Lumos Healing

by Sarah Senree
(Ardmore, PA)

My life has changed for the better since my first reiki session. I was introduced to reiki in my life when I was at the lowest and darkest place I have ever been in. I was blessed to be guided to this wonderful holistic healing.

I was in a very abusive relationship with lots of medical issues holding on to life. After reiki I felt like a new person. I loved myself and I changed my life around.

Now I can say I am the happiest person living my dream. I am now a reiki master. I am giving back to others because I want to help them like I was helped. Performing reiki on others gives me a sense of feeling whole, one, and at peace with everything. It gives me a rush of rejuvenating energy.

Please try reiki if you are interest in it because only wonderful beautiful things come from it. I've learned that you are not only a path finder but a path maker. If you would like to contact me for any information or questions my email is

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