Colors and combination

by Felix
(Indonesia )

On my conscious understanding, I started seeing "colors coat" on a person when I turned nine.

At first I am able to spot the color only when I close my eyes..for a kid this may appear to be imagination.

My stories to many adults around me were unrealistic. And as a child I began to accept the fact that I may be just imagining those colors surrounding the person and it is slowly disappear.

However as I grow older when I was 18. Due to great emotional tribulence in my life. Those colors started appearing again; clearer, I noticed vibration patterns of the colors, changing thicknesses, and color combination and growth.

I am somewhat amazed that this website existed. And I would love to understand deeper about this color. I am now 24 years old. And yes. It's "reawaken" and be stronger every 9 years. Today I am still living with the sight, and it is a beautiful gift in my life.



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