Living With Me

by Crispian Ones

I've been seeing colors for 25 years now,mainly blue or purple,red,gold..sometimes on someone as intense colored lights or less intense areas..there usually emotionally driven I don't know...its annoying sometimes...also reassuring...I think it started after an out of body experience I had...its mentioned in gnostic texts..anyway that's all..

I have a great story to tell involving meeting yogis in India traveling round the world and being in LOVE...yes my story is full of life,death,hope and love.

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Jan 09, 2014
The same thing happened to me.
by: darren

Its been 30 years for me.but l shut it off and turn it on.It feels not right to look at anybody with out there l`d be at the super market just in the check out and with out thinking l`d see all these color around people.but l`d feel there thoughts.and its creepy.some people would feel rotten some dark and very shady but most people seemed o`k and my sister try to send me to a loony bin years l don`t say much to children know and its cool with them.but most people think its loopy,mad.crazy.but l liked your reminded me off something that happened to me thx.

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