Releasing my old past issue, childhood sexual abuse issue gone!

November 17,2013
12:09 pm

Hi! My name is Barbra Tom and I was going through such hard times with my self and having a hard time forgiving myself and now I am at peace and my mind is calm because you helped me centered and feel at peace within myself now and I thank you for helping with that. I have let go of my past issue, letting it out with unconditional love from my heart in order to make room for new, THANK YOU!!!!

I am continuing to forgive myself that it was out of my hands and wasn't my fault. I was just a kid and I didn't do anything wrong. I continue to tell myself I will unconditional love you and care for you like I never did before and that's true. I never did ever now I am living life with such true divine love in my heart and mind at peace and my spirit is with such happiness, thank you again.

I thank you I just finished crying, oh no, no it was a happy cry hahahaha! I am very, very astounded how am I feeling right now. Oh thank you, you are an angel sent from heaven to heal me in such a great way I can be in you may I Thank You again. I Love you and God bless You all Amen.

Sincerely Your
new friend,
Barbra Ann Tom

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