Space Clearing With Reiki

Article By Candice Diggs

Most of us are exposed to other people on a daily basis, through that we encounter their energies, and unfortunately they may not always be carrying around the most positive of energies. We can become exposed to their toxic emotions and end up irritable or ill because of it. I’m a firm believer that physical dis-ease and illness manifests on and outer level before reaching our physical bodies. Even the common cold; it’s common for a reason, and a great indicator that our body needs to purge and take a break. With all the people that we encounter, it is very possible that we are bringing them into our homes, our place of work, or whatever other physical space we are in. These physical locations can hold stagnant or just plain ‘old negative energies there and they need to be cleared.

There can be many other reasons for needing to clear your space, such as:

Psychic Vampires–They Really Do Suck.

You know those people who almost seem content when miserable, and would love nothing more than for you to join them? I can be a sucker to this as an empathic soul; or conversely, a horror to them with my overly optimistic attitude when I am on high alert. They usually run the other way when I won’t join in and when my response is too look on the bright side. These people can leave you feeling drained and tired much like the vampires from the movies. Instead of sucking your blood, they suck your energy.

In-home Visitors.

You home is like your temple. A very sacred place. I am personally very apprehensive of allowing people into my home, maybe it’s because I’m a Cancer and the home is my sacred source of strength and recharging. This is where I am most sensitive because it is where I am most comfortable, and I imagine most people feel the same way. I frequently clear my home space after various people come by for parties. Why? I like the ‘normal’ flow of my home to match my laid back temperament. After such heighten energy, I feel most comfortable turning it down; think of it as adjusting the temperature.

So how do we protect sensitive selves? First of all we can shield ourselves, not putting up walls, but by setting boundaries. A boundary can save many relationships, and save you from some energetic unpleasantness. A boundary is like drawing a line in the sand, or perhaps placing some invisible space in-between you and perceived trouble. Boundaries require no dismantling, whereas those impenetrable walls can take some time.


Depending on the level of your Reiki attunement, you can use your Reiki symbols. Draw your symbols around you as if you are in a invisible box, all four sides of you. Do the same the same on top of your head, and below your feet. Some people prefer the “Reiki Box’, I personally like the egg shape, since it matched the aura; however, I do use both for different purposes. If you are not attuned to Reiki, or if you are at Reiki level one, you can do this by visualizing white or golden light around you and praying. I like working with angels, and different colors; the color for Reiki is a deep purple/violet. You can use different colors for specific protection or to invite different angels in, or draw specific energies to you (that’s a post for another day!).

Clearing You Space At Home

Step 1: I light my candle(s) and my sage on my altar space. You can substitute sage for and incense or something similar, as long as you know it’s intended to clear. I take some deep breaths to drop in and center. I set my intentions for my clearing, and ‘activate’ my Reiki. Depending on what school of Reiki you are from, use the method most comfortable to you. If you are not attuned to Reiki, simply pray, set your intention for your space clearing, and ask your angels for assistance.

Step 2: I start by using the sage around myself. I breathe it in, and move it all around my body, both front and back. I then start with the room I am in and use my Reiki symbols on each wall of that room. You can use whatever symbols you wish. As I do this I am speaking out loud my intentions for what I want in my space, banishing negative energies from my space, and inviting my angels & guides to stay with me here in my space. Do this for each room if you feel it is needed. Depending on the frequency of your clearings, you may only want to clear particular rooms. Remember to clear your doorways, specifically the entrances to your home.

Step 3: Place your sage down, say your thanks, ask your angels & guides to continue watching over you, guiding you, and protecting you. Pray as needed. Breathe in your new space, and believe me, it will feel new, as if you opened up a window and fresh air came through! Enjoy.

Whether you are a Reiki Practitioner, empathetic, or both like myself, you may be picking up on the many energies out there without even realizing it. Being attuned to Reiki energy is marvelous! We have tools to aid us in this life.

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