KrystaLyze Glass

by KrystaLyze Glass
(Albuquerque, NM, US)

My story? LoL! I am an empathic intuitive healer studying Reiki. The lady who took this photo told me the green/gold colors across the top are the healing energies I send out to my loved ones. I had not told her I was healer before she told me I was very empathic, intuitive, & wise.

My hands cannot be seen in this photo, but get red Chi burns in my right hand when I've been pushing too much energy. My Chakras are out of balance and she told me I need to move the energy from my 'upper Chakras' to my lower ones... specifically, the second Chakra.

My energy is low because of my high frequency/third eye being so active. I don't sleep well at night. I'm sensitive to the activity/energies around me. I have just gone through a major awakening in my life over the last 2 years. Working on getting back into balance. Open to suggestions on how to go about doing so ;)

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Nov 05, 2017
Trouble sleeping
by: Natalie

If you are having trouble sleeping create a purple or lavender bubble around your head and see big noise blocking headphones on your ears. Think peaceful sleep inducing thoughts. Blessed be, sweet dreams

Dec 13, 2014
Keeping well filled
by: J

Beautiful colors. Agree with anonymous . The unbalance you write of also reflective of being out of ballance with receiving versus giving energies. Thank your wonderful wise hands and body for giving messages of fatigue and burning Hands Healers must allow energy to breathe in as outflow energy breathed out to other. . My recommendation is reiki self daily. Love self firstf. Fill well perpetually You are particularly sensitive, intuitive and enjoy living in upper chakras. Grounding self also by walking on ground even kneeling to grab some dirt in hands to ground self as bit cold to barefoot earth . Also a little sex, creative art, song,fun and play splurge can only help an upper chakra soul.
Best wishes,

Dec 12, 2014
Some suggestions
by: Anonymous

Beautiful leadership colors as well. Use crystals for grounding (Boji stones are wonderful and whatever stones resonate with you) with visualization of your grounding cord grounding you to the center of the earth and pulling up grounding energy to your 1st and 2nd chakra (visualize them spinning in a healthy rhythm and visualize a healthy color for both), you can use D and C singing bowls to help increase these vibrations (youtube videos are free) give yourself Reiki daily with the intention to center and balance your chakras.

Love and Light,

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