Margaret Sanders

Reiki Master/Teacher

1810 254th St. Los Angeles, California


 My journey to Reiki has been one of discovery and some amazing experiences.

I have been a Master/Teacher since 2000. I have enjoyed helping those in need in all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It always amazes me how this gentle non-evasive modality facilitates such powerful results. My biggest joy is seeing my students transform from being stressful and anxious in their daily lives - to living calming and have the tools to be able to help themselves, love ones and friends.

Clients are able to feel and see how they can take control of their body and mind. It gives them a sense of well-being and Joy.

I now give lectures at Adult Schools, helping to bring awareness to the community. We offer ongoing support throughout ones' journey. We have Practice Work Shop twice a month and a Reiki Circle/Share once a month. These helps build confidence and the knowledge of this incredible modality.

Our location also offers: EFT - Ion foot baths - Jin Shin Jyutsu.

May the Joy of Reiki fill your Heart.

Please visit my web site for more information:


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