Color Healing


Color is all around us from the time we were born and it is affecting our everyday life in many ways. By becoming aware of its  power  and effects on our emotions, we can learn how to make positive changes in our lives. The color of your cloths reflects your personality, and influences your mood, it affects your home, your workplace, also our schools and hospitals.

Color can be used in healing to bring balance and harmony within the psyche and the body.

Depending what color we choose for healing, the invisible vibration of color can relax or stimulate us.


Would you like to learn what color can do for you? Color is not a lifeless, static phenomenon, but is in reality a life force, a strong power that influences our lives. It can literary change your life.

A Course of Instructions and Exercises in Developing Color Consciousness.

Here is the content what will you learn in this Course:


1) The Power of Color. What is Color?

2) The Science of cosmic Color

3) Color is a Vital Force

3) Color Attributes

4) The Adjustment of Life Through Color

5) The Temple of Color


1) The Cosmic Healing Rays

2) The Color Chakras

3) Methods of Color Treatments

4) Mental and Absent Healing


1) Thirty-One Color Meditations- a miniature course to develop Color-Consciousness

The Guide  is an electronic book (ebook) and it comes in an INSTANTLY downloadable pdf format which can be viewed in and/or printed by most operating systems used on eighter PC or MAC. You will be able to start reading your Course IMMEDIATELY after your purchase.

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Human Aura nad the Significance of Color

As a bonus you will receive The Human Aura and the Significance of Color eBook worth $27.95 which consist of three lectures:

I - Fundamental Statements
II -Specific Color Interpretations
III -The Human Aura as an Indicator of Health and Character, with Reflections on the Aura of Habitation

How much will this cost you?

For a price of only $24.97 you get two books:

A Guide to Color Healing and Color Meditation and The Human Aura and the Significance Of Color.

Plus you get my Unconditional Guarantee:

My 3 Months Unconditional Guarantee

"If, at any time within the next 3 Months of purchase you're not completely satisfied with the Color Healing and Color Meditation Course, simply let me know and I’ll return your purchase price immediately and in full. No Questions Asked!

This guarantee is also underwritten by my Card Processor Clickbank, which means you're completely covered and DOUBLY Guaranteed!"

So, you've absolutely nothing to lose.

Order now and immediately start learning how to Restore and Balance Your Health with the Power of Color.


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