Reiki III

by Margaret Durrant
(Clifton, CO USA)

My greatest successes have been with instant treatment, on the most recent of injuries, one, probably the one I like to share.

I had my own business painting, etc. My client had visited the animal shelter, where her daughter worked, observing and assisting her at work. She reached for a cat to remove it from her cage to clean it, and the cat she said scratched, her. It was becoming increasingly swollen, red and hot. She being a nurse, had been soaking it, treating it.

The thumb was becoming less mobile an the swelling and redness was moving up the arm. That evening as I was cleaning up to go home, she arrived home from work, and she offered me and my co worker to share a beverage, relax and talk.

She knew that I know Reiki, so she reached across the table, handing her arm to me, asking can you help me. That's all I needed, permission. Ye Ha!

My experience is, that people are extremely hesitant or non believing, in Reiki's abilities. Zoom, four of us sat around the table and the vibrations in the table, felt by all. I give all the credit to Reiki.

The next morning, as I arrived to work, she elatedly greeted me at the door, showing me with excitement, the swelling, the redness, the heat were all gone, the mobility had returned in the thumb, fingers..

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story, I have a few more, I love your website, I hope others share their stories as well.

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