On-line Reiki courses and distant attunements

by Keith Beasley
(North Wales (UK))

On-line Reiki Master - Dr Keith Beasley PhD

On-line Reiki Master - Dr Keith Beasley PhD

Although I've been teaching Reiki since the mid 1990's and have never doubted that Reiki works perfectly well without physical hands-on contact, I resisted offering distance attunements for many years. Now however I feel that the time is right to make Reiki training available to everyone, even if they cannot get to a suitable Reiki Master in person. So what's changed?

Firstly, more people are ready for and in need of Reiki to help them make a shift in how they think and relate to the world.

Secondly, the technology is now available to enable and support meaningful on-line courses.

Thus, whilst always accepting that distance attunements were possible and could be effective, I was concerned that without some real, shared, presence between Master and student, something would be lost. If we can't be physically present together, then we can now at least, through Skype (or equivalent), be in real-time, face-to-face contact. This really helps to ensure a deep engagement between Master and student during the attunement process.

Likewise, Reiki training for me has always been far more than the attunement. A Master's role is not just to pass on the initiation into the Usui system, but to explain and demonstrate the ideas and practices that make Reiki so wonderful and powerful. With the advances in learning management systems, it is now possible to present the material of Reiki training courses in an accessible, enjoyable and effective manner.

By bringing together virtual and inner realities, on-line Reiki has genuinely come of age.

Dr Keith Beasley (PhD, Reiki Master), author of 'Reiki: Without Rules' teaches freestyle Reiki in North Wales: see www.onereality.co.uk

His on-line Reiki courses embrace all the features outlined in the article above: https://lj143.infusionsoft.com/go/urfd/drbeasley/

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Oct 20, 2014
Easy Link
by: Keith

Here's a shorter link to the on-line course:


I look forward to enabling your Reiki journey with you.



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