Curious what my aura means?

I was interested in opening my third eye and found this webste and had my aura interpeted and was wondering what it means help would be much appreciated. Please and thank you!

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Nov 19, 2014
Your aura
by: Anonymous

In this photo and at this moment your aura looks a though you were thinking (yellow and had questions)The green is love and heart centered, healing colors and healer colors, the deep red could mean you raw passion, such as determination, or frustration and anger. Our auras do change depending on our thoughts, feelings, physical health (all of the layers from spiritual, thought forms, emotions, and etheric). Meditate, relax, and focus and try again and see if more third eye chakra colors come out.
Reiki Master Teacher

Sep 11, 2014
Your Aura Colors
by: Sharon Jones

I am an energy specialist and I teach classes through the enlightening center. Your aura is the magnetic energy shield that surrounds your form. Everything has one. A table, a chair, humans, animals, etc. For human's it is your protective mechanism for when other energies come at you, good or bad. You know that sensation feeling you get when someone walks towards your back? You know something's there before you see it. They hit your energy field before the actually physically come in contact with you. Therefore you turn around. What I tell my students, is do not be too concerned with your aura's color, to get the meaning of the color look up on the internet i.e. what does the color blue mean, etc. But when I say do not be that concerned with the color of your aura, is that it has been scientifically proven that your outside energy field (the Aura) will change rapidly. My Aura could be blue, but if I hold a crystal seconds later it could change to purple or yellow, etc. The picture as with any picture is just for that "Specific" moment in time. When reading the Aura you need to be more concerned with the shape and lack of color, This is what healers look for. I instruct my students to pay more attention to the colors of the chakras, as these must always be bright and spinning. I hope this helps.

Aug 19, 2014
maps to answers
by: barber lady

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