Fire Coyote

by Samantha Rose Marie G.
(Lindsay Ont Canada)

Fire Coyote

Fire Coyote

I am a coyote therian. I was at my new boyfriends farm house and he needed to burn a couch. It was my job to set it on fire so I took a stick with a hook and put some paper on it. We had a small fire already going behind where the photo was taken so I lit the paper on the stick and brought it over to the couch.

I didn't know that my boyfriend was taking photos. I was very nervous, excited, happy, with a new person I care about a lot. So I was expelling a lot of different energies at that moment.

In the photo as I am putting the flame to the couch you can see a clear canine (coyote) coming out of me looking in the same direction as me. The coyote is greenish and it is surrounded by an oval of purple.

This was before the fire was lit so it is not smoke or anything like that.

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