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This is a pic of my Aura taken via an Aura reading machine. The lady who took the reading was surprised and didn't tell much details. Can anyone tell me what the aura meant when this pic was taken? My apologies, the pic is little hazy as I used my smart phone to capture the pic of my Aura shown on machine monitor.

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Jun 12, 2017
A response to your aura question ...
by: christy clay

The picture is hard to tell but I feel the energy from it; however I would prefer a regular picture to see your aura and the surrounding colors . I normally see aura and feel one's energy to describe it to them. I've never used a machine for a capture.

Thanks ,
Christy Clay
Savannah Holistic Healing Energy -
You can find me under Christy Clay on facebook . I'm not quite done with my website yet but this will be the name of of it.

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