Enlightenment 😊

by Hope
(Miami Florida)

My name is Hope. One day, I was really sad and depressed I was going through a lot of things, I stumbled into a class at that my church provides called reiki. It was the best thing I've ever done. Since then I have self taught myself how to read, improve my writing. I stopped going to school at eighth-grade. I didn't really learn much, I was a very slow learner.

Well the first time I did it I saw a shape of an eye leaving coming. It was like blue purple whitish. I told the Reiki practitioner my experience and they said oh you channeled your third eye. I never knew what that was never heard of it. Since that day my brain just wants to know more and more and more I read like crazy.

I'm super happy and I know now how to actually be happy. I know now when I am not feeling happy and I'm choosing not to be happy. I am so intoned with my body I know what's wrong when I don't feel good. I am very intuitive with other peoples energy if you have really bad energy I have to move away or I can look at you or I can't talk it's really crazy it was like I was possessed if you will but in a good way.

Now I am reading all the time and meditating. I love it I used to see things with my eyes closed. How awesome is that! I still do it's really crazy but it's actually a wonderful experience I love everything about it and my life is so much better and that's my experience a lot more but that's the main thing I get it done twice a month at unity on the bay in Miami Florida that's my story God bless😊

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