Healing From Colors

by Mae

Colors drifted throughout my body, a cold chill in chained me as I watched a dome build itself in front of me.

The colors had left me alone to see darkness and only to hear the tears of a woman, then I could see her, a bride she ran past me falling into nothingness. "Did she kill herself?" I thought.

"Was that me?". I sought to find my friends who loved me dearly, but as I encountered each of them they turned to stone by my touch. When all seven of my friends were completely stone I stood in the center crying. "Look at me."A female said and I looked up...nothing only the statues.

Then in an instant the colors that left me earlier snaked around my friends inching towards me. They surrounded me whispering more words that jumbled to where I could not understand them. And in a split second the colors splashed into a tide and I was left to see seven happy friends smiling and laughing.

A year after this session I lost those seven friends and discovered the lights were warning me of their stone cold hearts.

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