Finally I am able to gain mental and physicall health

by Manjula

I am working as Assistant professor in reputed engineering college, in the cse department. I used to face more health problem physically , mentally. I used to suffer from back pain for more than 15 years. When I got angry or depression I used to face more pain.

Then I came to know there must be something in relation between this stress and pain. I had gone to doctor, but no use. Than I went to my native place for vacation and everyone told me why cant you go for Reiki? I got curios, ok let me see this.

But miracle happened when I went for Reiki healing. Within 3-4 days of healing my all stress and pain reduced. I have seen so many improvement in my thinking, my confidence level increased.

Now I learned first degree and I am very happy and mental stress free. Thanks to Reiki.

Thanks to all Reiki masters, guides and angels.

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