Reiki Heals

by Rohini Mehendiratta
(Nanaimo, BC, Canada)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rohini Mehendiratta from Canada, British Columbia.

Today, I would like to share my lovely Reiki experience.

I experienced wonderful Reiki session in 2012 from a friend.

I had four sessions of Reiki, and Reiki helped me with making the changes I needed to for a long time, I mean seventeen years, and Reiki worked for me within a six month period I had quit bad habits, and started practicing Yoga, and then met my Reiki Master shortly after and received my attunement(S) Level 1 and 2 how exciting is that. I love it.

Reiki cleared my mental blockages I had, and the transformation begun.

Amazing Experience.

Reiki helped me accept, and learn the fact " It is what it is", I am able to scan people that are negative, and I am kind, generous, less materialistic, I have the ability to say no if I cannot help, eating whole foods, Higher intuition,loving and giving more hugs.

Now I am practicing Reiki on myself, and helping my friends and family members that are in need.

Thank You for reading!

To be continued............
Love and Hugs

Rohini Mehendiratta

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