Nature Aura

I've been told by three separate people that have never met one another that my aura is not human. One was a psychic who looked at me and told me it was like vines and leaves, I am nature. All three of them said the same thing, that my aura had mostly green in it, but it was not a human green; it was nature. My aura color is only seen on plant life and that I most likely originally came from the earth and was not a human to begin with. My friend described it as Mother Nature itself. One said that my spirit is very old and attached to the planet itself, not humanity. I was also told that it's loving and healing and that is why other people are drawn to me; because I emit those types energies. I was also told that this is the reason why spirits with negative energy are afraid of me. It's because of how powerful my spirit is.

Has any one ever seen anything like this or been told something similar?

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