Chakra Self Empowerment


Starting February 1, 2014

==>  Are you ready to fully participate in your life & to allow the song of your Soul to be heard?

==>  Are you ready to release your past & live fully in the present moment?

==>  Are you ready to manifest your dreams?

==>  Are you willing to commit to working with your Chakra’s for the next 7 months & releasing the blocks that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest?

==> If you are ready to move forward & fully embrace your life, this course is for you.

THIS IS AN ONLINE COURSE.Each Chakra has 50 – 65 pages of information so this is an in-depth course on the Chakra's.

After you go through the information about each Chakra we will discuss the Chakra & any blockages or insights that you have had. If there is still more work to be done we will work together to balance the Chakra system.

Course Outline

*  General Characteristics of each Chakra

*  Traumas and Abuses that may have been experienced in that Chakra

*  Characteristics of Deficiencies, Excesses & Balanced Chakra’s

*  Physical Manifestations of Illnesses & Their Emotional Components

*  Organs that are related to each Chakra

*  Healing Strategies & Practices To Build Vitality in the Chakra

*  Foods  & Herbs To Balance Each Chakra

*  Essential Oils & Their Properties

*  Gemstones

*  Bach Flower Remedies

*  Pacific Flower & Sea Essences

*  Issues that may be stored in that Chakra

*  Positive & Negative Attributes

*  Signs of Energy Leaks from the Chakra’s

*  Archetypes

*  Books, Movies, Occupations that relate to each Chakra

*  Questions to help you understand where & why there may be blockages in that Chakra

*  Affirmations

*  Meditation

*  Creating An Altar

* Story about each Chakra



Charlene Leyland 
PHONE: 604-583-8089

Charlene's Bio

Charlene Leyland is an independent Biopulsar owner. She has been working with clients around the world with the Biopulsar since 1998.

Charlene is a Certified  International Biopulsar Trainer & Analyst, Certified International Chromalive Trainer,  Colour Educator & Trainer, Chakra Self-Empowerment Creator & Teacher, Holistic Aura Counsellor, Emotional Polarity Therapist (EPT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist.

Charlene does training throughout Canada, US & Internationally. 14 years and over 20,000 readings makes Charlene an expert in Aura Analysis.

You can reach her at:  604-583-8089 or email at

Here are some testimonials about her work:

 "Charlene is an expert aura consultant. She not only knows how to read results and interpret them, but she has holistic recommendations based on her reading. Her knowledge is not limited to auras, but includes a wide range of metaphysical and holistic healing modalities. 

In addition to providing pinpoint accuracy as an aura consultant, she is also an excellent teacher. After having several readings with her, I had the privilege of being able to study under her as a student. She is thorough, personable and highly commited to her work. 

I highly recommend Charlene as an aura consultant and teacher." 

Service Category: Chromalive Consultant and Healer

Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Christina Haas

Dear Ms. Charlene

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the professional training we had on the Biopulsar Reflexograph.

Your excellent teaching, presentation skills, strong information and fruitful discussions have helped me tremendously through my journey in the emotional & energy medicine practice.

I would like to thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and applaud you in your exquisite manner of educating us. Wishing you the best for your future endeavors, sincerely yours


I am so grateful to have had Charlene as my teacher for both the Biopulsar and the Chromalive Color Therapy.  Charlene has both the knowledge on both of these but she brings with her an incredible insight and spirituality that makes the learning experience fun and enlightening.

Charlene goes above and beyond to make sure that all questions are answered and that each student feels comfortable before leaving the class room.  I also love the “hands on experience” approach to learning that Charlene takes.  She focuses on actually “doing” the work in the classrooms, rather than reading the manuals and books, which gives the students a better grasp on how to do a session.  Whenever I have a question, or am not quite sure on what to do in a particular situation, I email Charlene, and she is back with an answer and support 100%.   I cannot express enough my gratitude and blessings on having Charlene as my teacher, mentor and friend, and would recommend her expertise and knowledge to everyone looking to grow and expand in energy and spiritual work.”

Karen Henry

Charlene Leyland is one of the finest teachers/instructors I have encountered during decades of academic studies. I recently took the Chromalive  Course and was impressed with her level of  professionalism and knowledge. She creates an environment  conducive to learning while  ensuring   it is also relaxed and fun. Students are encouraged to use their creativity and individual uniqueness in understanding and applying  the necessary skills required to learn and later  master the Chromalive technology. A unique teacher and mentor.

Sue Kilp, APRN-BC