Healing Diane

by John Thompson
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

In 2010 I met Diane at church. We did not become social friends immediately, but were definitely social acquaintances at church. Diane and I worked on a committee together and got to know each other a little better. A few months later, in March of 2010, Diane sent me an email apologizing for contacting me this way. She had gotten my email from the committee email list. In Diane’s email, she explained that she heard that I practiced Reiki and as she suffered from continuous headaches wanted to try Reiki to see if it would help.

As I was just starting out as a practitioner, I was not set up at home yet and we agreed to utilize a room at church for our first session. Well what a session it was!! I always seem to see things and / or receive messages from spirit during the course of a Reiki treatment. I never assume that folks want to hear these messages and I had confirmed with Diane that she did want to hear if I “got” anything.

While doing my initial scan, I felt a coldness over the area of her heart and thought “hmm, could be a problem there, let’s see I get anything during the treatment”. I began my treatment session as I normally do. When I got to the area around Diane’s heart, I immediately felt that “cold spot” again and in my head I saw 2 black spots, very close to each other. I continued with my treatment and received another image, that of a bird dropping out of the sky, unable to fly.

After I had finished my treatment and before I had a chance to say anything, Diane wondered if I saw anything or received any messages. So I told Diane I had see 2 black spots. Diane immediately freaked and asked, “Do you think I have cancer?”. I explained that I was a Reiki practitioner and was not able to diagnose any sort of medical condition. Again she questioned “Am I going to die?”. I wasn’t sure what reaction I was expecting, but I really wasn’t prepared for this. My brain searched for some reassuring words. The best I could come up with was, “Diane, I strongly suggest you go see your family physician, and the sooner the better”. I told her, “Look, if there is nothing wrong, then you can tell everyone that I’m a quack and have no idea what I’m doing, but if there is a problem then get it seen to and get medical attention”. That seemed to settle her down a bit but she was quite upset. I was upset and tried not to show it and we sat and chatted for another hour before we both left the church.

After a restless night, Diane called her family physician in the morning and as luck would have it, they just had a cancellation and he could see her that day. Sitting in the doctors examination room, she explained that she was having frequent headaches and that she had seen a “reiki guy” who told her to go see her doctor. Upon examination, the doctor did find something wasn’t quite right with her heart. As the doctor also felt time was of the essence he immediately sent her for an angiogram to check her arteries. The following is the email I received from Diane:

Hi John,

Your healing thoughts are appreciated. The angiogram went well, I thought, until the cardiologist met with me after the procedure and advised that there are blockages in two arteries. I nearly flipped - I couldn't believe it. He showed me on a diagram where they were - one was 70%, the other was 80%. He said they might try the angioplasty on Friday and I told him that we were booked to fly to the U.S. on Friday and returning on Monday night. Well, as of today with my phone conversation with him, the decision of the 'committee' was that I am not to travel out of the country. So, I was very disappointed and had to contact my Son but he was just as glad not to have me go through any extra stress. I was able to contact the airline and will get most if not all of our money as a credit for another flight within the year as long as I have a medical note, which the Dr. said he'd provide.

Now, I'm waiting for the next step - angioplasty. They better not do it too close to next weekend - I'm planning a 'small party' on Saturday for my 65th birthday on Sunday - and by geez if I'm on a stretcher I'll have that party!!!

So, my friend, thank you for your support - very kind of you and I'll let you know when for the next session. Talk to you soon.


I sat and read the email over and over and over, two blockages and a cancelled flight … the bird. Oh my God I thought to myself, she very well could have died.

Well Diane did go and have the angioplasty done, and she did receive 2 stints to keep the arteries open. Sigh of relief, many thanks to spirit or whatever brought that message to me during Diane’s reiki treatment.

I thought, “Thank God”, disaster averted. But it didn’t end there…

I don’t know about anyone else, but after I have given someone a Reiki treatment, it seems I form some sort of a connection with that persons energy or aura. A few weeks later, Diane was at church and the minute she walked in the door, I knew there was something wrong. Diane is a rather elegant lady, takes care of herself and dresses very well. Diane looked like a million bucks and was beaming as she approached me and I received the biggest HUG I think I have ever gotten. I said Diane, please make sure you hang around after service so we can have a chat. We did indeed meet after service and Diane was telling me in person everything she had gone though in the last few weeks. She advised everything happened so quickly and she couldn’t believe her luck, of having seen me, getting to see her doctor so soon and the angiogram and angioplasty happening so quickly.

Having delivered some bad news to her just a few weeks prior, I really did not want to deliver more alarming news. But I had no choice, I saw a problem in her aura, her energy field wasn’t right. I said, Diane, I hate to say this, but “I think you should go back to your doctor”. Again, alarmed she said, “oh NO, what is it NOW”. I said I’m sensing something in your energy field that isn’t quite right and you need to go back. So Monday morning she is on the phone again to her doctor. Again, the doctor agreed, something didn’t sound right when he listened to her heart. Next day, Diane is back at the hospital for another angiogram. It seems in the 2 weeks since her procedure, scar tissue had formed over one of the angioplasties and now the blockage was worse than when she originally started. Diane was sent home to get her affairs in order and was advised that in a matter of days, she would be having double bypass surgery! Diane called me in tears and I tried to be as comforting as one can be to someone about to undergo a surgery like this. During the course of our call, Diane thanked me profusely and in a joking way said she didn’t know if she should thank me or not. She told me a personal story, that her brother had died on his 65th birthday from a heart attack. She said she could not believe what had transpired over the last few weeks since we met for that Reiki treatment. She said it is amazing that I found what I did during our session. If you remember from her email, Diane had reached the age of 65 right in the middle of all of this. She told me how she was thinking of her brother as she approached the age of 65.

The night before her surgery Diane and I met at a park, I gave her a Reiki treatment surrounded by tall, majestic old trees. We did a meditation, I needed Diane to enter into surgery, with her soul free of any baggage. I explained that is it not good to drag all that negativity into surgery with her and that if she could not contact people personally to make peace with them before surgery, then she should do so on a spiritual level.

I prepared a healing box for Diane, the box was shiny gold color and held healing crystals and a bright pink shawl. I told her to keep the bag of crystals under her pillow. The hospital even brought them into the operating room with her. Diane came through the surgery without incident and when she awoke, laying across her chest was the bright pink shawl I had given her.

Unbeknownst to me, her family jokingly nicknamed her Lady Di. Just as a pick me up to bring a bit of humor to the situation, her daughter had bought her a plastic tiara at a thrift store. I received a photo of Diane a few days after her surgery from her son, wearing the bright pink shawl and her tiara! Lady Di, in all her resplendent glory! (she did not wish her photo to be used)

A few months after her recovery, Diane retired from her job and is proud to be a volunteer in the cardiac rehabilitation program at the hospital where she had her surgery. Diane and I have become quite good friends and she continues to be one of my favorite clients.

Gentle Reader - Namaste and may you find yourself as grateful as I am for the gift of Reiki.


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