Long lost.....

by Alison

I was gently persuaded by a family member to 'Try' Reike about 11 years ago. I consider myself quite open minded and curious, so when I was told this may help my very annoying clicking jaw, I was more than happy to go along.

I remember lying in a cool, dimly lit room and hearing the female practioners relaxing voice. I am a relaxed person at the best of times, so it was no surprise to me when I started to feel calmer than I ever had before. A wonderful feeling.

During the session the most intense heat was felt on the right side of my face and it felt as if I was standing in front of an open fire.

Needless to say and to cut the story shorter I had no clicking jaw for the next 4 months. Not only was I very happy but so were my loved ones as they used to hear the click when we all ate meals together. I do wish I had carried on with Reike but life style, travelling and moving abodes every 2 years meant it was difficult to find someone and as per the daily rituals, one day blends in to the next and so on.

I now have made a complete turn around and now live on a small tropical island in the Andaman Sea and live a simple life. While attending a yoga class (which I never even tried before life style change) I met a lady who was from UK, like myself, and we got chatting. Andrea was a Reike Practioner and I had 3 sessions with her, before she left to go back home after her holiday, and my life has changed again. She opened so many emotional doors that were shut for far too long and now I'm dealing with issues and clearing out my spaces. It is taking time and some days are good other not so, however she has opened me back up to Reike and I'm now researching, reading and educating myself on something that now feels is what I want and can do. I have found my path, thanks to Andrea and am looking forward to being me.

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Apr 16, 2014
Wonderful Reiki
by: Jenny Newman Reiki Master/Teacher

Hi Alison

Your journey is very special and you are at the right time in your life to embrace your Reiki journey. It will be amazing, moving, compassionate and above all you will find your core and your being.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you.


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