auras, since I was a child. When I was growing up, I had no idea what the colors meant, but I pretty much learned to read …

My son Not rated yet
There is a great deal of psychic ability in my family & my son is no different. I have submitted two photos. The one you can see the aura and my son …

No explanation for this! Not rated yet
This picture has a green Blot that was not visible to the human eye. Wen my daughter entered the room a blue, green and black blot of Color was over her …

First aura pic. No clue what it means :) Not rated yet
This my first aura pic. Can anyone tell me what they see?

Aura distinction  Not rated yet
Recently had an experience.Possibly might have seen my aura. I can't tell the difference if it was a light grey or a silver. How can I tell the difference …

Curious about my aura Not rated yet
Not sure what to make of this...can anyone help?

Rejected :( Not rated yet
I once visited a medium, the last time actually... It was about 30 years ago... We began our session, and she was silent for about thirty seconds starring …

Mako Not rated yet
Not much of a story teller. Was interested in seeing what's my aura is.

Where there is sadness, there is hope Not rated yet
This picture was taken the day after my Mom died. We believe she is right there with us.

My Aura has Red and pink colors..Waht does it mean? Not rated yet
I sometimes see my own Auras and this is the first time I seen my Aura Red and Pink. I want to know what these two colors are representing. And the change …

Jules Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me anything about my Aura, I've seen it in a few photos and it looks different each time - is that normal?

Why is there 3 layers of colours and what does it mean? Not rated yet
So when i concentrate a bit at my hand this happens...

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What does it mean?  Not rated yet
I waited on a lady's table and she kept telling me how magenta and green I was ???

Hello  Not rated yet
What do you see?

Similarities Not rated yet
Has anyone noticed that all the colors of the chakras are similar to that of refracted light. When white light is refracted it makes red orange yellow …

Kay Not rated yet
Hi I am just a normal person I work as a midwife/nurse but I see peoples auras and I don't know what the colours mean. Today I was in a lecture and I …

Need help to analyze my aura Not rated yet
I have uploaded a picture of me without the aura website, and a couple of pictures where I had the website generate my aura. I don't know if it's reliable …

Teacher's Aura Not rated yet
Hi, About 10 years ago, I was in school for massage therapy. My massage teacher was very kind and easy to learn from. One day she gave the class a test. …

Hello Not rated yet
I've always been curious about auras. I have a feeling I was meant to be spiritual..

And another for review? Not rated yet

wahyu Not rated yet
My name is wahyu sri hartadi and born on july 19th 1968 in kudus (central java).

First ever Arua picture.  Not rated yet
I was told the color depth was not resal common.

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