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Sam L.  Amar

Postgrad & MSc, Certified Reiki Master & Transformational Coach Music Composer

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FREE Webinar on Earth Day: "Manifesting While You Sleep"! Date: Earth Day (April 22nd) Time: 12:15 PM to 01:15 PM (UK Time) Reserve Your Spot Here: Event Description: Join Sam L. Amar, Music Composer, Certified Reiki Master & Transformational Coach for a one-of-its-kind

Online Webinar: Manifesting While You Sleep: Turning Your Dreams Into Reality While You Sleep! (including Manifesting Sleep) Whether you wish to Manifest deep restorative sleep to break your insomnia cycle, heal worries that are keeping you from enjoying a peaceful sleep time or feel more energized during the day Manifest amazing new opportunities in your Life & Business: finding new clients, new business opportunities, Great Love, Like-minded friends, the perfect creative/innovative idea for a new book or project... Or manifest synchronistic events & situations, unexpected meetings that will no longer make you feel stuck you will learn powerful tools to tap into your subconscious, work effectively with the law of attraction and turn your dreams into reality while you Sleep.

You will learn:

1. How to create the perfect sleeping space in alignment with your long yearned dreams, based on an Ancient Chinese Interior Design Wisdom, known as Feng Shui. Each part of a bedroom has a symbolic meaning and resonates with one of the main Life Areas and chakras. Making a few tweaks in symbolic spots will naturally clear and balance life areas and chakras. Be ready to enjoy a beautiful restorative sleeping and manifestation experience.

2. How music can help you manifest your dreams, based on Japanese Reiki healing music that she composed for the greatest benefits of your Soul Music can heal any block preventing you from manifesting your dreams. In this webinar, you will enjoy a deep restorative napping experience to raise your vibrations!

3. How to end your day and start the next day in alignment with your dreams, based on coaching tools! The ending is just a new beginning. If you end it well, you will start it well! You are sure to leave with new and profound insights as to how to become the Master of your Sleeping & Manifestation Fate, as well as practical tools that you can start implementing immediately to start turning your dreams into reality - while you sleep! And two participants will also leave with a gift from Sam: her latest "Serendipity Sleep Music Cure"!

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