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Learn more about Reiki Services Offered and Reiki Haling Therapies.  

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Space Clearing Services Offered 

Healthy Home-Healthy You

Find out  here what  is Space Clearing, who needs it and when. 

Long Distance Space Clearing ( For  Your House or Business)

(Note: Prices for the long distance space clearing are in US $)

One Room                        $ 125

1-4 Rooms                       $ 400

1-8 Rooms                       $ 800

8+ Rooms                       $1000


Purchase Your Long Distance Space Clearing

Choose Your Option

Instruction: For the long distance space clearing your hand drawn house plan in required. If you have more than one floor, for each floor separately.  The drawing does not have to be perfect or precise.

You will receive full instructions after payment is made.

In Person Space Clearing (For Your Home or Business)

Serving Peel Region, Oakville, Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo

The cost of clearing depends on the problem and size of the property. It may very from CAD $175 to $2000. Price includes drive time to and from your home or business within 20 kilometers from Brampton, On.  Additional mileage fees will apply for travel outside of this  20 kilometer area.

Sessions are a combination of Dowsing and Spiritual Space Clearing.

Book your In Person Space Clearing Consultation Below.

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