Chakra Clearing With EFT

Watch this video below about chakra clearing with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). If you are not familiar with EFT, please click here to learn more.

Other Chakra Clearing With EFT Resources

Chakra Tapping Package! The Tapping scripts are based on a highly efficient version of EFT - It tells you exactly what to say and which points to tap. Full instructions are provided on how many times to repeat each phrase and script; gives suggestions repeating the whole script 2-3 times a week or two apart, to make sure it gets fully tapped.

The Chakra Tapping doesn't work on the Chakras themselves, but rather on the Meridian Control Circuitry for the Chakras. The Meridians are lines of energy running through the body, described by Chinese Medicine and used in Acupuncture.

The Chakra Circuitry determines what choices are allowed to pass from the Chakras into the rest of your energy body. You won't find these Meridians described in Chinese Medicine because Chakras are an Indian concept.

When the Chakra Circuitry is clear, limiting choices stored in the Chakras are recognised for what they are, rather than being assumed to be reality. This allows you to learn from your past mistakes, and gives you the option to make different choice

The Chakra Tapping package, is an instantly Down-loadable as Adobe Acrobat PDF files for you to print or read on your computer.

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